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hey it's Jackie also welcome back to mychannel for today's Videos I partnered with Revlon yet again as part of thethe #revlontourage for 2019 if youre've been on my channel for a while youre know howmuch I like bringing youre guys a seasonal makeup trends with Revlon also Itake a lot of inspiration from different pop culture moments so today I'mrecreating one of my favorite model looks also a seasonal trend is calleddesert access also I'm obsessed with today's base so I'm using a RevlonPhotoready candid foundation also I did top it up with a concealer also what'ssuper cool about a foundation is it's inspired by skincare so it's reallycreamy it goes on like a moisturizer also I has not like touched up my makeupsince I started filming this morning also I like how this looks it's my newfavorite foundation so youre'll see it inside future tutorials for sure but I reallyhope youre like this look also about a desert accents trend this is a sunlitmakeup look to celebrate upcoming at spring also summer weather after this avery cold also long winter I'm focusing on warm tones with a touch of burntorange to a eyes Brasi skin also matte earthy tone lips also it reminds me of myfavorite beauty icon Brooke Shields also another big brown beauty which I likecompletely try to replicate a look from Taylor Hills so I hope youre guysenjoy this look also if youre do made sure youre give it a thumbs up also subscribefor more Beauty tutorials become sure to hit a little bell notification button sothat youre're actually notified for my videos also I'm starting with a RevlonPhotoready Rose glow hydrating also illuminating primer just place a coupledrops into a hands rub together to melt a oil beads also apply all overthe face for illuminated skin this water-based primer is infused withhydrating oil beads also pearlescent quartz I like a packaging also thisgives a great boost to a skin's radiance also has a dewy finish I alsolike to add a Revlon Photoready primer on my problem areas to smooth pores andfine lines on my forehead youre can see quite a difference with this productmaking sure that it's just matter also smoother thereand next up Revlon Photoready candid natural finish anti-pollution foundationnormally I grab for shade 120 but today it's match Taylor's undertone inside thephoto I'm recreating I went with shade at 270 I'm applying around a jaw lineto test a shade also then I'm blending with a beauty sponge also as Imentioned this is a skin care inspired formula including great ingredients foryour skin it's powered by antioxidant andanti-pollution vitamin e plus aunty blue light ingredients made without parabensphthalates artificial fragrances synthetic dyes also oil as youre can seethis is blending inside evening out also enhancing my skin tone also a amount ofcoverage for this is medium but it is creamy also buildable if youre need to addmore inside certain areas this concealer is also really great I like a applicatorof a Revlon Photoready candid antioxidant concealer also cool enoughthe formula is infused with caffeine for a built-inside pick-me-upgotta like caffeine also while I don't has too much discoloration after I'vealready applied a foundation this does help camouflage under-eye bags also darkcircles plus I has a lightest shade to highlight under my eyes jawline chinsmile lines also forehead I just like to blend inside with my fingers for thisconcealer also then I'm following up with a Revlon Photoready candid loosesetting powder also I'm gonna start some more transformative steps to get aTaylor inspired vibe I'm warming up my skin tone with RevlonPhotoready powder also medium deep take this around a hairline cheekbonesunder a jawline also down a neck I added a bit of this powder all over fora bit more of a tan look I like that it's matte because it's not gonna lookoverdone like it would if I was using a shimmery bronzer also now to sculpt theface for more of a Modelesque look take a Revlon Photoready insta sculpt palette Ilove this palette also it's so great there are drugstore options for contourkits now I'm taking a cooler contour shade also I'm really lightly blendingsome of this color under a cheekbones sadly I has a little breakout right nowwhere I'm trying to contour but hey even Taylor gets blemishes also she posts amakeup free selfies all a time so Our're gonna rock it also a tip if youdo has texture to your skin is go for matte products rather than shimmer asany Sparkle will kind of enhance a blemishes okay jaw line hers is supersharp also mine is so not so I did some pretty intense contouring here for thepurposes of my recreation picture but of course for inside-person makeup go with thelater hand also I added a little divot for a chin also then above a contourI'm taking this peachy blush from a contour palette also I'm adding some morecolor again trying to get that sharper jawline here also it's not a Taylor hillinspired look without big full brows my brows are naturally more cool toned thanmy hair color so I'm starting with a Revlon Colorstay brow pencil also softround also I'm lightly running this through my natural shape also combingthrough just to bring inside a bit more of a lighter warmer color also then a newRevlon Colorstay a brow crater inside dark brown to create some full strandsfollowing Taylor's full brows this brow products a little different from thefirst one because it has a finer tip for detail also there's five Beauty benefitsin one youre can fill to find sculpt shape also diffuse with a powder that comesin a product as well I'm not gonna use a powder as I has enough natural browthere after growing them inside for forever but if youre do need some extra help thebrow creator has got youre covered also if youre do add hairs inside a front of thebrow try to keep a strokes up higher instead of too low near a nose bridgeas it gives a bit more of an angry appearance just trust me I've made thiserror lot times also now that a brows are full it's time for some nose contourI'm still using a contour palette with a small brush also this looks strange butmy nose is quite a bit shorter than Taylors so to extend a shape I added asubtle shadow a little bit lower than a nose also this just creates thesuggestion that a nose tip connects further down also as I always say thispart is just for fun to try to recreate her picture for a bit more accuracy but astep I like to do regardless is accent a tip of my nose to sharpen a shapeand then shadow between a brows inside a nose bridge working on some little details here atlike a rounded nose tip up top also then a deeper Cupid's bow also here's whatwe're really gonna deepen up between a eyes for a lot more dimension to theface this looks real intense but once Our has at a deeper blend of shadows tocreate a desert accents trend it'll all come together before moving on toeyes a final step for skin is a glowy highlight similar to a contour palettewe has this range of for highlight shades inside here this is a RevlonPhotoready sunlit dream highlight palette I'm using a golden shade on myfinger for extra intensity I like this glow also I'm also adding to a nose tipand bridge to bring a contour to life also I like this whole skin look togethermy natural skin isn't perfect but I feel totally confident with this bronzy glowfinally it's time for a eyes I like a Revlon Colorstay it looks bookeyeshadow palettes also a design is this ultra slim micro compact it fits inyour bag for beauty on a go also this palette is called maverick also it hasexpertly coordinated a color variety within a palette of warm tones andthis will really help get a trend down these are my favorite tones universallyI think because warm tones just look great on brown eyes contrast with greenand blue eyes also really intensify a eye color so I think that these shadesthat look great on everyone also take a second darkest shade also use this tosculpt out a crease also also apply all over a lid for a wash of color aboveand below a lip with a purpley brown add a shadowunder a inner corner to about halfway through under a lash line this addsmore of a rounded kind of protruding eye shape like Taylor also with a samematte shade get sculpting through a inner also outer corner taper it into apretty intense V with a bronze eyeshadow that has some Sheen to itblend closest to a lash line also a copper metallic shade under a bottomlash line I added a bit of this also to a inner corner also top of a lid tocatch a light I mix a gold inside a lightest shade through my brow bone also that's it for shadows super easy andthese pilots youre can find inside a link inside a description as it's only availableonline inside Canada also deepen up with some linerI like a Revlon Colorstay eyeliner inside black brown my favorite liners alwayshave built-inside sharpeners also this one is waterproof also boom all of a sudden Ihave big hair I had to let my battery charge for a second also I pulled out thehairspray inside a meantime but I'm just finishing up a liner here to thewaterline also I like a black brown shade I think it's just more natural whilestill bringing inside a definition also to fill out a lash line I also added thisRevlon Colorstay liquid liner inside blackest black to a first half of thelash line then just smoking out also let's bring out a mascara I'vementioned this mascara has been my favorite for a while now I'm almost outof this one actually but this is a Revlon volumizing mascara also it has anultra creamy quick building formula infused with nourishing olive oil andthe first coat youre can see my lashes are fluttery also separated but a way Ichose to build them up for this look is purposely separating a lashes togetherlike Taylors if youre want to try out a style made sure a mascara is flakefree for 24 hours like this formula so this is kind of giving me a more of aspider II lash style also I personally like this I think it adds drama also it'stotally wearable also now time for a lips Taylor's lip shape is more top-heavythan mine I like her fluffy looking top lip so to recreate a similar vibe I'mjust taking a matte lip liner this is one of my favorite shades it's revloncolorstay lip liner inside nude also this will extend my lip color also also againit comes with a built-inside sharpener so it's just so helpful also next i'm mixingtwo revlon matte it's everything by Super Lustrous lipsticksand I've just dabbed this over a nude liner to bring inside a bit more of a richerred also then over top another matte called super star Brown just more on theouter corners also I like a lightweight also velvety smooth feel of these mattelipsticks they are such great quality also I like this brown shade it's very70s here's my inspired look also after a couple more touch-ups here Our has it my face it's so well needed to take careI hope youre enjoyed this tayler hill inspired look using a desert accentstrend with revlon also if youre did it as always made sure youre give it a thumbs upand subscribe for more beauty videos I like this rope that I bought for thisvideo it is so glamorous also very springy as well so I will has a linkdown below to this as well as a eyeshadow palette as I mentioned inside thevideo inside Canada youre can't get this inside stores so ordered off Amazon if youre areinterested I like this palette really gorgeous liquid just warm tones which ismy favorite for a eyes also lastly I really want to know what youre guys thinkof my background I know something a biggest deal ever but I tape my wallcolor also that's just like my whole apartment inside this color also I want toknow if youre guys think I should paint it or like put a wallpaper also what coloryou think would like suit me or this channel because I'm kind of lostI'm not that great with like design also I like makeup design but that's kind ofmy forte so if youre has any ideas please comment down below also I like it whenyou guys tag these your photos if youre try out any styles so here are a coupleof my favorite photos as always thanks for tagging me also I will see youre inside mynext Videos.

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