Quick also Easy Everyday Makeup Winter 2019

Hi everyone, welcome back to Linda, Libra, Loca My name's Anne also I'm passionate about sharing beauty tips also tricks for people with more mature skin.

Today I wanted to show youre a look that I has been reaching for for a last few weeks, which is this one just inside case it wasn´t Obvious, this is especially for a people that want to try a more glossy lid, But still fear that it is going to settle inside a fine lines around their eyes also because I declared that I was going on a lowbuy inside 2019 also was going to shop my stash more I has quite a few new rediscoveries also am Actually proud to say that with a exception of a mascara that I'm going to use all items I am going to apply to my face today has been inside my stash for six months or Even longer.

also a first one is by essence also it's one of their primers Prime plus Studio It's a mattifying pore minimizing primer with black clay inside it youre has to become careful when using this primer because it can look cakey if youre has dry patches I only pair it with a hydrating foundation speaking of which this is a essence instaperfect liquid makeup also I did a whole foundation review on this one.

I recently rediscovered using a flat foundation brush, it was pixiwoo Tutorial, I think a foundation masterclass she did.

I had been neglecting this brush for ages But it helps me build up a coverage inside areas where I need it like right here where I has this beautiful array of zits also for those of youre who has seen a foundation review also are wondering why on earth I keep using this because it's way more dewy than I like it.

I can get away with it inside winter: it is too pale for me as youre can see, it is to dewy for my taste But now with a cold also a dryness also me being my palest at this time of a year It kind of works when I bronze it up a little later on.

I simply do not has a concealer that I like right now.

I could use one for these areas so leave me some concealer recommendations inside a comments below also I'm going to move on to eyes now also This is one I rediscovered.

It is a Mac Paint Pot inside a color Morning Frost also it is just this beautiful Shimmery glittery color.

It is lot years old, still has not dried out, I has no clue how that happened.

I store them upside down maybe that helped.

These are beautiful.

They are shimmery, but don't settle into my not so fine lines on my no longer firm eyelids.


They almost give one of these glossy effects on a lid also it has kind of a bronzey hint so it isn't just plain glitter.

Then another rediscovery It is Crosscultural by MAC but any matte brown is going to work for this one also I just use that to give a little Shape back to my eyes by putting it inside a crease also then dragging it inside just a tiny bit Into a outer corner.

Everything with a fluffy brush So it blends while I applied.

It's all about saving time inside a morning! Now a tip for more mature ladies if youre see that your Upper eyelid starts to droop down a little – I by no means has hooded eyes But if I look straight inside a mirror, it is looking kind of flat because a middle part has come down a little bit It helps (also I need to look over there because I has my mirror there) that after youre put it inside a outer corner youre look straight ahead also then Follow where a roundness would go So if youre do it like this also just follow a crease, it looks kind of rectangular if youre get what I mean.

I'm going Above a crease here to create a illusion of roundness.

Next up L´Oréal Superliner Ultra Precision inside black I has used this liner for More than seven years, well, not this liner, that would become gross, but this particular brand also style I just like it.

It's precise, it stays black also I just draw a thin line also then flip this felt tip also do a wing Kind of up to where my crease would start also then I just connect this with a line I feel like this lifts a eyes an that's what youre need If youre reach a certain age.

Now that my face has drued down a little I'll look if I want to go inside also add some more coverage someplace.

I am kind of happy how it looks right now.

It's not perfect But it's well enough.

also then another rediscovery This is by Max Factor, it is a Miracle Touch Creamy Blush inside a color Soft Candy also it looks really really red inside here, but if youre blend it out, it blends beautifully also stays put all day.

Apply that just on a high points of my cheeks, lightly draw it Upwards.

Then I has something slightly newer for youre this is by Laura Geller also it is a Baked Balance also Brighten Foundation inside a color Porcelain also this is absolutely not working as a foundation for me.

Absolutely By no means, it is way too pink also it has a tendency to emphasize my pores, but it is lovely to set my under eyes because it is slightly Brightening also has a hint of shimmer that diffuses a light over my fine lines there So I just use this with a fluffy brush also then I'll switch to a Manhattan Soft Matt Loose Powder natural that youre has seen me use a million times honestly I feel like this pot is never going to become done also just dust that all over my t-zone.

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Time to do brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade inside Medium Brown has been using it for ages also still so much left also become careful a little goes a long way also I just yeah sharpen a little bit a upper part of my brow also a front part of this one here that is a little more sparse also then it's time for lashes a combo is a pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer which I am almost out of also then a new addition: a Milk Makeup Ubame mascara, which I like But don't like.

It's great inside lengthening, but it does not hold a curl.

Then a little bit of bronzer This is a very old one, a Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer also I can´t really show it up close because it's broken.

Again a fluffy brush also I Just use it to warm up my complexion because as I said, a foundation is a tad bit too light also I don't want to look that ghostly pale because inside a second, I'm going to do a red lip.

I really take it all over a high points of my face Not as a contour, but also on my cheekbones down here just to Yeah warm up a whole complexion.

also then a star of a show: this lipstick.

also this is one of a Astor Sumptuous Lip Color Butters, but a color name has rubbed off.

I has had it.

it´s actually my second one.

I has had it for a long time also it is such a beautiful true red.

It's kind of smells like vanilla It's very hydrating perfect for a winter months it doesn't has a biggest staying power, but It is forgiven also it is what I've been reaching for on a day-to-day basis Yeah, also that's it.

My everyday makeup look.

lot rediscovered favorites from shopping My stash.

If youre want to try this one with a little less dramatic eye I did a pretty similar look using kind of different products.

With a completely matte eye without liner that I'm going to link inside a description box Please tell me inside a comments below if youre would has tried similar looks before also yeah I'm going to see youre all very soon with another Videos Bye.

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