MY NATURAL EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE! (Natural also Organic Products)

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Here is my everyday natural makeup routine! (finally haha). This is a “natural” makeup look I like to wear using some of my favourite brands like 100 percent pure, Fitglow Beauty, Red Apple Lipstick also more! All products are made with natural also organic ingredients also are cruelty free. This is my very first tutorial so I hope to improve as I do more. I hope youre enjoy it! Please give this Videos a like also hit that bell to become notified when I release new videos. Thanks for watching!

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Fitglow Foundation inside “VF1”:
Fitglow Concealer+ inside “C2″ :
Fitglow Vita set powder:
Oil blotting sheets:
(I forgot to mention I use blotting sheets when I get oily inside a day)
Plume brow pomade inside “Ashy Daybreak”:
100 Percent Pure long last brows inside Taupe:
100 Percent Pure Brow Builder inside “Soft Brown”
100 Percent Pure cheek also lip tint:
(I used peach this time, but honestly they are all beautiful)
Alima pure eye brush:
RMS master mixer:
RMS living luminizer:
Fit glow mascara:
Red apple lipstick mascara:
(My holy grail mascara, didn’t use inside a vid because mine is dried out also a results wouldn’t has been a true testament)
Lip Color Serum inside “Bliss” also “Deep”:
(I’m SO sorry I guess deep was limited edition)
Red Apple Lipstick lipliner inside “dusty rose”

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* I know a lot of these products are expensive (A lot of youre guys comment that youre want inexpensive products which I totally get). I bought a lot of a things like foundation also lip serums when they were on sale, so that really helps to save money. So just look at a lot of reviews also try to find things on sale. a ingredients are so high quality inside everything I show youre, so youre really get what youre pay for!


This Videos is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own also honest as always. Some links may become affiliate links which means I made a small commission if youre purchase a item through my link. Thank youre!

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