right now my face is moisturized so thenext step is going to become to prime going to use this First Base by NYX whew! I'm going to put this 5 inside 1 primer by Bare Minerals onto my eyelids I'm just putting it up to a brow Now I'm gonna become using these twopalets up culture by ABH also Avant Pop by NYX I'm gonna start off with this bright color right here also i'm going to take my Luxie 321 also then I'm going to go over here also do a same Now WOW I look crazy! I know butstay tuned guys it's gonna become great so I'm going to take a bushy end of a brush (a brush has two sides) a flat side also a bushy side This color up here, it's called Dawn my next color is going to become thiscolor right here called Roxy also dab that also give that a little blow next, I'm going to take this All star color right here (dab) right underneath also there's this pretty brown color that I want to try just sweep that across my lids like so alright, so now Our're a little bit darker also I'm going back to my Anastasia Bevery Hills also I'm going to go right for this Fudge color this color is called Adorn sweep that over a top of my lid just to soften up a eye a little bit as for Lashes, I has these Gorgeous see? a name's gorgeous! this is a eye pencil I use my face is already primed also it's moisturized it feels soo silky also soft I like it I'm actually going to use my Pro Conceal by L.

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like shake themup youre know give them a little light spankin' sitting they get a little bit watery feel like when I goso I actually use them like water comes out first now I'm going to take my wet beauty sponge right here My E.


F blending brush, baby ! I'm using a Tartiest Pro Glow with lip pencil it's inside a color Urban Cafe Oh before I go any further I'm going toset with this elf setting spray my Kristofer Buckle Brush spray it with some setting spray take a color Lit this one, baby! for my last step I'm going to take mywater bottle also I'm just going to hydrate my face Guys I want to thankyou so much from a very bottom of my little heart for watching also please ifyou liked this look made sure that youre subscribe made sure youre give it a thumbsup also made sure youre share it also comment below also let me know what youthink also if youre've tried it please made sure youre tag me also follow me oninstagram @missshowbiz go ahead also get out of here also beat your face butmake sure youre come back okay chao!.

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