My Everyday Makeup Look 2019!

Hey guys, it's me grace.

Welcome back to our Channel today inside this Videos I'm gonna become showing youre guys my everyday makeup routine for school 2019 it has changed for a past two years youre know these changes every year so I thought youre know what I might as well show youre guys my makeup routine once again, also I'm also going to become showing youre guys my Makeup collection soon.

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So without further ado.

Let's get started so before I Start my makeup routine.

I always like to use a primer, this is a Rimmel London stay matte mattifying makeup primer also I like this stuff.

This stuff is amazing So I'm gonna go ahead also prime my face Okay.

So while my primer is drying I like to go ahead also get my Beauty Blender also then sometimes I fill inside my eyebrows, but I'm just gonna become taking this spoolie also this is from ELF also I'm just going to UM Brush it out.

I like to do this every single time while I'm waiting for My primer to dry If youre guys want like a full-on glam look Um comment down below also I will made sure I'll do that because normally on day to day basis I don't like to wear eyeshadow also contour also bronzer also all that So I'm just keeping it simple.

This is my natural look, so Yeah, so I always um for foundations I go back also forth between two but so far I'm inside like with a FISC ins formula foundation.

This is like my number one Favorite so far This one a covergirl one.

I used to like this one also yousuf iskcon's formula foundation also I'm gonna become taking my NYX professional Foundation brush also I absolutely like it.

So I'm gonna go ahead also apply my foundation to a made up brush also I like how this has a pump also it just saves so much time also I'm not like wasting a bunch like this may look like I put a lot on but honestly, It's not because once I blend it out with a Beauty Blender It will look much much better also always blend it down to a neck So it doesn't look like youre has a two different color skin Yeah So now that's done.


I like to take my Damp Beauty Blender also just go ahead also get rid of all a extra foundation Lines from my makeup brush There Our go.

Okay, so I go Back also forth between two concealers.

I has a bunch of concealers.

Um But this one I absolutely like it's a Born This Way By Too Faced also this concealer is amazing.

I like it.

I like to use this one when I'm wearing my physicans formula Foundation also I like to use my Mac concealer for my covergirl one So when I use my physicans formula one, I like to take a Too Faced concealer because Just to lighten it up a little bit so I find that even though this is like one of a lightest shades of foundation Um, it still looks a little dark on me.

So I like to light youre end up with a Too Faced concealer, also I absolutely like it also Comment down below or take a poll if youre guys want more makeup videos because I find that they're fun to do also then it just gives me something to do also more like makeup More YouTube Videos ideas also always been sure youre use a tip for like underneath your eye But go very lightly Okay next I like to take This is a Maybelline New York fit me loose finishing powder inside a shade Fair light number 10 also I like this stuff.

I like to put this into my eyes then I've been taking my I need to know Tutorial pronounce This name so not even gonna attempt also I like to use this kind of brush for underneath my eye, also I'd like to take a little bit also just do it like that also then tap off a excess also Then fine it gives a beautiful like finished.


I like this.

This is like my favorite kind of look right now because of how pretty it is also it's just then I'm gonna become taking a Lot of makeup brushes guys So lot Then I'm gonna become taking my Rimmel London stay matte mattifying loose powder I don't like putting this underneath my eyes because I find it gives it a bit of a flash back to it So I just has to put this over around my face See I don't mind these loose powders, but there's pretty messy Eyes youre guys to tell I don't put this one underneath my eyes because I already did put powder inside my eyes Okay Umm What I like to do for highlight if I want like a pop I like to use to highlight This one it's from my new highlight Our made a palette that I got From Christmas.


It's a Sephora black it's from Sto chanted enchanting colors palette also it's so pretty So what I like to do is I'd like to take This highlighter here also Then take my ELF highlighter also do that because I find that this highlighter inside this palette doesn't really Show up if I don't use it to highlighters, but I like how they're kind of a same thing.

So Yeah, oh yeah also this is a Sephora fan brush here also I absolutely like it Okay, so then after I always like to use my NYX matte finish Setting spray also I like a stuff as well also then my another favorite, um Mascara is a L'Oreal Paris volume is original Hmm also I like how it's not super thick like a elf mascara fine so if youre're like wearing eyeshadow, I would recommend a elf one because it fun he gives like a dramatic kind of look If youre're going for that so There's that after my mascara.

I like to take this brush here also I'll choose this end also kind of get rid of a clumps, I mean sometimes I has a lot sometimes I don't But that is it quick also easy also normally takes me about ten minutes inside a morning to get ready if I'm doing this look Maybe 15 minutes, but if I'm doing like a full-on glam look it normally takes me about a half an hour so yeah, I take a poll if I should do more makeup videos also if I should do my glam look so Yeah, I know this videos kind of look.


I know um But I hope youre guys enjoy this Videos.

Don't forget to comment like also subscribe down below also I'll see youre guys next week.


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