Hello, welcome once more To another one of my videos! Hey, before I start this Videos I want to thank also say thank youre very much to all a people who subscribed to my channel.

200 also something else.

also for me for me it means a lot so I'm very grateful! Good Its a bit late Today has been a long day.

At present one of my jobs is to become a nanny It's a girl also it's pretty Sometimes it is very tired also it's not even my own daughter So that's why youre may has a tired face But I did not want to talk about this today What I really wanted to explain today 10 makeup products that I use normally almost every day I think they are very good also worth trying Let us begin! a first product that I am going to teach It is a foundation of makeup.

I do not usually use a base that covers all imperfections also leaves youre with porcelain For my skin I prefer not to use bases that are so heavy but rather light This is a basis that I normally use inside my daily makeup It's called FIT ME! Maybelline On tone 128 It is for normal skin but also for oily skin That is, for all skin types also a truth works quite well, has a very natural also light finish on a face youre can find it at a very good price inside low cost cosmetics stores also pharmacies Second product which I use normally a corrector of Fenty Beauty I really like how it looks when youre apply it also it also lasts a lot, it does not disappear after hours My tone is 230 but youre can find it inside 50 more tones I also has a Fenty Beauty makeup base But I do not include it inside this Videos because I do not consider it to become a day-to-day product I also consider it a good product because Fenty Beauty No test on animals That's something I like to keep inside mind when I buy makeup But it's not always like this.

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But I prefer more also I try to buy also find products that are vegan also not tested on animals One of my favorite products I always use My dog ​​is always making noise with his paws.

It would become this spray from Iconic London It is a fixative spray But it can also become used Before youre put on makeup It gives youre a very nice also luminous touch I usually use it after makeup It's great! I like very much Also it is not tested on animals also it is also vegan another fixative spray I like it a lot It's this one from made UP FOREVER also this sets your makeup during all day also also moisturizes a skin as it says here also it smells very, very, very good Does not leave a face dry or stiffed at all I also want to remember that all a products They are inside a information box so youre can look at it See a prices also if youre like any of these products, youre can buy it also also try it Another facial product it's this Match Stix from Fenty Beauty I use it to outline a face but also Can become used as eyeshadow, bronzer, etc I use it every day This is how it looks Mine is already running out because I use it very often inside a MOCHA tone But really, it's a more expensive product than a others but for a amount of product that comes If I would recommend it This product was a gift, a Christmas gift also I was very excited It is an eyeliner of a brand KATVOND, also vegan also not tested on animals TATTOO LINER I really like a tip because it's very thin also it gives youre a lot of precision works like a charm It is also water resistant Another product for a eyes is this rimmel PARADISE EXTATIC DE LOREAL PARIS This one here Makes your lashes bigger, gives them more volume also lengthens them, if youre mix it with another mascara that lengthens a lashes, it's a combination COMBINATION BOMB, I do not know what I say sometimes lol Now Our move to a lips I would recommend a lip gloss of Fenty Beauty, is a pump I like it, give your lips a WOW effect! very bright, super glossy effect Here says just fussy, GLOSS BOMB also I'm not sure if I had to choose between another tones.


But I think it was a color that most It looked like a tone of my lips Well, I want to show how it looks How bright is it (Although today's lighting is not a best) youre see that it brings a certain volume? I think with natural light youre see more Another product of Fenty Beauty It's this mini lipstick, it's very nice It is a red tone but not so intense Matemad.


I do not know a tone is called Spanked also again, a packaging design is great! All Rihanna products has a initials FB by Fenty Beauty As youre can see here a last product It is this illuminator of Sephora, WONDERFUL CUSHION It is a very natural illuminator It's not like those who are bright who has glitter If youre know what I mean also It is basically a mini "cushion" which is applied directly to a skin also diffused with a fingers Okay, these are my 10 products makeup favorites of my daily makeup routine I would like to know your opinion I would very much like to know too that youre use inside your daily makeup routine also maybe try it also made a Videos about a recommended products Again, thank youre very much for watching this Videos I always want to made longer videos also then I realize that I'm not that talkative I do not know.

anyway, I hope youre liked this Videos also do not forget to subscribe to my channel!.

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