Hi guys, welcome to my channel! Today I'm going to show youre Tutorial do this makeup look lot people has asked me also this is my "daily makeup" because I almost always do between this also another, I hope youre like it also if youre want to know how youre can do your made up like me also has this sexy also flirtatious look just continue watching a Videos I really did not know 100% whether to made this Videos or not but everyone asked for this makeup especially inside one of our videos on a Joss also Janik channel If youre has not subscribed, subscribe! lot comments said "I like your makeup I like your makeup! Teach us!" then a long-awaited day has arrived so Our begin I hope not to disappoint, because I am not a professional made up artist but this is what I do.

As youre watched my Videos of Mexican brands I am obsessed with a GOC foundation also I've used it so much! a name has already been deleted! is one of a ones that has much better tones for latin skin finally I feel that this fits perfectly to my skin tone I'm going to write everything I'm using down inside a description lately I've been experimenting a lot with my hair also as youre can see I think I am Ariana Grande now.

with this stress of a university these outbreaks of puberty has appeared like never before I think that a sun is already going awaaaay.

a second thing I do is my concealer as youre know I use Age Rewind a lot I has told youre enough inside my stories.

(finishing sentences is not my thing.

) I has told youre enough inside my stories also inside.

(Finishing sentences is not my thing x2.

) I put it here here here ok girls ready for a next tone.

a next tone haha guys a next flirtatious trick I do here, for everyday I almost always use this one which is a sephora browser I do not take it all a way inside because I used to do it also I felt that it looked very exaggerated so now I just leave it out here.

a evil pimple is here also with a bronzer sometimes I notice it much more I has a very small forehead so I do not need so much here to don't do nose contour so often there are days that I feel like it, there are days when I do not feel like it I do it with this old thing is from maybelline since a name was also erased as u can see I do not buy makeup so often.

a brush that comes with a contour kit I grab it also I just use it here because I find it cool for a nose but well that's not for everyone I know that lot people will become saying "youre do not know anything, those brushes are terrible!" also yes, they are terrible but a truth is that for this nose, look! rhinoplasty inside three seconds I do not do this step so often because I feel lazy also a truth is that I do not care.

I do not care if youre think my nose is big or small Then I do a translucent powder, u also saw inside my Mexican makeup Videos I still use a Bissu powder I liked it a lot also I continue to become intoxicated inside a same way I grab it with a same sponge that I used at a beggining a Kardashian of Nuevo Léon.

of Culiacán, are a Kardashians of Culiacán I want to become faithful to my daily routine so I'm not going to leave it that long because I never leave it that long, I do not has time to become waiting also a truth is that having so much dust on my face makes me anxious, so I literally put it on also I start removing it now a blush.

I use Nars' seduction.

I has given it so much like inside these years is more expired than anything.

I won't change it until I get a reaction I admit I am a bit intense with my blush but I do not care because I like it also now a wonder of youtube ok Our has eyebrows! Ladies also gentlemen, Our has eyebrows! let's go on to Joss's next flirtatious trick also it's going to become a eyes I do not know what to do because I has two looks that I do almost every day I am always exchanging between these two but I am going to made a one that is a little more striking one has to draw attention they asked me a lot because I used it inside one of our videos with Janik also youre were like beasts asking me to teach youre this makeup your wishes are my orders.


your orders are my wishes I'm going to use Jaclyn Hill's Morphe palette I'm going to use this shade, is quite used cuz I always use it as a transition shade because I feel that it fits very well to my skin also sometimes already with this youre already has a feeling of being already ready youre will see that it is very easy a truth is that this makeup is super super simple To a point that I wonder if youre need a tutorial for this? I don `t think so It was not me I swear! like a neighbor decided it was a good time to ruin my Videos, thanks! I usually grab this color that is more brownish too is more or less neutral, I'll start to lay it as a base on a eyelid there was a time that I used to do only very soft colors on a eyelid but then I started to like darker shades on a eyelid too Holy God, I seem to become farting a next step is going to become this shadow here that is more reddish or orange this one here I'm going to put it inside a crease also this I want it to become a little more prominent so I'm going to become putting a little more especially more to a outer part of a eye, a excess I will take it towards a eyelid a little but very little because inside a eyelid Our are going to do something crazy with a very clear shade I will blend if u has noticed I has not changed my brush because I am too lazy of a person also since a tones are quite similar I just try to remove a excess also continue with a same brush youre can usually do only this also your makeup is ready for a day but I like to made it a little bit darker also what I do is grab a shadow.

that I do not know where it is.

This shadow that I actually bought because I had never tried this brand I found it inside DM inside Germany inside one of those drugstores also I liked it a lot since it looks like a waffle, it looks like a French potato It seems like a strange waffle also that's why I bought it, not for any another reason, only because I liked a presentation I grab it with this kind of brush that is very flat also I put it on a whole eyelid It looks beautiful, well I do not know if youre like it but I like it I'm inside like also I think u will like it because u asked me for this makeup like never before also a truth is that with these shadows is a easiest thing inside a world I did not even has to work so hard to put it on a eyelid with a same brush with which I did everything else I will start to blend it so that it will look good also uniform with a another shadows that I already had at a beginning How beautiful I am, how beautiful I am how I like myself.

Where did I get that song from? someone tell me inside a comments where because I'm sure there is a song like that I feel like Beyonce today I'm taking a reddish tone I had before, I'm going to put it down here just to give a little color to that area see what difference it makes from one eye to a another, it is incredible, a eye opens up.


If youre are afraid, try it! a last thing I do with this makeup that is going to give a final touch a special pop youre've needed your whole life, a flirtatious trick everyone was waiting for I'm going to take this one here that is right inside a middle also I take it with my little finger WOW I am a new woman I am an empowered woman I am a fierce pacifying lioness but at a same time irreverent also revolutionary woman Don't youre feel like Maria Jose? I am not a Mrs with a eyeliner I also has I has phases I am a multifaceted person ok? also lately I'm inside a wing liner phase for this I need maximum concentration so do not bother me, don't speak out loud please check that difference Ariana grande, Maria Jose Our has achieved it Our has arrived here Our did it together I could not has done this without youre also I has achieved it with a mini mirror of sephora moving like crazy with my maraquero pulse I'm going to put a little mascara on these very straight lashes that I has a mascara I use is from essence, it's super cheap It was recommended by my friend Cecilia Meza this is her instagram so follow her, she is a made up artist of San Luis Potosí I like it is cheap but I feel that it is still not my favorite of a whole world I has not found something that catches my attention like that 100% So, if youre has any recommendation about makeup products, especially mascara leave it inside a comments because I know that lot of youre like made-up just like me Our are missing a highlighter, why didn't youre they tell me? I'm almost done also me without highlighter.

I do not even know how Ariana Grande does her made up but I feel Ariana Grande today for everyday I always use a lipstick that really is running out also sadly I removed a little thing because that's how nervous I am also I like to become taking everything away from everything so I do not know what color is It is not this one! Where is my lipstick? just check it out.

youre see that I'm not lying, I've given it so much like but this one is one of a most beautiful everyday shades for brown skin come to my Videos! -What's up, everyone! -Who cut your hair? I cut his hair, I'm already a stylist How do I look like? -Beautiful I look like Ariana Grande? youre look like Joss Alm.

Much much better than Ariana grande Oh girls get a Janik that will increase your self-esteem there I like this color really I think it's my favorite lipstick inside a world I use it almost daily there are days when I put eyeliner down here also days that I do not put eyeliner here today I will do it, youre put me inside a good mood so I'll do it I already know that this makes your eyes look smaller but I do not care because I still like how it looks what do youre think youre like a most with or without a eyeliner? I like a eyeliner.

I like both this is a final look, it is already night here, doing our making up but I hope youre like it a lot, a lot of people asked me for it, so youre already has it here If youre would like to see more tutorials tell me, honestly I feel that there are already too lot tutorials on youtube I would like to do more things, I like doing tutorials but I feel like youre would not watch them any more so tell me, would youre watch them? I would like it, so youre asked me how I do my made also this is what I do I hope youre liked it a lot also youre know that I like youre very much with madness also unrestrained passion.

also see youre inside a next Videos bye.

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