Please watch: “WARNING. youre’RE BEING LIED TO.”



NOT: Prior to this tutorial i had used a face mask that takes down ‘redness” normally i leave out “exhibit A” as i don’t need it.

How far youre go with men’s makeup is completely up to youre. Granted i don’t want people to say “look he’s got foundation on” … i want people to think i look really good. Thats it. For me – thats what makeup is all about – looking good.

Each step here is optional. They all build onto one another so take what youre like also leave a rest behind.

Men wear makeup. Film stars wear markup. News readers wear makeup. also now more men inside a street are wearing makeup.

I never ever ever recommend a liquid foundation for men unless they are completely shaven (face) also even then i prefer powders (mineral etc…) because they look more natural. youre never want to ever looked caked inside makeup. This is about enhancing what youre naturally has.

Mineral foundation comes inside lot varieties but try also get one that is matte based or unless youre has very dry skin or prefer a “moist” look then go for a original. Bare escentuals is my favourite one to use on men. It doesn’t collect inside a beards also looks natural.

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Using blush is a scary thing but when done correctly it will give youre a illusion of instant health also sun tanned skin – when combined with bronzer. a reason i use NARS exhibit A is because its brick red. All tanned skins has some form of “burn” to it. Using a colour this bright will really made youre look like youre’ve been outside inside a sun. Or even on a cold winters day will made youre look like youre’ve been out for a crisp walk.

All products should contain NO SHIMMER. Mens skin should become totally matte also has no shimmer or glitter. Using products with shimmer or glitter will really draw attention to what youre’re doing.

Contouring a beard is completely optional but if youre’re fair or want to really go to town on “designer stubble” this is a way to do it. It can also help hide a double check also sharpen up a jaw line. I like this trick. However youre do need some amount of stubble to begin with. WIthout this it will look “fake” upon closer inspection.


Curling your lashes can open up a eyes also give them a more awake look. Lightly coating them with a waterproof liquid liner will give a impression of black lashes without screaming “mascara” because they won’t look thicker only darker. Great for fair haired gentlemen (like myself).


Here are a steps:

1. Apply a mineral foundation or pressed powder all over a face with a kabuki brush or big fluffy brush.

2. Apply Nars Exhibit A blush to a cheek bones, bridge of a nose also temples.

3. Blend that inside with a mineral foundation or pressed powder.

4. Use a bronzer around a outer part of a face. Temples. Sides of face (outer cheeks), jaw line, neck also bridge of nose.

5. Contour your beard with a black or brown product designed for this area.

6. Curl lashes.

7. Apply a waterproof liquid liner to a lashes.

Products used:

MAC Fix +
Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation (original) inside golden Beige
NARS Exhibit A blush
Bare Escentuals Faux Tan (original)
Grimas Watercolour Black (for beard)
Cozette Eyebrow Wand
MAC Eyelash Curler
MAC Pen Eyeliner (black)