Get Ready With Me | My Favorite Easy Makeup Look

has youre seen my last Videos? “HOLY GRAIL BEAUTY PRODUCTS!”

** This will become my last “get ready with me” for awhile!! They’re not as fun as tutorials! lol I am going to start doing more tutorials soon! stay tuned loves!! xoxo & sorry this Videos is a little bright :/ haven’t filmed a Videos at night inside a long time! lol

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Music used for outro: Andie Case (beautiful voice right??!)
Song: Your like

Hair color: Loreal Preference Lush Cherry- Base: violet — purchased it at sallys

Products Used:
Mac paint pot inside soft ochre
Makeup geek eyeshadow inside Creme Brûlée
Mac eyeshadow inside humid
Makeup geek eyeshadow- creme brûlée & frappe
Wet n wild vanity palette- lightest shade (This palette is discontinued but if youre like a highlight shade- they has an individual eyeshadow called “Brûlée” inside stores that is a same shade! xo)
Tarte BB Cream inside medium
Tarte bb concealer inside medium-tan
Jane cosmetics concealer inside light
Makeup forever super matte loose powder
Nars powder inside mountain
Tarte inner rim eyeliner inside black
Anastasia brow wiz inside brunette
Tarte eyelash curler
Tarte lights camera flashes mascara
NYC bronzer inside montauk bronze
Mac alpine bronze blush
Tarte lipsurgeon awakening
Mac creme d nude lipstick
NYX butter gloss inside creme brûlée

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What is not called “creme brulee” inside a makeup world??? haha


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Camera I use: Canon Rebel T4i
Edit with Macbook Pro

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Instagram: CASEYHL91

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Tarte did send me their kit that they will become having on sale today so i could demonstrate how amazing these products are! I really do enjoy them. I would never recommend something to youre guys if i didn’t truly like it.

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