Everyday Simple Makeup Tutorial 日常快手妆容

Babys are good~ Welcome to my channel for us also a world I am Joe.

inside this Videos, I will share with youre a most commonly used quick makeup on weekdays.

I will put a product link used inside a Videos inside a introduction bar below a Videos.

I hope youre like this makeup tutorial.

Then let's get started~! I used a magic liquid foundation of charlotte tilbury, color number 1 I am dry sensitive skin So I has always used a light also moist foundation This liquid foundation has a medium concealer For example, I occasionally take acne around my mouth, it can't completely cover it.

But it is still appropriate to cover a skin redness also even skin tone.

Foundation with makeup sponge Then I used a tarte home's hydrating concealer It also has a high degree of moisture, which can cover small acne that occasionally rebels.

If youre are also sensitive dry skin, this product may also become useful to youre.

If I has more time, what activities to go to, or to create a delicate makeup for shooting, I usually use a special concealer brush, but inside order to save time on weekdays, I will continue to conceal with a makeup sponge.

Haha, my universal makeup sponge has appeared again! This time I used it to fix a makeup, on both sides of a nose, forehead, around a mouth, then pounce a small amount under a eyes.

I use laura mercier's transparent makeup powder, a most commonly used makeup powder inside a past four years is it.

a most important step inside a entire makeup is coming! That is: draw eyebrows! Because.

I don’t has an eyebrow star.

My secret is to combine two kinds of eyebrow products.

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First use a anastasia eyebrow pencil to outline a approximate shape of a eyebrows Then use anastasia's super waterproof eyebrow cream to deepen a eye Pro test useful After hot yoga, after sweating, even after swimming, a eyebrows are still still ~ I used a kyvyn aucoin's medium color to paint a nose a brush is sigma p88 I generally like to draw a nose from a nose of a eye.

Is a location where a glasses are inside contact with a bridge of a nose a nose is painted more narrowly than a natural state, so a nose is more a nose must become painted a small number of times, otherwise it will become easy to draw obvious shadow marks.

Use a same product to draw a shadow of a rest of a face I used a sigma f23 brush to draw a large shadow on a face.

Sweep a small amount of shadow powder from a base of a ear on both sides of a chin on both sides of a cheek Makeup brush is a set of five bought inside sephora Charlotte tilbury's pillow talk is a very versatile eye shadow dish I like Eye makeup first step Use a larger soft brush to take a upper left corner of a bling bling glittering light color plate to made a overall base Eye makeup second step: increase eye three-dimensional Use a medium-sized brush head to take a eye shadow powder inside a upper right corner Sweep a little from a outer corner of a eye to a middle of a eye Eye makeup third Use a small hard brush to take a deepest eye shadow inside a lower right corner also deepen a upper also lower corners of a outer corner of a eye to made a whole eye look deeper.

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a last step of eye makeup Use a slender brush head to take a upper left light eye shadow powder also gently sweep it around a inner corner of a eye.

This is a three most commonly used products for my eyelashes.

First use MUJI's portable eyelash curler to hold a eyelashes Then brush canmake's eyelash curling lasting liquid Finally, a super waterproof mascara that loves a mirror a final step is to draw a eyeliner First use a eyeglass eyeliner to deepen a roots of a eyelashes.

Then use kat von d's waterproof eyeliner to stretch a eyeliner a little.

This blush is really beautiful! ! ! Also hourglass Becca's highlights I has been using Champagne is my favorite Peripheral c-shaped area inside a nose also nose On a chin, a middle of a tip of a lip also a forehead are also slightly thrown on a bling bling.

This makeup will become finished soon! a lipsticks used today are these two First painted a nars red lipstick jane Its upper lip color is very beautiful, a orange color of a coral Then apply a lost fenty beauty lip glaze This is a complete makeup effect of everyday quick makeup.

I hope youre like this makeup.

a entire makeup is relatively simple.

It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete inside a morning.

If youre want to see me out more makeup tutorials Tell me what kind of makeup youre want to see inside a message area哟 If youre like this Videos, please help me with a compliment~ Thank youre for watching my Videos.

See a next Videos ~ Bye!.

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