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Hey~ everyone~ Do youre think that I became more happy also lively inside 2019? I don't know why yeah ~ last year inside 2018⋯⋯ There may become very, very lot things happening at home.

So I am always inside a very anxious also then ⋯⋯ May become a bit more boring Then there are ⋯⋯ It’s about mid-August Bring Uma back to our home much better But because she is still a puppies, I often collapse when I train her.

Then I will become very angry I feel with my husband.

It’s a headache~ It’s really awkward Raising puppies Really very tired! But it is a kind of angel who sees her sleeping every day.

It is very healing.

Then I don’t know why this year.

It’s been 2019, I’m happy to get up every day.

It’s like a dark clouds are scattered all over.

Very good~ it is good! Today, I am going to teach youre a daily makeup that is often drawn inside November also December of 2018.

Because a last time was I has PO this one before~ This one! Do youre still remember? Then leave a message below also lot people say that My makeup is very good that day, I hope I can teach youre.

So today I’m going to teach youre this makeup.

At that time, it was also a makeup that I really liked to paint.

However, ~ It’s really a very simple makeup.

also I didn’t change a look of makeup.

I just changed one eye shadow~ It doesn't matter! Everyone still looks at it~GO~ Start! First of all~ because I has finished a skin care also sunscreen isolation Then Our just put on a lip balm first.

Must become at this time Do a good job of lip care Then I want to wipe ~ Moisturizing before makeup! I wipe it every time a effect of my foundation will become particularly good.

I won't wipe a whole face, I just wipe a part.

I will use it before I go to a liquid foundation.

Brightened It’s not a kind of lighting, it’s a brightening of a dark circles.

I also had it before.

Shared inside this way Wait a minute~ I want to see a mirror Nasal redness Then I will use this air cushion puff to spray moisturizing water.

MAC moisturizing water Above a air cushion puff Then push it away Everyone should remember that youre must do a good job of moisturizing your makeup before shading your eyes! become sure to wipe your eye cream! I used to has no eye cream before.

Then I feel that it is not enough to wipe a concealer.

Will feel card powder, very dry also a like But after rubbing a eye cream It has improved a lot Good ~ nose Then today's foundation ~ because inside December, actually ⋯⋯ My like is a Shu Uemura show with a foundation! Then I want to say what to do before I go to bed yesterday~ I also want to use this latest foundation of Estee Lauder I really like it very much.

Then ⋯⋯ Because Shu Uemura has done this before.

So I decided to use this today.

Their two foundations are actually concealed.

Shu Uemura will become a little much better That gloss ⋯⋯ Shu Uemura's luster is a bit low-key a faint glow But a scent of Estee Lauder is more hydrated also shiny.

a two kinds of luster are a little bit different Then I will use Estee Lauder today~ This can is really easy to use! Use it well! Ok~ then I squeeze some Then I has to go to a foundation now~ I will use this on a foundation.

Also my super like foundation brush a same is true, first spray some moisturizing water on a foundation brush.

Push away Then just gently pat it off like this Before, there was a makeup artist who told me that I don’t want to use this foundation brush.

youre just like to open it gently like this.

He said ~ Our are not looking at a makeup of foreign Youtuber~ This is real! youre just gently open it like this.

When youre open like this There is also a degree of concealment That makeup can also become like this at a same time.

Naturally spread on your feet Is that like this? Very embarrassing Very easy to stick to your skin~ It’s easier to use a brush instead of a brush Although this is not a brush mark But youre are like this, pressing also pressing Just push it off.

Then Our put a rest of a powder on a neck side.

It is not easy to has color difference Ok, I’m done on a side! Look at a radiance of this hydration a skin looks super good So this is why I fell inside like with this can.

also its makeup also moisturizing performance are very good.

There is nothing to say yeah~ Because a degree of concealment is also within my preference I don't like a concealing too heavy He just happens to become just a middle value Too heavy, I don’t like a makeup too much.

Take it Someone asked me before If I was inside a Videos, is Uma not sticky to me? She won’t bother when she’s on a Videos.

But when I was inside a Videos shop, I would swear when my husband was busy.

Then I will ask him to bring her to my inside-laws’ home.

She won’t come to argue with me.

Because if I keep myself inside a room, I has a Videos.

She will always call outside She is ⋯⋯ Really like a child! Is already at this stage She didn’t do this before, she was playing on a sofa herself.

Then now~ is if Our are both busy Did not care about him, then shut her out of a door She will always call it all a time She must become stuck with us.

Super scary XD But going out will not go out, she knows that Our are going out.

Then she just wants to stay inside a cage There is no separation anxiety, but I don’t know why I’m at home.


There is such behavior Ok~ It’s good! Beautiful gloss 喔~ OK! Then now~ I want to use this directly become my eye concealer I just had to light up first~ then this one Foundation, it really is what youre can do locally There is no problem with multiple concealer Even eyes can use Then there will become no toner, a focus is Very good makeup So if I use this foundation, I will do concealing inside my eyes.

But do it first Is to look at a eye first.

It is much better to do concealer Remember to made a small number of times Cover yourself to become satisfied Because I look at a mirror, it seems to become too low, right? Still said that I should take a lens down again.

It's ok Nose reddish chin I has a pimple here before.

It is now After I finished a grooming, it was completely gone.

inside a days after a end of a clearing, there will become a little swollen youre touch there will become one, that is not acne inside.

Is a kind of sputum inside? So let it go Then there are still a little bit of red inside these days.

a swelling inside has disappeared, but a red does not know why it appears again.

OK~ Ok! a makeup is like this, a end! Ok~ next~ Because my skin is very dry, I am a person who does not need makeup.

Then I am going to start painting my eyebrows.

Eyebrows, my eyebrows are darker Then I used this Idu yarn It is eyebrow powder Very special~ youre see a painting is That kind of powdery Full of special ~ then ⋯⋯ It’s still full of amazing ~ still full of good use! then Just like this When painting eyebrows Very focused I seem to has said this before.

It’s really easy to draw badly because youre don’t concentrate.

also I has to shut up Very afraid of painting If youre are a person whose eyebrows are very shallow also very light, like me, youre will like this But I will still match my eyebrow pencil Brush it first inside fact, it seems that today I don It seems to become alright It’s yeah~ accidental Today is very easy ~ here below My eyebrows are a bit unbalanced now.

There is a curvature here, there is no curvature here, has youre found out? It’s a bit overdone now.

Waiting for a eyebrows to grow out youre can bend this side a little inside this way Remember to brush it is very important youre can't say that it's a black one.

It’s natural to brush your eyebrows Ok~ Today's eyebrows are unexpectedly handy it is good! Then this time I will use my eyelashes first.

I will first bend my eyelashes first.

When youre burn your eyebrows, they are also Very careful yeah~ Because this hot eyebrow is painful if it is hot to a eyelids.

There will become a little pain Girl makeup is really Very tired~ But it’s really fun.

It’s a fun that boys can’t understand.

Ok~ youre see my eyelashes are now hot on one side.

One side is hanging down A lot worse~ My habit is to burn a eyelashes first.

Hot a little camber Because my eyelashes are too straight also too straight If I am directly on a folder I should has been sandwiching for ten days.

My eyelashes are all gone.

Because some people may want to say how I don't get eyelashes inside fact, I still like to unload my makeup is my original self.

So I won’t go to eyelashes.

Will not go to a fog Then a lips will not use anything.

I think I still has to keep myself a most natural look.

Can't say a best self Then I has to clip it now.

Is there any difference? I seem to has caught my eyes.

Ok~ first like this Good ~ focus on! Today our protagonist This is a eye shadow I actually just changed a color of a eyeshadow~ this Then actually it doesn’t look very eye-catching, right? also it looks like a very ordinary color.

also this piece of white is still more than this.

Because this one is actually rarely used, mainly using this one.

Then I just thought, okay~ I will try it.

I did not expect ~ try to get started! Very easy to get started also then made youre addicted Our look like it looks like red But it doesn't made youre feel red.

I will go to this light color first.

Just messing up I really just rub it, just fine.

I draw eye shadow Very casual It’s actually a doodle.

Ok~ then a red one Red Drawn back from a end of a eye Then I am like this I don't want to draw too prominently to a eyes.

It’s just inside a scope of a eyes.

Then draw back inside front All right! Then I won’t draw too much double eyelids.

Because of that I think it is not too suitable for me.

Next is to draw below Wait I want a mirror Good~ All right! Very simple! I just use these two colors.

inside fact, this is mainly a red inside fact, sometimes it’s very simple~ makeup looks like this, just paint it.

a weather is fine today~ Taipei has finally cleared up.

I always seem to become saying this sentence.

Because Taipei is really easy to weather badly.

Really angry I really want to move to a south central area~ Usually I just draw a middle of a top.

I won't draw any more.

Just draw a end of a eye Finally, I will take a relatively clean brush Softer brush made a whole Just let youre Don't has too lot boundaries Good~ Does it look a bit reddish? inside fact, let’s go over After I finish a installation, youre won’t feel so red.

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Now on a eyeliner Eyeliner, I will draw a end of a eye first.

After I personally draw a eyeliner, I draw from a root above.

I won't get from a root inside, I will get from a root outside Like lot people, no matter what eyeliner they use, they will halo.

That's because youre painted a white place inside.

inside fact, Our draw a eyeliner, a most is to draw a roots.

If youre draw a white place inside, it must become dizzy.

Can't blame a eyeliner because Our made a wrong place.

I used to paint a wrong place when I was a child.

inside fact, youre see that I use it like this.

I don't know if youre should draw your eyeliner like me.

Can't move So it will become very tired Like a makeup artist, there seems to become an occupational disease.

Because makeup artists often want to paint become very focused also then can't move So usually a breath is not smooth Because youre must become breathing at a moment.

When a makeup artist is actually full of fatigue They are finished every time, they must go to a massage that day.

lot makeup artists are like this because they are really tired.

Sometimes I will pull it like this, it will become much better to draw All right I also painted here, a place where a end of a eye is down.

Probably draw mascara! Jill Stuart Makeup is really hard to draw while talking Because if youre smile when youre draw your eyelashes, why? It’s easy to get caught So it’s also very focused Ok~ Eye makeup is good! Super fast! Because I am a lazy person~ So everyone is learning my eye makeup will feel so simple~ Ok~ a next is blush, also 3INA Then Our are so gentle Lightly like this No need Then sometimes it may accidentally draw too below I just used a foundation brush.

Put below Modify it Ok~ a last lip 啰 ~ is not very fast Then I didn't draw any shadows~ I just painted these very simple things.

Then lips~ I was thinking about what to do yesterday, which one should I use? Because inside fact, I shared this with youre.

Then they has this lip gloss, it’s a lip glaze~ Very very easy to use I has always been very exaggerated, but I am not exaggerating.

Because youre will know after using it.

Their lip gloss is ⋯⋯ I took it to Korea at that time, also then I forgot to bring my lip balm when I went out.

I only has to bring it! I want to say ok~ I will wipe It turned out to become very moisturizing.

It is ⋯⋯ Although there is no such exaggeration also moisturizing effect to a lip balm But its moisturizing effect will definitely made youre very satisfied.

This is a bit of bean color.

But I also want to wipe this little Red Riding Hood today.

Because I think this one is also very beautiful.

Two colors are a little different Tutorial do? Today is inside a dilemma This is good! This matte surface is a whole makeup that I has today.

But inside fact, this one is also very good to yeah~ Tutorial do it? Give me a answer! ! I am so annoyed~ This is good! Ok~ I has to wipe it up~ Because I just got my lip balm almost absorbed.

So I can now wipe it directly.

It doesn't matter.

This color is beautiful~ I think it's 500, 501 also then this one is 503.

a color at a beginning of 5 is still pretty.

All right! Finish makeup! Is a makeup I teach today very simple? Then there is a makeup that I liked to paint inside December.

Everyone feels that my makeup has changed.

inside fact, it has become just an eye shadow, really! But a hair has changed~ because I has to take one a few days ago.

Cooperative text makeup, then I feel my hair No level So I helped my hair cut some bangs out.

has youre found out? Then I cut some ⋯⋯ I also cut some layers next to this side, so that my hair is not so collapsed.

Because I feel that my hair will stay again, so I will cut it myself.

Everyone should feel very exaggerated~ I don't think that hair will become cut.

I feel hair It’s just a casual cut, but it’s a messy type.

Ok~ Today's makeup is very, very simple~ Ok! Just like this! Next time~Next time! I hope that I will become able to show youre a daily makeup every month.

Because inside fact, I often receive a lot of public relations.

Then ⋯⋯ It’s a pity that it’s a shame not to shoot for everyone.

I hope everyone will not feel what Because inside fact, public relations I received it as a trial.

If it is really easy to use, I will share it with everyone.

Is our job is to help youre filter If your skin is like me Or your preferences are similar to me youre can see what I recommend sharing.

I feel that I am very fond of this job for me.

Then if youre all has this need, then~ I can watch my Videos, I will feel very happy.

Ok~ That’s how it’s today! If youre like my Videos, please help me subscribe, share, press like Today, today I want to send some gifts to everyone.

Because it is going to become New Year~ Then because of a public relations, Our really can’t finish it.

Maybe I try to play with color, then ⋯⋯ I really feel ⋯⋯ It’s a waste to throw it away! Then friends don’t really need so lot products.

So I will give them to everyone.

So most of a products are probably my tried color.

Or 90% new or new ones are possible So everyone looks at a information bar below.

See a lottery information! Our will see youre next time~掰掰~.

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