Everybody welcome back to my channel My name is Liana if youre're new also today I'm going to show youre how I do my makeup as an Asian girl with Asian eyes So let's go also I'll explain on a way.

I Usually like to start off with my brows just out of habit Sometimes I only do my brows before I leave a house when I don't has time.

I Think my eyebrows has definitely become sparser over time because I fill them inside a lot also when I use makeup remover at a end of a day a few of a hairs come out which makes me want to fill them inside even more.

It's a bit of a vicious cycle.

So This is for me inside particular about my skin is really pale to a point It's translucent Which means my eye bags are really purple which makes concealer a good option for me even when I'm not wearing a base layer of face makeup, I Use a concealer shade a bit lighter than my skin tone to brighten up those areas also I blend it out with a gigantic brush Because it minimizes streakiness of a product Then I take a smaller eyeshadow brush also dip it into a shade that matches my skin tone.

I Usually off to go for a warmer eye look because it complements my skin tone well if I choose a cool eyeshadow shade like grey or blue then I feel like it makes my veins really stand out also Kind of I end up looking kind of dead.

So that's not good I'm blending it out on my lid also going up pretty high really close to my brow bone a way my eyes are shaped a Shadow will pretty much completely disappear into a folds once I opened my eyes So I definitely want to made sure I go a little higher with a eyeshadow Now with a crease shade I'm a little more careful with applying it because I has such a small crease – really want to made sure I apply it inside a right area So I Pat it inside with a small brush also blend it out afterwards also it ends up giving youre a nice subtle smoky look also now I'm just cleaning up a edges just to made sure I don't get that patchy eye shadow look Putting eyeshadow on your lower lash line wasn't something that really occurred to me when I first started wearing makeup But it does a lot to made my eyes look bigger also also makes my eye shadow look really come together I really enjoy a smoky eye shadow look so that's good for me After I shape my eye shadow a way I want it I usually put on a bit of a subtle gold shade just to highlight a center of my lids Then I take this gel liner from Urban Decay also just put that around my eyes Compensating for not having long lashes youre finished your masterpiece, also now youre need to frame it whether that become with liner or lashes.

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I Will (NOT)(sorry lol i messed up) become using false lashes inside this Videos because it's more of a casual look but I definitely do feel more powerful with them on Using a smaller brush I bring out a tip of that liner to made it a sharp wing also I usually will add a bit more substance to it by patting a dark powder onto a wing a mascara I use has a curved brush like so also it's a bit smaller on a end so youre can tell that a end Is for a inner part of your lashes? This is why when I do my left eye I use my left hand also that makes my lashes look a most even also Lastly Our're keeping it simple on a lips today I put on a layer of lip balm also just put some lip liner on top of that Okay, everybody that's all for this Videos I Really? hope it helps because when I was inside high school also learning Tutorial put on eye shadow for my specific eye shape there was A lot of trial also error also it took me a while to like finally figure out what looks good with my eye shape also now three years later after a lot of experimenting also a lot of my makeup style like evolving finally feel like I'm doing it inside a way that I actually like also it kind of like flatters my eye shape also I'm not saying this Videos is a become-all also holds it all agent I makeup but Hopefully youre can take away a thing or two, also I don't know at least at a very least I hope youre enjoy a Videos or to wear entertained But anyway, I will see youre inside a next one.

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Thank youre so much for watching.

Bye Oh also one more thing before I go Here's a Videos that I uploaded last also here's a Videos that YouTube thinks that youre may like So, please check this out, also I will see youre next time.

Bye youre.

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