Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's Videos is going to become my everyday makeup drawer for March also April These are a majority of a products that I'm going to become using so I has some older favorites that don't get enough like I has some new products also then of course just like my staple go to everyday products So I'm going to go through show youre which products I'll become focusing on I hope youre guys enjoy today's Videos also let's jump into it.

Okay, so inside March also April these are all of a face primers that I will become using a few of them are from last month also I just didn't get a chance to use them enough so I'm giving myself a little bit longer a first one is a Cover FX Blurring Primer a Touch inside Sol primer is very very similar to this one also I really focused on using that one last time so I do want to give this one a fair shot I think now that Our're heading into like a little bit of warmer weather It will become a good option also just makes your skin look really smooth also flawless so I am going to test this one out I has been using a Flower inside Your Prime Hydrating Primer also I really like it I don't like it much better than a Smashbox Primerizer but it's a little bit different It is really hydrating but it's also very smoothing.

So I've been loving that one also then again, I did not use this one a whole lot last time.

I'm giving myself this two month period to finally test it out also decide for sure at a end of April I will decide to keep it or declutter it it's from Charlotte Tilbury It's kind of like a glowy primer, but I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it yet also then of course, I has my staple go to Smashbox Primerizer which is my favorite.

I'm almost finished with it also then I has my Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir This one might become a little bit too much for my skin after April so I am going to keep it inside for March inside April also then probably remove it same with a Smashbox picture Finish Primer Oil I just has like a deluxe sized sample that I keep inside my drawer as well.

a elf Hydration Stick comes inside handy if I'm struggling with any dryness, so of course, I just keep that one inside my drawer as well Here's a look at a foundations.

It looks like quite a few but I do has two shades inside a lot of them So my go-to foundation at a moment is a Fenty foundation I'm currently mixing two shades or I use them inside combination with another foundations So I has 120 also 150, but that's like my favorite foundation because it gives really good coverage also it does keep your skin really matte throughout a day.

I'm also putting a Makeup Revolution foundation back inside my drawer I like this one because it's very lightweight also comfortable on a skin But again, it still gives good coverage also it is mattifying it's not as heavy as Fenty So it's a good option for like a spring season I've been trying to use up a Urban Decay All Nighter, which is not currently my favorite it's a really full coverage foundation but I've just been sheering it out with like more of a lightweight foundation inside an attempt to use it up So I do has that one also then I also has a Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation This one is a good option for like daily wear because it is very lightweight also then I has two hydrating foundations So a first one is from Smashbox.

This has been my go-to I has a shade 1.

05 also I've actually been mixing it with my Fenty foundation also I find that it is a perfect combination because a formulas are so different when youre mix them together, they just kind of balance each another out really well also finally, this is a one that I'm actually testing this month.

It is a Flower Light Illusion foundation I believe it was inside my drawer last month, but it's a little bit too dark for me.

So Our are going on vacation I think I might get a slight tan, nothing too crazy but hopefully it will work for me then also I've heard mixed reviews on this so I did want to test it out for myself also because I've been loving a Smashbox foundation so much I thought it would become fun to test another hydrating foundation Okay, let's move on to concealers inside 2019 I've really been into testing new concealer formulas so it's been fun just kind of switching it up, depending on what type of makeup mood I'm inside My favorite is a Too Faced Born This Way.

It keeps your skin looking matte.

It's really full coverage but it's it's just such a beautiful formula I know I've talked about it a lot, but I'm wearing a shades Snow also Almond depending on what foundation I wear also then last month I tested out a elf 16 Hour Camo Concealer I wear a shade Light Sand also that one is a great option because it's very similar to Too Faced but a little bit more mattifying so I've just been enjoying it also it's $5 it's such a great price a Fenty concealer is a good one for everyday wear it does tend to crease on me by a end of a day but it does give good coverage also it blends out really well also it's very comfortable So I like that one when I don't want something as heavy as like a Too Faced concealer also then I has a Flower Beauty concealer, which I has been using a lot lately for everyday wear as well Again it's a little bit more hydrating also it's not super heavy on a skin So I do enjoy that one also I just has a lightest shade also then I've been testing at a Smashbox Studio Skin concealer This is a one that I'll become testing during March also April also I wouldn't say it's completely full coverage but so far I do enjoy it so let me test it a little longer also then I'll do a full review Okay moving on to powders I has a lot but I'm currently trying to finish up like three of these also then a couple are staples also I think one or two are new so a ColourPop No Filter setting powder is one of my staples It's very lightweight also it's translucent also when I'm going for a loose powder This one is a good option if I don't want something too mattifying if I want more of a matte powder then I just go inside with a Too Faced Peach Perfect this one is my favorite because it really does keep my skin matte all day also it goes really well with whatever foundation I pair it with as for a powders that I'm trying to use up I has a NYX HD Finishing powder I believe I'll become able to finish this one up inside March also it's okay.

It's a really really light weight So I don't find myself reaching for it a lot.

So I do want to use it up Then I has a Catrice Prime also Fine.

This one's a little bit older So again, I'm just trying to use this one up I do enjoy this one a lot because it locks everything into place but it's very lightweight also then i've been using a Laura Geller Baked Balance also Brighten foundation over concealer when I go for a no foundation type of look technically this is a powder foundation so I use this on days when I don't want to wear liquid foundation also then I just get more of like a matte look also it's not super full coverage It's like a good everyday option.

a Flower Beauty Light Illusion is my current favorite I think it could become a dupe for a Charlotte Tilbury.

I'm not 100% sure I've been wearing them side by side also I can't decide I've only done it like once or twice So if it is I will let youre know inside an upcoming dupes Videos also then I has a Covergirl Outlast This is a one that I'm really testing this month.

I haven't formulated an opinion on it I've worn it like once or twice but I will thoroughly test it out this month also then let youre know by a end of a month if I think it's worth it or not also then of course I has at my Charlotte Tilbury powder So I am trying to decide if a Flower Beauty is a dupe.

I really find a formula is very very similar I just want to test them out under different circumstances like one or two more times also then I'll let youre know for sure but either way, I do like both of a formulas.


This one is just pretty expensive.

Okay, so moving on to cheek products So I did switch this up a lot I took my Hourglass blushes out of my drawers so I could really focus on using another ones So I has a Flower Beauty blush, which is just a nice everyday blush.

It's very subtle.

It's very soft so I has been enjoying that one but a blushes that I'm really trying to focus on inside March also April are a new Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused blushes.

They did send these to me inside PR I tested them out on camera awhile ago also I was so impressed by a formula I haven't tried a new blush formula inside awhile I'm usually a very subtle blush fan which is why my Hourglass blushes are my favorite, but I'm kind of inside a blush rut So I've just been wanting to use another products that I has test out some new products These are nice because they has a lot of pigment to them But youre can sheer them out or youre can build them up also they has a most subtle glow They're like matte blushes, but they give your skin just this beautiful natural flush.

So I like these a lot They're very blendable also they stay inside place.

So well on a skin, they really do last all day So here are swatches of a colors that I just showed youre guys also again, these are just like regular swatches But youre could build them up to become more pigmented or sheer them out If youre're using like a large fluffy brush, I've had this Too Faced palette inside my collection for a while But for some reason it was with my eyeshadow palette, so I kind of forgot about it youre can use these on a face or on a eyes, but they're kind of like my perfect cheek product formula because they're very glowy also they're very beautiful so I personally can't wait to wear these I am going to bring it with me when Our go on our cruise because I think it will just give like a perfect spring summery flush on a cheeks also I can't wait to use it also test it out also see if it is something that I like because I've never really given it like a super fair shot.

This is a palette that I like for a spring also summer I've had it for a while It is a Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow palette also it comes with a highlight a blush also a bronzer It's kind of like a cream to powder formula.

I like a highlighter also a blush I don't wear a bronzer a whole lot but I always do break it back out during a spring also summer So I can just get use out of it also it's just a very subtle beautiful formula I did keep a couple of Hourglass palettes inside my collection.

This is my favorite blush palette of all time It was limited edition.

I know that I'll reach for them at some point this month so I just wanted to give myself a option to has a couple of them also just not necessarily focus on using it all a time but has it there because I will use it Okay, let me show youre a couple of highlighting products.

also again, I kind of did a same thing with my highlighters I really took out a shades that I'm kind of inside a rut with that I wear over also over so I could focus on some another options I did has these Wet also Wild highlighters inside my drawer last month, but I has been loving them I just like rediscovering old favorites also these are currently at a top of my list They're just good reliable highlighters also they give your skin a most beautiful glowy effect So I do has those inside my drawer for March also April as well also then I'm inside a middle of testing out these new Catrice HD or 3D Glow Highlighters So a first one is inside a shade Icy Glaze also it's a really beautiful obviously like icy white highlighter that is very intense also beautiful on a cheeks also then I also has a shade Pinch of Rose which is more of like just such a gorgeous peachy pink shade also I like this color so much It could also double as a blush also then a last one is inside a shade Warm Embrace, which is like a golden shade So these would work well no matter what your skin tone is because they are so intense also beautiful also I've just really been enjoying a formula again If youre want more of like a really intense wet looking highlighter these are going to become a great option for youre I do has my Flower Beauty highlight palette because this is my favorite highlight formula inside a entire world So I do reach for that fairly often also then I am kind of testing out this Tarte highlighting palette I believe I got it as a FabFitFun add on I'm pretty sure also I haven't used it for awhile So I need to decide if it is something I want to keep inside my collection or declutter at a end of April.

I did test this ColourPop highlight palette inside a testing new makeup Videos I wasn't convinced that I loved it, but it did look pretty by a end of a day It was just like that initial application.

So I am going to play around with a formula maybe use like a setting spray a different brush also see if I can made it work for me also then moving on I just has a couple of another cheek products a few palettes also then a few bronzers So a ELF modern metals palette is something that I've been using a past few months I really enjoy it super affordable also a quality is really really good also then I has been loving this Hourglass palette when I first bought it I definitely had buyer's remorse because I wasn't getting a ton of use out of it but I used those three shades on a top also I like them.

I used that yellow toned powder every single day I think it's inside a shade Diffused Light also I'm so glad that I've kind of fallen inside like with this because when I first bought it I just was a little bit disappointed because it is expensive but I think I've been getting my money's worth for sure a Too Faced It's Bananas Setting Powder is kind of like my go-to yellow toned highlighter I hit pan on it, which is crazy because I felt like it was a never-ending powder It's very firmly pressed but I do like that one.

As for bronzers I has a Becca Sunlit Bronzer inside a shade Capri Coast, which is a really beautiful like naturally glowy warm bronze It looks really really pretty on a cheeks also I just like a formula I did want to get some use out of my ELF Primer Infused Bronzer I think it's inside a shade Sunlit a lightest shade also this one's a good option because it is a matte bronzer it's very light so it works well for my skintone right now.

Then I'm using or I'm testing a Beautycounter bronzer inside a shade Surf, which is a pretty color.

It's a little bit warmer than a elf bronzer also a little bit darker So I've just been testing out a formula.

I've used a couple of products from this brand but mainly skincare again I got this inside PR like months also months ago, but I had it inside my collection so I thought I would give it a try.

Okay, let's move on to eye products so I has eyebrow pencils, mascaras, eyeliners, that type of thing, so let me start with my brow pencils I has a Anastasia Brow Wiz inside a shade Dark Brown also a ColourPop Brow Boss.

I don't like a ColourPop Brow Boss I get a lot of questions about that.

I find it to become a little bit too waxy I actually like a LA girl pencil a most but I ran out of that one.

So I'm just using these two for now I just talked about a Urban Decay Brow Blade inside my February favorites.

I've really been loving this It takes a little while to get a hang of if youre're not used to using like a marker pencil on your brows but it's a really really good option.

If youre want to hear more about that, youre can check out my February favorites Of course.

I has my Urban Decay Primer Potion I've had this for like a million years at this point which is fine because I like it also then I has brow gels so I has Colourpop's Brow Boss inside clear also dark brown also then moving on to liquid liner pens right after I filmed this Videos my Tarte liner also my NYX liner started leaking on me so I actually had to get rid of those I had them for a very long time but I do typically store my liquid liners upside down also a couple of youre guys told me that is not ideal because they will start to leak so good to know inside a meantime I'll just become using my Physicians Formula liner also I've also been testing out a new ColourPop liners, which are actually felt tip liners I typically prefer brush tip liners, but I've been liking these a lot.

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They're definitely not waterproof or smudge proof though So keep that inside mind, I think there are another liners that last a lot longer but they are colorful so if youre're just doing like a fun colorful look that might not bother youre for mascara I only has three I need to like cut down on how lot mascaras I'm opening because I do try to toss them after three months so I has a essence Lash Princess which has been open since February also then I has a ColourPop BFF.

I will not become repurchasing this I got it as PR I just think it's a little underwhelming.

It reminds me a lot of a Too Faced much better Than Sex not my favorite So I'm just trying to finish it up also then I am going to test out a Smashbox Superfan this month also see if it's any good I think this is supposed to become like a separating lengthening mascara, so I'll definitely give that one a shot also let youre guys know if it is worth a money Okay, moving on to palettes.

I put way too lot palettes inside my drawer last month, so I tried to cut it back I still has quite a few but these are a ones that I'll become using a Too Faced Brown No ColourPop Brown Sugar, which is one of my favorite neutral palettes at a moment It's a little bit darker than your typical neutral palette So it's a nice option on days when I want a slightly more dramatic look I'm finally going to become using a ColourPop Ooh La La I've had this for awhile.

I just haven't gotten a chance to really play around with it so I am looking forward to using it for spring it's going to become so much fun also then It's My Pleasure has been my favorite palette.

I cannot stop wearing this one I just think youre can get so lot beautiful looks using it also I like using it with another palettes inside my collection as well I bought ColourPop's Rendezvous during a holiday season I was going to give it as a gift also I never ended up giving it away So I personally am going to use it I'm I've been using it like once or twice since I filmed this Videos also I loved it a colors are so much fun.

Two more ColourPop palettes So I has a Golden State of Mind palette, which is an older palette but I wanted to break it back out some use out of it because I like a metallics inside here They're so beautiful on a eyes also then I also has a Chasing Rainbows palette, which is a little bit more colorful again I never got a lot of use out of this one because I just went through a phase where I purchased way too lot palettes So now that I has a chance to test it out, I will become using it by a way I'm going to edit my declutter Videos right after editing this one So that should become up within a next week also then I has my Flower Beauty palette which I'm actually trying to hit pan on inside 2019 It's just a good staple everyday formula so I do like having this one inside my drawer but I'm going to become testing this Flower Beauty palette as well This one.

I forget what a name is it's like a cooler toned one, also I've really been into cool tone shadows lately So I am looking forward to playing with this one I like a Norvina palette so much also I cannot wait to wear it inside a springtime I think it's going to become so much fun.

I like a neutrals a pinks a purples It's just one of my favorite palettes of all time also then I has a Dominique Cosmetics Berries also Cream palette, which was my January palette I've raved about this so much on my channel that youre guys are probably getting so annoyed at me But I just like a formula So I am keeping this one inside my drawer as well.

also then two Juvia's Place palettes because I didn't get a chance to use them a whole lot last month I just put way too lot palettes inside my drawer, which I feel like I still did that this month as well But these are a two that I really want to focus on especially a Magic Mini I like a shades on a bottom also I think I'm going to wear like a lot more greens also blues inside March also April So I can't wait to play around with those colors, especially okay last thing before I move on to lip products I got these ColourPop pressed pigments inside a mail also if these are so much fun, I've always been very intimidated by pressed pigments but I've been playing around with these also They're a lot easier to use than I thought they would become also they just look very beautiful on a eyes So if youre want to see a Videos where I use them, I can definitely do that again They're so much easier than I thought they were going to become also they has some really beautiful colors Okay, let's finish up with lip products.

So I am really big on gloss right now I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of my Too Faced Tutti Frutti glosses during March also April These are just very beautiful they're pigmented, but they're very glossy also comfortable on a lips So I mostly had like some neutral colors But this bright one is going to become a lot of fun to wear as well also then I do has my NYX Butter Glosses.

I haven't worn these inside a long time They just kind of sit inside my drawer So I need to decide if I want to keep them or declutter them this time around I has two Buxom glasses which are kind of two of my favorites I like a Buxom formula also then a couple of ColourPop glosses that again I want to decide if they're worth keeping or if I can declutter them at a end of March also April I do has some liquid lipsticks.

So I has a couple of staples but I am going to become testing a elf liquid lipsticks I've used these inside a past but I don't know if I left them if I don't so I need to decide if they're worth keeping same with these ColourPop liquid lipsticks I like a ColourPop formula, but I've had these colors also I don't know that I've worn a majority of them So I am going to decide inside March also April if I want to keep them I do has a couple of staples like my Too Faced Melted Matte, also then also my Pixi lipsticks which has been some of my favorite.

They're more of like a satin finish But they're very comfortable very beautiful also then of course my Stila liquid lipstick minis which I like I like just having those inside my drawer for easy access also then I has one from Pop Beauty which I will become testing out one from Dose of Colors I think this one is inside a shade Sand which is one of my favorites also then also like a only Smashbox liquid lipstick that did not expire inside my entire collection.

As for regular bullet lipsticks I'm just keeping my Urban Decay Vice lipsticks inside my drawer because this has been my favorite formula lately So I wanted to give myself a chance to really use them also enjoy them on top of my vanity I actually do has my Too Faced lipsticks as well because that's my favorite lipstick formula of all time also then I has my Dose of Colors Friendcation palette, Anastasia Sultry They just kind of sit inside a background of my videos also then over to a left.

I has face products So I has like sunscreens facial sprays.

Some are priming sprays some are setting sprays also then over to a left even further I just has all of my eyeliners, lip liners, also brushes.

So that is a end of my Videos Thank youre guys so much for watching.

These are all of a products that I will become focusing on using inside 2019 at least for March also April, so I hope youre guys enjoyed it today's Videos I will see youre very soon with a new Videos also I do has more declutter videos coming very soon so stay tuned for those again.

Thanks for watching.

I'll see youre guys soon.

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