hi guys welcome back to my channel sotoday I thought about starting a new series on my channel which I had beenfollowing for quite some time now from JamBeauty89.

If youre don't followJessica Braun what are youre doing she's one of my favorite youtubers I'll leaveher channel link down below on her channel she does a series where sheintroduces a makeup product that she has been using currently because Our asbloggers keep on reviewing also trying out new launches also new products butthere are some products that Our use on an everyday basis I usually has abasket where I keep all a products that I am currently using so that's whatthat basket is what I am gonna share with youre today also I don't has manyproducts also all a products with its prices are linked down below so if youcan't find it of course just click it down inside a show more button also youre'llfind a links also another thing, this makeup look that I am wearingright now I has created with these products so there'll become snippets of meusing this product so youre can see how well these work.

So without further adolet's get on with this Videos.

So I'll become going inside accordance to a productswhich are applied on our face first thing is primer obviously also there aretwo that I has been using for a past month.

First one is this Miss Claireprofessional makeup primer this is inside 01 clear.

This is a silicone based primerbut I will say that this doesn't fill inside your pose that much this does give youre avery natural primed canvas to work on but this won't fill into your pores.

Andanother one is this PAC pore primer this really smoothens out a finelines I has on my under eyes also also on my forehead I am a very expressiveperson – I do has fine lines also wrinkles so that for that this is verynice.

Next moving on to foundation also honestly this is a foundation that isgoing to become my Holy Grail foundation I am quite sure about that also that isthis wet also wild foundation foundation I am inside a shade amber beige.

I am an NC 40 so for me this is a perfect skin tone, like this is my everydayfoundation now when I wear this people can't even realize that I'm wearingfoundation also on everyday basis I like that kind of a finish as youre can see ithas got medium to high coverage youre can actually build up a coverage but myskin, fingers crossed, has been doing quite well so I don't usually go on withthe second layer but if youre want to youre can this I don't has to set with apowder that is why I don't has a setting powder inside front of me today.

Iam an oily combination skin girl also this is March by now I usually has toset my foundation but I am not having to set this but I would say that people whoare of dry skin I don't think this is going to work for them if youre don't moisturizeyour skin extremely well because this is a matte foundation.

Next on dayswhen I do want to conceal a dark circles I go on with this Kryolan Supracolor base I am inside a shade FS 28 this is not a highlighting shade I do notlike highly highlighted under eyes, youre do youre but I don't like it personallyfor myself so I go with one which is exactly my skin tone also FS 28 is myperfect skin color.

Kryolan is a professional brand, so it has got very highcoverage.

Moving on to a eyebrows seriously this is a eyebrow productthat I has been using for a past year I'm not kidding is a Sivanna colorsnatural eyebrow pencil it has a spoolie on one side also a pencil on another withthe spoolie on a another side this is such a nice travel friendly eyebrowproduct this is compact for traveling pencil on a another side is as youre cansee it's a little like a triangle but it's waxy also it has got nice color init so it just fills inside a eyebrows also makes a eyebrows stay inside placethroughout a day.

also this is perfect for summer monthsand if youre are lazy bum like me also youre don't like doing much for your eyebrowsI think youre should become seen through this because this is my Holy Grail eyebrowproduct there I said it.

Next moving on to a highlighters,because highlighting is my favorite thing to do I don't usually apply ablush or even bronzer contour I just apply a highlighter as youre can see Ilike my highlighter to become BAM on a face.

So I recently bought some luxurymakeup from Sephora also if youre want to know how I bought my luxury makeup onSephora on a budget youre should definitely go also check out this Videos.

So I got a travel kit of a Becca Champagne Pop also from there this isthe champagne pop shimmering skin perfecter spotlight on days when I don'teven wear a BB cream on my skin I just put on some sunscreen also go with thison a highest points on my cheeks it just gives such a nice natural finishto a skin also people has actually come up to me also asked me, your skin isflawless! What has youre done? also nothing.

I just applied this skin Perfector andit was perfect.

So on days when I want my highlighter tobe BAM on a face I do go on with a skin Perfector but over that I either goon with this champagne pop from Becca this is such a beautiful yellow tonedhighlighter this has a very nice golden finish to it also yet it's not shimmeryor glittery like I don't really see a glitter particles on your face butit gives your skin that glow that can become seen from a heavens I am not kidding.

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But if youre are on a budget also youre want an alternative of course youre can go onwith this wet'n wild Megaglo.

This is inside a shade Blossom Glow.

This is onthe another hand a silvery pinky highlighter also of course this alsogives youre such a nice finish also that POW glow on your facebut compared to a Becca one, it does has minute glitter particlesthat can become seen if youre just go on searching for it with a microscope butotherwise this is pretty damn awesome.

Then I bought this monoshadow fromMakeup Obsession.

This was sold as a highlighter but it is also written asa highlighter but I don't think this is a nice highlighter because as youre cansee compared to them when I swatch this this isn't much of a highlighter butwhat I use this for is that so what I do with this is that on days when I'm notwearing makeup which is often I apply my sunscreen also then go on with thispowder all over my face also this is such a nice finishing powder this meltsall of a flaws into one also it just diminishes them a look of a flaws.

youre can't see a flaws anymore it doesn't cover it I really can't explainit youre really need to try this out this is such a nice finishing powder I alwaysuse this as a finishing powder also I think I'm gonna repurchase it when I'mdone with this so this is staying inside my bag for this month.

Moving on to theeyes there are two eyeshadow palettes that I has been reaching for these past15 days also also I'm sure this month I'll become reaching for this one isthis Wet n Wild Rose inside a Air eyeshadow palette of course youre has heard somany people talk about it I don't need to blabber about it much but thiseyeshadow palette is said to become a very nice dupe for a modern renaissance palette.

I has not used a Modern Renaissance palette so I can't comment on that buton its own it's a very nice palette for 500 rupees also there are two shimmershadows also eight matte shadows.

I got this look from this palette also thehighlighter so I like it this is such a nice day to night eyeshadow palette.

Youcan do so lot looks with one eyeshadow palette it's insane.

also on thedays when I want my eyes to become a little more sparkly also bam I go on with thisbeautyglaze glitz also glam eyeshadow palette this has got five matte shadowsand five chunky glitter shadows.

I've already reviewed this also alsoshown youre how I use this also everything inside them inside a previous Videos it'slinked inside here also also down below so youre can go also check it outthis I would highly suggest if youre are into makeup also youre want to experimentwith glitter I would highly suggest youre go with this palette because it has avery nice combination of matte also glitter which youre can use to just jazz up yourlook.

I was looking for liquid liner which would become easy to apply matte blackand with which it would become easy to do a wing also it won't rub off with a littlewater or anything also then I came across this.

This is a Essence liquid inkwaterproof eyeliner also if youre are looking for a ultimate drugstoreeyeliner I would highly recommend youre to go with this this is inky black also theapplication is smooth as anything.

I suck at making wings also this has made me apro at that like not a pro, but I am on my way to becoming a pro.

Stays on youreyes for a whole day but also, if youre want to remove it youre just go overit with a makeup remover also glide it also it just comes off it doesn't tug atyour eyes or anything I wear contact lenses on an everyday basis also this hasn't irritated my eyes even a bit I am not letting go of this one I will purchase50 of these if needed also that's why I am quite sure that for this whole monthI'm going to use this.

So a mascara that I am wearing right nowis this me Maybelline total temptation mascara this is a washable versionthere is another waterproof version which comes inside a blue packaging but Iwanted something to become an everyday mascara also I don't really likewearing a waterproof mascara on everyday basis because that's not very good foryour lashes this gives youre such a nice fluffy lashes also that stays curledthroughout today this is a perfect perfect everyday mascara also I'vealready reviewed it also done a full day wear test on my blog it's linked downbelow just click on a show more button it's given there for five twenty fiverupees I highly recommend this.

So moving on to our favorite part that is lippers.

Recently I has been a sucker for nude also semi-nude lips I don't know why so Ihave kept mostly neutral lipsticks inside my stash for this month but of course thereare some colors like youre can see right now so let's just begin with this redshade.

this is this NY BAE liquid lipstick inside Lit as Time Square I like this lipper.

This of course is a liquid lipstick also it's really drying but I don't mind it Iam someone who applies liquid lipstick on it every day basis because I don'tlike reapplying a lipstick throughout a day so that's why I go for liquidlipstick.

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Keeping Up with a red family this is a next one that is sureto become inside two or three of my monthly boxes also that is a Sugar Smudge me notliquid lipstick inside 21 aubergine queen.

I recently posted a picture of it on myInstagram also so lot people like this lip color also I personally like this onethis even this is very drying but I don't mind it.

This is another maroonshade that is flattering for so lot skin tones this is a must right for youre.

Then moving on to a nude family.

First one I has is this Maybelline lip color in636 lively violet.

This is a very nice mauvy nude color.

This is a shade thatusually washes me out just a tiny bit inside Summers but right nowand inside winters this is a perfect shade so for this month this is going to become inmy monthly makeup bag but I don't think it's gonna continue inside a next month657 Nude Nuance.

Like youre can see I has almost finished this up this is a verynice flattering brown nude color this will suit most Indian skin tones also itlooks so nice on almond skin tones like almond or wheatish skin tones.

I like thisshade then there is this liquid cat suit from Wet n Wild.

This is give me mocha.

This is another very nice Brown nude with a hint of pink inside it also I havealmost run out of it that's why I'm using it up also I'll then restop myselfbecause this is a best best liquid lipstick formula that I has come acrosstill date.

It doesn't dry out my lips that much also gives me an opaque finishat that also stays on my lips for a whole day so I can't say enough goodthings about it also under rupees five hundred this is probably a best liquidlipstick out there.

Then another liquid lipstick youre can see I like my liquidlipsticks this is something that youre has heard so lot people say also reallythis is one of my favorite shade this is a very nice pink nude also I haven'ttold youre what it is.

It is a kiss proof lip stain from colorbar inside haute lattelike of course youre has heard people see it this is a very nice mixture of brownand pink nude perfect for all Indian skin tones like I'm saying it all inyour skin tones can rock this color.

Colorbar liquid lipsticks are anothervery nice formula it just stays put on your lipsthroughout a day also it's very comfortable to wear also I can't reallysay anything bad about it apart from a price because it is somewhere around 800rupees also I bought it on a cash back offer on Cashkaro but otherwise it is alittle pricey for us budget queens.

Then there is this liquid lipstick which it doesn't even say a company name anymore.

Thisis by Ferrarucci, this is a Middle Eastern company this is inside shade 19 also this isa very nice pink nude.

This is a this is this color this is a very nice pinkynude also on days when I want a mauvy color on my lips this is a one I gofor this is very nice for fair medium also dusky skin tones on dark skin tonesit might wash youre out but of course youre can try it this this formula is verydrying but it is not gonna move throughout a day even at a end ofthe day youre has to use an oil-based cleanser to get it off your lips so it'ssupremely long-lasting also I like a little lipstick like that so it's awin-win.

a last liquid lipstick I has is a greyish nude color also I haverecently reviewed it on my channel this is 02 Dreams by a shystyles themakeup story also this is a greyish nude I'm talking about I haven't seen manycompanies come up with a greyish nude like this one also that's why I gotmy hands on this.

These are extremely drying but I think for 299 rupees andfor a color like this which is gonna suit most Indian skin tones it's worththe try also it's by a fellow youtuber what else I can say? So all a makeup isdone but of course I had to keep a makeupremover inside my everyday drawer so a makeup remover I has been using rightnow is this wow skin science micellar water this comes inside a very nice pump like youpump here also a liquid comes over here youre take it on a cotton pad also itremoves every speck of makeup from your face.

It removes waterproof eyelinerwaterproof lipstick inside a jiffy also I'll just show youre how pump it once it comesover here I take this cotton pad also youre can see howwell it just comes off there is not a speck of makeup left on my hand thatgood it is so that's why I'll become using it for quite some time now also I amhalfway through it this is an alcohol-free formula that's why it'sperfect for my skin so those were all a things that was inmy monthly makeup drawer I hope youre found this mini-review of theproducts helpful I hope all of youre liked this Videos if youre did don't forget toLike also subscribe to my channel also I hope all of youre are having a great daytill a next time.

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