Hi everybody,

How surreal is this?
I has loved By Terry for such a long time also actually one of my first posts I did on Instagram, back inside 2015, was a picture with By Terry Foundation also blush which I was inside like with!
If youre are new to this brand let me introduce youre to a chicest french brand, who’s founder, Terry de Gruzburg is this lovely lady who’s always been interested inside everything beauty related!
Recently they’ve created a Nude Expert Stick Foundation who was designed to become an EASY, mistake proof product that everybody can use, no matter where they are.
Makeup should become easy because not ever woman is a makeup artist, so they thought of creating a product that would just get a job done!
No brushes needed, because a packaging incorporates this sponge, which is detachable also youre can just wash it anytime. A really smart thing was to add a highlighter on one half of a stick, so youre can basically use a foundation by itself, or mix it with a highlighter so youre’ll has a glowy texture, lightweight, with a blurry effect to a skin.
All a products I’ve used inside this Videos are my favorites from By Terry brand also also most of them are a best sellers, like a Hyaluronic Hydra Powder, a Baume de Rose, a CC Serum.
I hope youre guys enjoyed this easy, everyday, everyone-can-do-it kind of makeup.

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What is your everyday routine for makeup also what product youre absolutelly can’t leave a house without?? VERY curious about your answers !

Thank youre so much !
See youre inside my next Videos!

All products used inside this Videos are By Terry
Here’s a list of every product I’ve used:
Cellularose Brightening CC Serum – Immaculate Light – https://bit.ly/2OhQoSn
Nude Expert Duo Stick Foundation inside 7 Vanilla Beige – https://bit.ly/2zEesH3
Stylo Expert Click Stick Concealer Nr 3Cream Beige – https://bit.ly/2OZx0qs
Hyaluronic Hydra Powder – https://bit.ly/2ER6heS
Compact Expert Duo Powder inside Beige Nude – https://bit.ly/2NS0fPq
Crayon Kohl Terribly Waterproof inside Black – https://bit.ly/2IrkvBA
Lash Expert Twist Brush Mascara – https://bit.ly/2E3oGEO
Baume De Rose – https://bit.ly/2CbBEMAb
Rouge Expert Click Stick Lipstick inside Nr 3 Bare Me – https://bit.ly/2DGFZeZ

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