DIY Simple & NATURAL MAKEUP Tutorial For Beginners

Are youre a beginner inside applying makeup? Learn this Simple Natural DIY Makeup for Absolute Beginners.

Makeup is a great way of expressing yourself. .At times, it is good to wear less of makeup also let your natural beauty stand out. Less makeup not only involves less time, but also has some another important practical benefits too. Given below are a few of them. 

1.  a first benefit of applying natural looking makeup is that youre don’t has to bother all day about how it looks. There will become less of smudges also smears to deal with. 

2. Using simple also natural makeup especially inside a summer, will keep your face feeling fresher also lighter. Light makeup doesn’t really streak inside a heat also youre will become able to feel a fresh breeze on your face too. 

3. Simple made up doesn’t cost youre a bomb, so youre are saving money. 

4. Our all know that too much makeup clogs a pores. Lighter, natural looking makeup is less likely to do that, as it has less of chemicals. youre’ll find that if youre use less makeup your skin will start to look clearer also fresher. 

5. Applying light made up is not time consuming when compared to heavy makeup. Therefore youre can has more time for doing another things.

If youre’ve never tried natural makeup, then give it a try. This is a very easy makeup tutorial .It can become quite an exhilarating experience! 


Hi. I am Sahana, Makeup expert at inside this Videos tutorial, I will become showing Tutorial do a Natural also simple makeup for beginners.
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Follow this Natural & Simple Makeup Tutorial for beginners. This stepwise procedure is quite helpful for those who are trying their hands on makeup for a first time:

1. First I am going to apply a tinted sunscreen. youre can use a bb cream instead. This is going to moisturize also protect your skin also give coverage. Take a product also dot it all over a face also blend it using circular motion. 

Product Used: Lotus Herbals Tinted Sun-block SPF 70

2. Next let’s conceal our dark circles also blemishes. Dot a concealer under your eye also blend it using your ring finger. Do a same for blemishes.

Product Used: a Body Shop Compact Foundation

3. Now I’m using a powder foundation to set my face. youre can use a compact instead. This is going to made your makeup last longer.

Product Used: L’Oreal True Match Mineral Foundation

4. Let’s move to a eyes. Using a small brush, apply a bronze eye-shadow all over your eyelids. 

Product Used: Maybelline Color Tattoo 

5. I am using a gel liner to line my lower lash line. Using a same liner line a outer corner of your upper lash line. Blend it out using a small eye shadow brush. This is going to give a subtle Smokey cat eye effect.

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Product Used: Maybelline 36 Hr Gel Eyeliner 

6. Now apply a white eye liner to a inner corner of your eyes. This will draw light to your eyes also made them look bigger.

Product Used: Revlon picture Ready Eyeliner Maybelline 36 Hr Gel Eyeliner

7. I am applying mascara inside a wiggling motion to open up my eyes.

Product Used: L’Oreal Double Extension Mascara

8. Define your brows using a brow pencil. Brows are like frames to a face. It’s very important to define them.

Product Used: Eyebrow Pencil

9. Add some warmth to your face by applying a matte blush. Start from a apples of a cheek; take it all a way to a top of a ears. Blend it inside. 

Product Used: Inglot Matte Blush

10. I am finishing off a look by using a light pink lip gloss from Maybelline.

Product Used: Maybelline Lip Polish inside Glam 3

This easy makeup tutorial for beginners should become tried out. I hope youre enjoyed this Videos. Bye. 

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