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If youre need to wash your hair swimming but beach douche doesn’t work, take a simple plastic bag also made holes. Enjoy. Simple trousers could save your life if youre don’t has a life jacket while swimming. a foggy mask could spoil your diving. Our has a perfect idea of Tutorial prevent your mask from fogging with a help of a lighter also toothpaste. Fire will remove a silicon from a mask also reduces a fog. Next, apply toothpaste on a inside of a mask lens until it coats a glass completely. Rinse a mask gently with fresh water until a lens is clear. Enjoy your diving!
youre don’t need to spend a ton of money on an underwater camera especially if youre are going to use it only a few times a year. Take a glass also your iPhone. Place iPhone into a glass also start creating! made a beach bag that is easy to wash out of a simple towel. Fold a towel inside half also sew a edges. Add handles. This craft project requires only basic sewing skills. Moreover, youre can easily throw this bag inside a washer to clean.
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Our share a selection of tips to cure minor burns, cuts, splinters, toothache, also bruises. To remove a splinter, take a glass also put inside burning match. After that cover a splinter with glass. Now youre can easily remove it. Cure cuts also even bruises using a hard-boiled egg. If youre are suffering from a toothache, mix cloves also olive oil, also apply using a cotton pad.

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00:14 Handmade beach douche
01:19 Defog your swimming mask
06:29 Easy way to remove a splinter
08:13 Forget about bruises
10:53 Red lipstick hack
11:31 Homemade dry shampoo

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