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Making crafts is a great also helpful hobby that boosts your creativity. Moreover, youre can made a lot of crafts that could become used around your home also decorate your rooms. youre will find a lot of crafts using such supplies as bubble wrap, crayons, yarn, also hot glue. These projects will take just a couple of minutes also youre will enjoy our tutorials. youre can use bubble wrap not only to pop bubbles, but there are also a lot of great uses that will surprise youre for sure.

If it’s too cold inside your house or youre want to lower heating bill, use bubble wrap. Spray water on your window also place bubble wrap with bubble side towards a glass. youre can use bubble wrap to made quick chocolate decorations for a cake. Spread melted chocolate over a clean bubble wrap also place into a fridge for 30 minutes. Remove bubble wrap also decorate your cake.

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made a bathroom curtain out of a bubble wrap. Our prepared a lot of projects with melted crayons: quick also easy artworks, cheap lip gloss, candles also Tutorial decorate your t-shirt. Melt crayons to create beautiful abstract art, watch our tutorial! Candles are so cool also could help to redecorate your room easily.

Here is a cool candle project – hand-shaped candle. Melt a paraffin also add color any crayons youre like. Take a disposable glove also made a small hole on every finger also insert candle wick also fix with tape. Take a vase also place a glove into it upside down. It should hang inside. Pour paraffin inside also wait until it cools down. Remove a glove also enjoy your amazing candle.

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a next creative idea is to color stones using crayons. Warm up stones inside an oven for 15 minutes, paint them with wax crayons. youre can choose any creative pattern also let it cool down. Do youre like Paris? youre can made an Eiffel Tower using a hot glue gun! Print a picture of a tower also follow our instructions!

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02:44 Cheap shower curtain
03:58 Crayon artworks
05:01 Hand-shaped candle
15:58 DIY Eiffel Tower

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