11 Beauty also Makeup Hacks For Beginners

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Watch our new beauty hack compilation! Our’ll share beauty also makeup tips also tricks that made life easy on yourself.

Supplies also Tools:
• Cucumber
• Basil
• Knife
• Wooden board
• Mortar, pestle
• Sieve
• Water
• Rose water
• Tea tree oil
• Bottle
• Watch chain
• Paper
• Pencil
• Double-sided tape
• Scissors
• Nail polish
• Berries
• Vaseline
• Beeswax
• Honey
• Cinnamon powder
• Eyeshadow
• Highlighter
• Rubbing alcohol
• Empty makeup container
• Dish soap
• Vinegar
• Paper napkins or a towel
• Tall round container
• Cardboard
• Ruler
• Faux fur
• Embellishments
• Hot glue gun
• Lipstick
• Lip balm
• Candle
• Spoons
• Cups also bowl for mixing
• Microwave
• Fridge
• Clear lip gloss
• Glitter
• Pliers
• Lemon
• Yoghurt
• Cotton pads

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