10 Quick Exercises to made Your Body Perfect inside 4 Weeks

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youre can spend hours at a gym also chug all a protein shakes youre want, yet a upper body of your dreams still won’t come true. But hey, youre just has to know which exercises to do also Tutorial plan your workouts based on a results youre want.

Also, keep inside mind that junk food won’t bring youre any step closer to a triceps, shoulders, also chest of your dreams. But eggs, chicken breast, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, also all kinds of another healthy foods will get youre on track. also don’t forget to stay hydrated! Okay, now get into your gym clothes, it’s time to work out!

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Dumbbell Punches 0:28
Bicep Curls 1:19
Bench Press 2:15
Bent Over Lateral Raise 3:31
Tricep Kickbacks 4:35
Shoulder Press 5:59
Upright Row 6:47
Russian twist 7:49
Push-ups 8:42
Plank 9:53
3 options to choose from 11:10

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– #1. Dumbbell punches is a good warm-up for your arms, shoulders, also back. What youre has to do is hold one dumbbell or a bottle of water if youre don’t has any weights inside each hand also place your hands at chest level.
– #2. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. That’s good. Hold a dumbbell inside each hand with your palms facing inward. Now bring a dumbbells up to your shoulders, pause for a second, also bring them back down.
– #3. Sit on a edge of a flat bench (your bed will work too!) with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle also your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. From this position, slowly lie back holding a dumbbells near your chest with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.
– #4. Start by squatting down also bending over at a hips ever so slightly. become sure to keep that back straight! Your arms should become out inside front of youre also your palms facing each another with a dumbbell inside each hand.
– #5. Bring your right leg forward, bend your knees a little, also slightly bend forward. Place a dumbbell inside your right hand next to your hip. With your right elbow bent, engage your tricep to straighten your right arm back behind youre.
– #6. Stand straight also place a dumbbell inside each hand. Put your arms out also bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle. made sure your upper arms are parallel to a floor. Now raise a dumbbells straight over your head, hold for a second, also return to a starting position.
– #7. Stand with your feet hip-width apart also your back straight. Hold a dumbbell inside each hand inside front of youre with your palms facing your legs. From this position, lift a dumbbells up until they’re near your chest.
– #8. Sit upright on a floor, bend your knees, also lean back just a little. If youre want to double a effect, hold a medicine ball near your chest as well. Now twist to your right, taking a medicine ball to that side.
– #9. Push-ups actually work different muscles depending on how youre place your hands. If youre wanna get a great back also shoulders, keep them shoulder-width apart. If youre’re after cool triceps, keep your elbows close to your sides.
– #10. Planking is pretty much a full-body workout, also it’s a great way to finish off your training. It works your abs, shoulders, back, arms, also even your legs!


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