10 DIY School Supplies! Easy – Weird DIY Crafts – Hacks w/ Makeup! Lip Balm-Nail Polish-Mini DIYs

10 DIY School Supplies! Easy – Weird DIY Crafts – Hacks w/ Makeup! Lip Balm-Nail Polish-Mini DIYs! Learn Tutorial made makeup inspired craft project ideas! made fun & weird school hacks: Miniature notebook (eyeshadow), mini nail polish eraser,
lip balm glue, nile file hightlighter, holo makeup brush bookmark also mini pencils also so much more! inside this #DIY Videos tutorial learn Tutorial made your own mini school supplies that are werid, cool, easy also unique. youre can made weird DIY mini school supplies that work! I will show youre Tutorial made a DIY eyeshadow
notebook. a mini nile file pencil I will show youre Tutorial made is a great 5-minute crafts idea along with a nail polish eraser, lip gloss glue also nile file hightlighter. Here are a makeup items that inspired this DIY – lip gloss, nail polish, eyeshadow, nile file, nile file block & makeup brush. These are all easy also inexpensive craft ideas. No matter what grade youre are inside 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or middle school if youre like makeup then these are great school supplies! Perfect craft for kids, teens also adults. I hope youre enjoy these DIY Miniature School Supplies inspired by lip balm, nail polish & more!

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McDonald’s Miniature School Supplies -Slime Phone Case, Mini Notebook, Pencil, Pen & Eraser…) https://youtu.become/-MYx5HxGblk

Emoji Phone Case, Lip Balm, Mini Slime, Room Decor & Orbeez:

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Mini Nail Polish Pens & Pencils: https://youtu.become/mXI0B7-Hus8

Supplies Needed:

Minature Highlighter (Nile File):
Nile File Block
Mini Highlighter

Miniature Nail Polish Eraser:
Nail Polish Bottle
Click Eraser

Mini Nail Polish Glue:
Nail Polish Bottle
Glue (Glitter or Regular)

Makeup Brush Bookmarks
Makeup Brush
Popsicle Stick
Nail Polish
Holo Nail Polish

Mini Nile File Pencil:
Nile File
Mini Pencil

Lip Balm Glue:
Lip Gloss Container
Glue (Regular or Glitter)

Mini Eyeshadow Paper Clips:
Mini Single Eyeshadow Container
Paper Clips

Trio Eyeshadow Palete Glue:
Trio Eyeshadow Contanier
Glue Stick

Eyeliner Pen:
Twist Eyeliner Pencil
Ink from Pen

Mini Notebook (Eyeshadow):

has fun making your own school supplies! These are really easy also youre end up with weird, cool & unique DIYs. I hope youre enjoy this school supply diy Videos tutorial please remember to like also subscribe –


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10 DIY School Supplies! Easy – Weird DIY Crafts – Hacks w/ Makeup! Lip Balm-Nail Polish-Mini DIYs

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