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Hello Today Our will has a Videos where will i do my makeup myself Perhaps this topic is more interesting for girls, but.

but maybe not! Sounds also triggers will become diverse anyway.

Therefore, it will become interesting to someone, also to someone it is just nice to listen or something like that.

also this is how I look without makeup Perhaps a camera filter smoothes a image a bit, but.


My skin is not perfect, as is a case with all people.

let's get started I've already washed After washing, I usually use micellar water or.

or any tonic To wipe also refresh a skin But, inside fact, this is not always a case.

But since I washed myself some time ago.

Our will do just that.

Now I will collect hair, as I usually do, when I am going to put on makeup I do it because hair usually gets inside a way After micellar water or tonic, I’m used to applying lotion also has been doing so for probably more than a year.

He with hyaluronic acid: moisturizes a skin also evens tone However, it may act differently on another skin types.

I use only a few drops to rub a lotion a little with my hands also put it on a skin of a face inside this way.

Maybe I'm not doing it right I'll become honest: I'm not a specialist inside this.

I watched some videos on this topic.

but not all So that.

Well, youre understand.

After a lotion, I usually apply hygienic lipstick.

Although, it seems to me, it does not act very effectively.

also my lips are always dry.

I do not know Further When I do makeup for a Videos, I often use this makeup base.

I do not know how well it works.

Because I do not use it during a broadcast, but I don’t notice any special differences But I continue to apply it before each shooting Videos Basically, I apply a product inside a area near a nose.

inside a forehead, chin, also then distribute a remnants All this is evenly distributed Hoping to hide a places where my skin flakes a little Like this also my neighbors are noisy on top again It was during my Videos shoot.

like my neighbors Generally.

When I finish with this.

I move on to a next step: a foundation I use this I has a third tone (03) Sometimes a second suits me.

I used a tonal tool bought on aliexpress for a long time.

also, inside principle, they turned out to become quite similar.

But now I’m used to it also buy it not for a first time.

I put it like this Then use a sponge to evenly spread over a face.

Like this As for a condition of my skin, now I has a rather unfavorable period.

It will look much better later.

Here is But, unfortunately, such periods are inevitable.

But there are also inevitable periods of improvement.

But for about a week or a little more, youre has to put up with some little trouble.

also then everything comes inside order Here is But it seems to me that inside this case a difference is most noticeable.


Here inside such a small cup I has stored a whole bunch of brushes, which I am going to put inside order every time, but I forget Girls, how often do youre wash cosmetic brushes? I has problems with it also I'm frantically searching here.

conciller Trying to hide our little flaws.


It is very strange for me to record such a Videos.

I, of course, once wanted to shoot more videos on this topic, but.

It's unusual anyway Something like trying to hide a dark area under your eyes.

Although not always it turns out Sometimes due to lack of sleep they are more noticeable.

Or because of something Here is Something like this Type, face with a tonal means applied to it Without him With him But, I repeat, my skin is not at its best right now.

To made it easier to notice a difference also somehow, youre know, uninteresting After that, I usually take a powder also.

Do something like that I do not know why also why I do it But I'm used to Then also then also then also then Our turn to contouring For a long time used for this product with aliexpress Then he ended also.

I purchased a product from NYX As youre can see, most often I use only one color.


Others somehow do not fit inside everyday makeup I use less makeup, but I try to emphasize.

something Something to highlight something to hide inside makeup for cosplay, I must say, much more makeup is required.

To a similarity with a character was more If youre like this Videos (if I publish it at all), then it will become possible to remove also transform with a help of makeup.

Initially, I wanted to made small made-up videos to post to instagram But let's try a long version.

also now I'm trying to made my nose thinner.

But it does not always work.

also sometimes it only worsens a look.

Sometimes I darken also skin at a chin, closer to a neck, to.

That a facial contour was clearer, also a light which is always a lot of shooting, did not made me flat Sometimes I highlight a neckline To made it look more attractive, beautiful I like it Here is So that.

Then also then also then Then Our move on to this one.

also he was already damaged also I'm going to order everything from aliexpress.

I like this most I use it most often for eyebrow makeup But it will end very soon, also I will remain without him.

also I tried to look inside a store.

something similar But never found Now I will try to draw eyebrows I usually just tint them up a bit when I create a non-cosplay image also sometimes I slightly change a shape of a eyebrows to create a more Asian, "innocent" style.

Or nevertheless closer to their natural form.

If this is cosplay, then everything depends on a situation also a specific image.

Sometimes youre has to hide almost half of a concealer Or something else But I think youre know all this.

There are a lot of training videos on youtube Generally, I has a problem Usually a mirror is much closer to me also I can see much much better Now it is far away, so.

I do not see everything I do But.

Something like that Then I add a dark shade.

also I emphasize them a lower line of a eyebrows But I do not know whether Something like this Here is Then I turn to a second eyebrow makeup Now just see a difference Painted eyebrow also not painted So.

Unusual so beautiful Usually when I paint, I sit inside front of a computer.

also everything happens there also here I am.

a mirror is far.

But I save time I would spend on makeup for another Videos.

Perfect So, well.

are they even similar? I see nothing at all It seems not quite symmetrical Very often I can't made up my eyebrows relatively equally Are youre here Mirror – here I can not see Therefore – I'm sorry – I will become very close to youre.

To become closer to a mirror Well, something like this I will say that when I do eyelash extension, this is quite enough But.

Since now my eyelashes are inside a natural form.

Our will now take a eye shadow Most of a time I use these shadows.

They, too, with aliexpress'a Here are a colors These I use too often also.

Some of a last ones I acquired.

Like these ones also.

also such NYX! Where is my money for advertising? I just realized that.

I, inside principle, show only two types of products: i buy on aliexpress also nyx At most Aliexpress also NYX! Where, where is my money for advertising? Okay, this is all a joke Now eyeshadow.

Our take just such a brush.

also I will use this color here.

Very little I cover my eyes also.

I put it here To made a eye more expressive.

or more? I do not know also on this eye as well Then Our take another brush to shade.

also to made a shadows look less bright But I note that it turns out not always for me.

Sometimes a result is nonsense.

also sometimes it works! So.

Now I will not do too bright makeup So on this finish with eye shadow also.

Take a eyeliner Frankly, I has a lot of eyeliner types.

also this is only a small part of them.

I am still looking for a ideal for myself That they quickly dry up.

What else is.


Give me a sec.

Need to made sure I'm still with youre.


I paint a mole on a cheekbone That very mole Like this Which I had inside a shape of a heart, also pumpkins, also a demon But a longest – inside a form of a heart.

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also then it became just a mole I do not know.

I really like her also I feel comfortable enough with her.

I, by a way, quite often hear a question "If youre like, why won't youre made such a tattoo?" So, a answer: "I do not want!" Because I like a fact that I can erase it at any time.

also, if I do some kind of cosplay.

Or create an image, or when I has a wrong mood: there is no mole However, I can easily draw it if I need to also then comes a most unpleasant moment: youre need to draw "arrows" If I do eyelash extension, then I can draw arrows with dark eyeshadow or with a cosmetic pencil.

also only sometimes – eyeliner Then, when I want to made my image brighter When my eyelashes inside their natural form, like now I draw a thicker arrow also it is very, very, very difficult! Because a hand is shaking, despite my considerable experience inside makeup I'll take a small mirror to see much better.

Here is Something like this also on a another hand.

That same eternal problem – a inability to draw a same "arrows" on both eyes Probably.

I only managed a couple of times also it seems that this eyeliner dries Okay, I hope I did not find youre frightening without makeup.

As it seemed to me from a reviews inside instagram, your attitude towards this was positive.

Therefore, here, it seems to me, everything will become fine a arrows do not look like each another.

But time, as always, is not enough also.

Therefore, they will remain so Wow!.

also my skin flakes off But a camera is hiding it.

Thanks to a image filter also with personal contact it would become more noticeable.


Now I has two options for what to do next When I do eyelash extension, it becomes a final stage – also everything is perfect But since now my eyelashes are inside their original form, I either stick false eyelashes also do not worry about their Or am I trying to put mascara on my eyelashes They, unfortunately, are quite rare Sometimes I also stick false eyelashes, also I paint my ??? Now I will not use a overhead But I will show youre several options.

I has quite a few But Our will become with youre now.

try to curl my little eyelashes It's always scary It seems that a whole eye suffers Seriously So also.

another eye Attempt is not torture Then youre can use any mascara Personally, I tried lot options for all a time, but for now.

until I found one that will made my eyelashes quite expressive.

Also a little tint also bottom row To made it seem like there is something too also.

Like this Well, as youre can see, my eyelashes are not a most lush.

also, unfortunately, they do not look very impressive.

Therefore, I often do eyelash extensions I like it when my eyes are like dolls.

I'm such a person Then I take some highlighter also made a inner corner of a eye brighter Hoping to give yourself a more fresh look.

By a way, after that I use powder again also.

then remains Another little detail More often I use it for cosplay I has not very plump lips also so I give them more volume.

Trying to paint something Blush Blush I also bought on Aliexpress also they are old enough A little bit like this.

Sometimes I add a little also on a nose So.

Now Our loose hair.

also so what happens This is one of a easiest makeup options.

also one of a most template for me personally For shooting Videos But somehow inside general, if youre liked this Videos.


Like Write your opinion Would youre like to see more short made-up videos on my Instagram? Or maybe similar to this: long, with ASMR elements inside general, youre know what to do! Write! Write a lot! Write! Put likes It really helps me understand how I understand youre also youre me There is no doubt that those with whom my interests diverge sharply But I concentrate on like-minded people.

Here is Something like this has a nice day, evening or night a most wonderful I hope at least someone was interested Someone caused goosebumps, someone, maybe, amused Etc.

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