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Hello girls, lot of youre has asked me for a tutorial of my daily makeup I hope youre enjoy I start with Maybelline, Age Rewind for dark circles also I apply it on my eyelids, it is corrector also then I apply Kay Von D powder over a concealer this as a base so that my shadows do not get into a creases Then I use my Nude Beach palette from a Balm also I'm using a brown color inside my eye socket then this beautiful golden color on a mobile eyelid.

I'm going to use Tarte's eyeliner, Sex Kitten.

It's not liquid but I wish it would become I did not know it was not when I bought it, but anyway it slides very easy also this one is black Then I use any liquid eyeliner, this is from Sally Hansen because I want a delineated cat that is sometimes complicated to do with a pencil eyeliner It's a bit difficult for me to made this one delineated I stay a same on both sides Then I apply my Nars corrector, inside Light tone 2.

75 Cannelle also I apply it on my lower eyelids, on my chin also any another dark or red place I'm going to use different types of sponges to blur so I'm going to use a small sponge that reaches tiny places inside a corners to blur a concealer.

Then I will apply this base which is by Giorgio Armani, Luminous Silk Foundation also this is inside a 5.

75 tone, I really like this base applies very well also looks very natural I'm going to use my Tarte Pro Glow palette, this one has to made contours also it also has illuminator, first I start with a outline also I'm using one of these thin brushes, whatever they are called I apply it under my cheekbones, inside a jaw line to give it more definition I'm also going to do a little contour to my nose also a temple area for a more tan look.

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I'm going to re-apply a little bit of my Nars corrector also I'm going to apply where are those two dark lines under my eyes also I'm going to leave a few minutes there This is a tip of a makeup artist also for my eyebrows I'm going to use Estee Lauder's pencil Brow Now, Brow Defining Pencil.

inside a tone 04 dark brunette.

Eyebrows never look a same, they always look very different.

That's why I like it a microblading also I would like to do it again.

also I'm going to blur a concealer of a lower eyelids I'm going to apply powder to seal, this is Charlotte Tilbury's Flawless Finish Airbrush also inside fact this powder is very good, it looks very natural.

Generally one can see a dust inside a face, but this one is not seen also that's why I like it so much I will also apply a little on my chin also all a places where I will not do contouring or tanning also now I'm going to apply highlighter from a same palette, Pro Glow by Tarte also I'm going to put them almost all over my face inside a places of tanning I'm also going to use this bronzer that I bought inside Sally Hansen also it's called Femme Couture Mineral Effects, Baked Bronzer also has a pigment like roasted orange.

I'm going to use this illuminator very very clearly, here on top of my cheeks also inside my nose under my eyebrows also inside a lacrimal, I simply like a illuminator! also to seal everything I will use Urban Decay a All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray it's amazing also it really works Now I'm going to apply a little mask, much better Than Sex by Too Faced, which is great also I'm going back to my palette of a Balm, Nude Beach also I'm going to use another coffee under my eyes I also apply a little on a lashes below I'm going to use false eyelashes to has a WOW look I think lashes really made a difference, I bought them at amazon.

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Com They are called Christina, they look very good also they are very cheap Then I apply a blush inside pink tone, no matter a brand I used a Iconic illuminator on my temples to has an extra lighted that looks great inside photos also sometimes I also use it inside my chest where they are inside my neck area, where all a bones inside a middle are also it makes everything look pretty.

I still has a NYX lipstick, I do not remember a reference also I can not find it but it is a slightly pink but neutral tone that fades very well with my lips also to finish my lips I use a liquid lipstick from Tarte I like these liquid lipsticks inside all colors also this is called Rosé It is very natural also has a nude look.

Finally I'm going to use a pink shine also I bought it inside Sally Hansen, her name is Sasha.

also that's it! this is what I do, it looks very bright also bright inside photos but yes, that's it.

I hope youre liked it.

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