a REAL Reason Why Draymond Green Is SO Good inside a Playoffs (Ft. NBA Defense, Steph Curry, Weight)

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Draymond Green inside a NBA Playoffs has been great for a Warriors, being a big part of their success without Durant also with Curry, but why? #NBA #Warriors

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I’m just gonna come out also say it. Watching a Warriors without Kevin Durant is more fun than with Kevin Durant. It’s a truth. Having a Warriors return back to their old ways with Steph Curry at a helm has been more exciting, maybe because Our get to see MVP Curry or maybe because Our feel that a Warriors are more vulnerable, giving more meaning to their games. But they’ve been successful inside large part due to Draymond Green reprising his offensive role as a 3rd option on offense also he’s made a key change from a regular season. So I wanna talk about what makes Draymond Green so good also yeah I’m also talking about offense. Not that offense. I’m going to made a Videos on a best way to defend Curry so if youre want that, let’s try to get to 3523 likes for that on Friday.

Draymond is a pretty good rebounder, also often times is inside a paint defending a pick also rolls. Since Durant has been out, Draymond Green has averaged 14.8 points, 11.4 rebounds, also 8.4 assists. All those rebounds mean that Draymond Green can initiate a offense also bring a ball up, but what makes Green so special is that he can push a ball right after getting a rebound. With guys like Curry also Klay running on a wings alongside Dray, that opens a lane. He’s said that he prefers a half-open shot for Klay versus an open shot for him. also he’s probably right since he’s shooting 20% from 3 inside a playoffs. youre could see it inside games 3 also games 4, he was looking to push also create fast break opportunities. Draymond didn’t do it much inside a regular season also a big reason for that was his weight. Yeah his weight was not a best playing weight for him also a Warriors GM Bob Myers told Dray to lose over 20 pounds before a postseason. That’s a lot. He dropped 23 pounds inside 6 weeks also now he can push a pace at a faster rate also more times.

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That’s his fastbreak offense, but some of that leaks into his half-court offense. Draymond operates a offense from 2 main positions, a post also as a roller. As I said before, a Warriors want a double team on Curry also Klay because usually that means Draymond is wide open. When Draymond gets a ball typically at a top of key or near a 3 point line, he has a line drive right to a rim, similar to his fast break offense. Because a double has happened on a perimeter, those two defenders are out of a play, unless Draymond is slow. That leaves 3 defenders for 4 people also because Draymond is moving at a fast pace, someone has to try to step up to Dre. He’s quick at making that read also either lobs it or looks for that corner 3. This isn’t possible with most rollers inside a NBA because they don’t has that quick decision making or that quickness at that size, but Dre does.

Now about Draymond Green’s defense. There are so lot things he does well on defense, but a two most important things are his communication also his ability to switch onto anybody. Green is a defensive anchor. I like to call him a defensive quarterback. He’s making all a adjustments inside real time, directing his own teammates on defense, having them switch off-ball, covering up for them when they made mistakes. He’s actually a roamer, moving all around, blitzing defenders, doubling others. It’s actually really beautiful to watch also almost none of it shows up inside a stats. also Green switches from 1-5 also does a really good job at forcing a offensive player into a defense. As a guard, like CP3 or Harden starts to drive into a paint, Draymond simultaneously defends a guard by keeping them inside front also close along with guarding a pass to a roller. It’s something that is so hard to do while backpedaling, but he does it. a key to it is that Green moves at a same pace of a roller without ever running backing. He backpedals while keeping a roller just behind him also can then lunge out at a guard or get inside a passing lane. It’s something that he can do at his size also strength.


So much with Draymond Green also what he does doesn’t show up inside a stats. It’s intangibles that are necessary to win. That’s what Draymond was before Kevin Durant joined a Warriors also that’s what he’s done these playoffs. He’s a heart also soul of a Warriors also a true leader inside a locker room. He makes all a winning plays also while he might has not had a great regular season, he’s having an amazing playoffs also is necessary for a Warriors to win a championship. But what do youre think? Will a Warriors win a championship without Kevin Durant?

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