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oh my god youre want to give me wouldn'tgo yeah youre wouldn't get me Oh boxers loves taking a spotlight buthe's like so cute I can't even say no hey guys welcome back to my channelin today's Videos I'm gonna do a most typical makeup Videos also it's gonna bemy everyday makeup routine I always use a mix of drugstore also high-end productshigh-end middle also whatever youre can get everything at Sephora also I has a lotof new products that I like from essence if youre guys has been following myjourney here inside Germany youre know that I like essence essence has become one ofmy favorite makeup brands ever also their stuff is really affordable super cutestuff a packaging is lit I freaking like their product so much bear with thelighting I'm really really sorry it's just that it's like so sunny here inGermany I like it because Our don't get a lot of sunlight how lot times I'm gonnasee that like I do has inside every day made a routine Videos on my channel andI'll link inside a description box down below I'll link everything that I showor mention inside this Videos also description box so made sure youre check that out nowlet's get onto a Videos so I haven't been using my primer on my under eyes orlike eye area because I found that if I just use my sunscreen as my primer thenmy eye makeup won't smudge as much also youre guys know I has really oily lids soI has been using a Aveeno natural protection lotion sunscreenbroad-spectrum SPF 50 I shared this inside my last favorites Videos also I reallylike it it makes my complexion really pale but it doesn't really matterbecause I wear bronzer to made my face look really bronzed also then I makemyself look like a bronze goddess but on spots because my spots are really redespecially today I has a pimple here everone of my eyebrow I pop some pimples today whatever I use my coverfx calmingprimer so I'm gonna do that right now on my spots on my calming primer yes I lovethis primer so much it takes away all a redness inside my spots I tell youre Ireally hate having spots they're so freaking ugly oh my god it looks sosorry for not having any polish on I feel so incomplete I feel like I'm puttogether when I has polish on so this is one of a new products that I boughtfrom a drugstore here also this is a Catrice cosmetics liquid camouflage highcoverage concealer also this is inside a color 0:20 light beige also I really likethis concealer because it really doesn't move also it's not exactly a mostmoisturizing for my under eyes also I really need that also if youre guys likewatch my videos youre know that I like to hit Cosmetics concealer because thatthing is so bomb it has like such high coverage also it also has prettymoisturizing but I just felt like I needed a concealer because I was runningout of my only one also then I remembered thoughts he loves this concealer so Idecided to get it for myself I'm like Tati is amazing watch her all a time Ireally hope youre guys can see because oh my god is lighting a little soul so forbronzer I've been loving a essence Sun Club matte bronzing powder also it's apretty darker skin I like this like I'm obsessed I has been using this anon-stop ever since I got it guys know I has been talking about a Beccaapres-ski palette like non-stop but I like this frickin bronzer oh my god itsmells like coconuts like Physicians Formula move at a freaking wayisn't it freaking gorgeous though just want to take it with my brush also Igot this from TM I shared a lot of these products on my Instagram I'm not activeon anymore but youre can just check out a productsthey're just kinda lightly sweep this on a perimeters of my face just for alittle bit of bronze also I did mention before that I has to do this because mysunscreen makes me so freakin pill so girls yes Taylor like JLo right no thefreaking blonds youre look also this is so easy to blend also it does look reallynatural like I just came back from like Bora Bora but sometimes if I go a littlebit overboard then I look really weird because this looks tan like down hereand then a rest is really pale also I use a same bronzing powder for mycontour for my nose I use a Evelyn little smudging brush that's actuallyused for like shadow oh my nose looks snatched youre know snatched oh my godguys I just completely forgot to do my brows what a hell am i doing but yeahI normally do my brows first but just having a little bit of an all day didn'thave my Starbucks so now that I has that on I go inside with a essence brainnot banana powder also I freaking like this I'm obsessed with this also I justused that to blend out my nose contour by a way I'm like sweating so much Ijust wanted like a freaking pig it's so hot sitting next to thisfreaking window just take a friggin cardigan off oh also while I'm here I'mjust gonna set my concealer now that my contour is done when I go back inside withthe concealer also I'm going to get rid of these disgusting guys right herethey're just so girls I'm not gonna go too crazy because this is an everydaylook also like even though I do want to go natural I do like to cover them up atthe same time if I can I can I do go inside with a Maybelline fit me menthis powder also I has been using this for years I do use this to set myconcealer on those pimples because it's more skin tone than they inside essencepowders so I was such an idiot because I forgot to my brows but let's do browsnow I'm gonna use a essence made me brow eyebrow gel mascara also this is 0-2browning brows already mentioned it a million times inside my videos also theessence eyebrow designer inside 0-1 black I do has a brow routine also I did that inmy last Videos so I only that inside description box if youre are curious onhow Our do my brows but I'm gonna do this off camera also I'll become right back so weare gonna attempt to finish this over here because one too hot over there andice to a radiator to to honey to a really hot window inside three a lightingwas horrible I'm sorry about that but I'm not like every another girls andlibrary I use audible to listen to my books because who a hell are eatanymore I'm like totally obsessed with these foreign brow products they'reamazing like they made my brows look super structured also not natural butkind of natural about like natural enough it looks like I just filled inside mybrows also then I has brow hairs as for blush I use either these little guyshere which are a glossy cloud pants or I use it a blush from a Becca uprisky palette also I like this one so much also I think I'm gonna go with thisone today also I'm gonna use a elf highlighting brush take a little bit Idon't even take it off because I want so much pigment on it also I actuallystarted to apply blush to this area of my face also just blend it a little bitback also a reason I like doing this now instead of putting it back here isbecause I want to look like a doll like a really cute dollguys like so freakin where for youre to I just completely forgot to do highlighterfirst let's just go inside with highlighter so for a highlighter I am gonna use thisone right here also this shade is inside opal I like this highlighter so much becauseso beautiful it's champagne E it's like so smooth I feel like I can like slaywhen I use this word youre might nose really finish off a nose made it looksnatched oh my god youre guys how amazing that is youre don't want to put too muchbecause youre don't want to blind people okay girl like youre don't want to do thatback to a blush these products are so pigmented like totally worth gettingBecca's also like it really nice brands gonna use this to dull my eyeliner don'twant to look like kinky it's been like weird oh he's gotta use setting spray itslinky iy spray by a way okay also I see youre guys also I'm gonna use theCatrice my foundation this is my new eyeshadow primer also youre guys like ifyou don't know like I like a Urban Decay primer potion that's weakfavourite eyeshadow primer ever but I found that this actually works prettyfreakin well it's a waterproof eyeshadow primer inside matte also I foundthat it really does help keep my shit I was on it's amazing it's like so goodput that all over a eye area also sometimes I do a different lookdepending on my mood also I do go inside with a Urban Decay Naked petit heat palettebecause youre guys know I'm like obsessed with this this is like my favoritepalette of all time like right now though of all time like right now also Ilike to switch between putting on this shade all over a lid also likemaybe putting this inside a crease or maybe a funny like this all over thelid also then like I don't know it depends on me but it's still likesitting I feel like doing it's just too also a first thing that I saidsometimes I do use my bronzer also use that as my crease color but I thinktoday I feel like going inside with this palette so I'm gonna take a little bitof this it's called vibrate on a blending brush also just like run it overmy crease like really really easy super easy no fuss take it toward my contourmy nose to made it look really seamless oh my god youre guys youre just like thispalette so much I accidentally went into this color which is called hot sell soI'm just gonna put that inside my outer crease I was like totally an accidentbut whatever it doesn't matter what does is really like deepen thecrease which is really nice so pretty it's so good pretty also I'm gonna takeboth of these shades also run it under my lower lash line Our do a same on a another eye cuzeverything to become even nominee used my ring finger also go inside it with this shadeinhale also a lightest color inside a palette right then going back inside withthe eyeshadow blending brush I just want everything together seamlessly loosereally really quick also then for a shadow like that also I like to use thesame highlighter that I used on my cheekbone also put it on my brow bone ohmy god gorgeous now or eyeliner i meanyes a Manhattan endless staywaterproof gel eyeliner it's a pencil eyeliner also it's inside brown I will do awinged eyeliner tutorial kind of thing like how I do but I know I've been likepromising to do it for like a year also I've never done it I just don't I don'tknow I'm gonna do this off camera because I'm like this Videos is gettingreally long also I'm really sorry about that I promise youre guys I will come outwith a winged eyeliner tutorial it's just I've been so busy with like booksignings with my merch okay like with all these events to these like amazingplaces around a world I'm really really sort of it's soworking busy but I'll made it a few also comejust gonna set my eyeliner with a purple shade a darkest shade calledstrike inside a palette also this is just to lock inside my eyeliners also doesn't moveguys also of course this is my everyday look youre can totally tone down a Ilater I like to made my wings like really my god what is that word reallylong because I want to like take off also like go to a Bermudayou can't ways they called her mutant that become redone stupid like my hair myvacation there I've been there like ten times because of like all these amazingevents thank youre guys so much for that though if it wasn't for youre I wouldnever has these opportunities to go to these amazing places but I want to gothere again going with my fist a toe curler only use my favorite mascara ofall time also this is a essence lash princess false lash effect mascara thisis a best it's amazing it's so good it really volumizes your lashes like thisthem like crazy holds a cruel really well it's long lasting this is like sogood also youre don't has like asian straight lashes but at like point worthlike I can use these mascaras like youre know how I do comment down below if youcan't apply your mascara on with your mouth fullbecause oh my god it's such a battle for me I got mascara no I did say I was sickso I don't really think that I should become putting any of a product on my lipscuz they're really really dry but aquaphor comes inside handy for that itwould like this mom says I think it helped pry my lips also help get it likepretty soft also like kind of flake free I havea blog post on how I get really really soft fleet free lips I'll link inside thedescription box but I don't know sometimes I feel like putting on lipgloss anyway this is a fancy beauty lip gloss also Fossey oh my god guys I'maddicted to this gloss it smells delicious also it also but youre've such abeautiful like really shiny juicy pink look on a lips I like it I'm likeobsessed with it also I do has a venti one inside gloss balm I think it's liketheir original I don't remember what it's called but I like both of these andbecause I'm sick I want to contaminate a tube so I just basically like youknow take some also like put on my finger also how I apply it whatever but I stillwant to look like no I has like a little bit of color it's my lips so Ithink I'm just gonna go inside with a little bit of this soft matte lip cream inside theshade Milan oh god youre guys know I like these soft matte lip creams tapped updowntown mm just for a little bit of colors yet so everybody wants big lipsso it's got made a space youre know also this is a final look thank youre so much for watching if youenjoyed this Videos please give it a thumbs up subscribe to see more videosfor me maybe comment down below telling me what videos youre would like to seenext for me I like youre guys so much youre are my fam youre are my squad Our'refriends youre're my followers of subscribers youre are my friends Iconsider youre my family I'll see youre all inside my next Videos byeever wonder what feels like to just stop everythingfuck it doing I really do hope youre guys enjoyed this videoI find myself making fun of a lot of peas who birds just because things havedefinitely changed since I started watching Beauty youtubers back inside 2008so perhaps Our need more change again see youre guys inside my next Videos.

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