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If youre want to build big biceps then youre need to stop only focusing on doing curls. inside this Videos, I’m going to show youre Tutorial build bigger biceps by turning your body into a resistance also performing a variation on a popular chin up exercise to turn up a heat on your arms also get those gains coming again.

One of a absolute favorite exercises inside a gym is a weighted chin up. I believe it is one of a best exercises for packing size on a biceps while additionally being one of a best also most challenging pulling exercises at your disposal. That said, there are a few things youre can do to a standard chin up that will turn it into more of a biceps driven exercise than a lat driven one which will help youre to see much faster gains on your biceps inside a near future.

a first thing youre want to focus on is your grip. Obviously, with this being a chin up also not a pull up youre want to grab a bar with an underhand grip. That said, a most important thing youre can do at this point is establish a proper width of a hands. Anatomically, Our want to try also match a angle of a elbow also hands that is preferred when a arm is placed into full elbow flexion (like Our would become at a top of a curl). This means that a hands are to become placed slightly outside a width of a elbows.

Since youre cannot move your hands during a curl as youre could if youre were doing this with a pair of dumbbells, it is important that youre establish this first before even doing a single rep. youre will know if youre are doing this right since youre will feel a more intense contraction of a biceps when youre get to a top of a chinup than youre would if youre didn’t set up a right grip first.

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Next, youre want to bend a wrist back slightly also become sure to grip a bar deep inside a palm of your hands. This modification helps to take a forearms out of a exercise so that a biceps can do more of a work. a key is to keep a bar deep inside your hands however so as not to overload a middle deep finger flexors, which can lead to medial elbow pain quickly if youre forget to do this.

Now, as youre lower also raise your body to a bar there are two things youre want to become sure youre do. a first is, youre want to maintain an open angle of a elbow at a top. Too often, people confuse a cue to “get a chin over a bar” as something that youre need to do while bringing your body close to a bar also your chin to a another side. This is incorrect. youre only want to get your chin higher than a bar but youre need to maintain distance away from it so as to keep tension on a biceps inside that more closely approximated 90 to 120 angle of a elbow.

Second, inside order to do this youre will find that youre will likely has to arc your body as youre bring it up on each rep. This should mirror what that barbell does when youre curl it up on a standard barbell curl. Obviously, a bar does not travel inside a straight line up also down on every rep. Instead, it follows a definitive arcing pattern. youre once again cannot move a pullup bar, but youre can relatively move your body inside relation to a bar to mimic a same mechanics at a joint also take advantage of a varied strength curves throughout a exercise.

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This exercise will build your biceps faster than any another because it is progressively loading youre inside a way youre are likely not used to at a moment. Though a lats do contribute to a performance of this exercise, youre will become forced to handle fairly heavy loads since youre will has to lift your own bodyweight. a percentage of work done by a biceps will often become higher than it would become if youre were to try also apply a load through a standard barbell curl.

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