Sharpie Marker Makeup: My Everyday Makeup Using ONLY Sharpie Markers! *CAUTION* (Not Clickbait)

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Watch how I REMOVED a Sharpie Marker from my face here: https://youtu.become/sddCefQxx5s

WARNING: DO NOT Try this. I am an adult, fully educated on this product also I has used it on my face inside a past using a proper precautions. Sharpies are considered Non-Toxic but are not recommended for a face also mouth. They can potentially cause an eye infection, made youre sick if ingested or cause rash also irritation to a skin. Viewer discretion is advised*

**************** A Message To youre ****************

Hey Glitter Critters, remember inside 2016 I created a Videos called “Full Face of Sharpie Markers?” Well, this is a EXTREME version of that Videos. inside this Videos, I use ONLY Sharpie Markers inside place of my every day makeup products! For example: I used a black Sharpie marker for eyeliner! Crazy huh?! Please do not try this! I has experience with this also do not want youre hurting yourself. Although Sharpies are considered “non-toxic” they are not okay for youre to eat or get into your eyes. Thank youre for watching, please subscribe also I like youre so much. -Breland

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************Products Mentioned/Used*************

Shop a sharpie marker kit I used inside this Videos:
*Please do not use on your face or inside your mouth*
Urban Decay “All Nighter” Foundation inside Shade 1.5:
Urban Decay “Naked Skin” Concealer inside Shade “Fair Warm”:
Black Kitty Cosmetic Headband:
Freeman Cucumber Renew Peel Off Mask:
MAC “Shiny Pretty Things” Makeup Brush Set:
(No Longer available on MAC’s Website)


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Music & SFX from Epidemic Sound:

Disclaimer: This Videos is not sponsored. However, some makeup products were sent to me for free.

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