My Husband Narrates My Makeup Tutorial!

– [Israel] What's up everybody? Okay, I'm so excited 'causeI'm about to show youre one of my favorite makeup looks, it's something I do all a time, youre are going to like, like, like it.

(upbeat music) – Okay, so inside case youre'rewondering what's going on here, I'm about to do an everyday makeup look, just a random look that I might do also Israel, my husband right here, is going to do my voiceovers, which means I am suddenlygonna become Silent Sam also he is going to tell youeverything that I am doing.

He's watched me do mymakeup a million times, a question is, one, does heactually even pay attention also two, this I just gonna become hilarious so prepare to laugh, thisis gonna become interesting.

Ready?- Let's go, let's rock.

Okay, so guys as youre know, I like this blender also it kinda goes with everything that I do, I squeeze it, it kind of, it's also a littlebit, it brings tranquility, it's sort of like oneof those stress balls.

also there's something just so fun about, satisfying about squishing this.

Then I grab my foundation.

I put a foundationright there on a blender also then what I do is juststart applying it, guys.

youre've seen me do this a million times also I just put it on myvery, very full cheeks that I've had since a dayI was born also on my forehead also I'm just gonna, I'm going for a very dooey-peechygolden vibe on my neck also I youre know, youre wannainvolve everybody here, like all a cheeks.

youre might not wanna get it on your teeth but right everything else,wherever there is skin, let's avoid a eyes balls,necessarily like a eyeballs also let's get just about everything else.

I'm even doing my beauty blenderdown to my ample cleavage.

I really like this thing (laughs), I put it on my brushand it's just youre know, it's just, it's for my neckmainly also for (laughing).

For just youre know, it creates this thing that my husband clearly enjoys.

Then guys, as youre know,youre cannot live your life without this lip thing thatyou put on your forehead.

(laughing) This is what I like to call.

Prepared for war, this istribal war paint, guys.

also what I do is yeah, see? Like I wish somebody would come also bother me right now, I am ready to, well cut somebody if I need to.

Doesn't this intimidate youre already guys? (lion roaring)Warrior princess vibes.

So what I do is just Ilike to blend all this inside because this is what Ilike to call contouring, it's called contouring.

I has no idea why I contour, I just feel like it's a thing to do.

youre know what it does? I feel like sometimes itcreates dimension also depth.

Uh, that was really good.

It creates dimensionand depth on my cheeks also my forehead also it sort of looks like I has a sunburn rightnow but I really don't, I'm gonna blend thisin a little bit much better.

I'm gonna keep theselines on my nose, though, 'cause they just really feel good.

I just feel like it'sgiving me, I don't know, Bambi vibes, maybe, orlike yeah, A Bug's Life? I'm not sure.

I'm going for something,just stick with me guys, Our're on a journey here.

I take my brush once againand I was just kidding, I'm actually gonna blend all this inside for a contour on my nose.

It's gonna made my nose lookthinner than it really is.

This concealer that I put under my eyes, it just helps me, again, makesome more threats tribally toward any haters out there, come at me.

Come at me, come at me, bro! also what this concealer tends to do is cover dark circles underneath my eyes, although, I don't really think I had a whole lot of darkcircles going on this morning.

See how I has a little praisedancer on my forehead there? Just good morning, everybody,hello, Jesus, right? That's my, I'm gonna leave thatthere for a day, I think.

I'm gonna blend everythingelse inside on concealer but I'm leaving that 'cause I feel like this could become a logo for my life.

Then I take my brushand I just blend inside now what I've done with a concealer also what I've done with a contour, also what I've done with a foundation, also what I've done with a war paint, also what I've done withthe tribal symbols.

Now I use what I like to call baking soda.

I mean baking, I mean, finishing translucentbaking soda powder stuff.

also this, I'm going to, this is a thing that I normally freak my husband out with 'cause like Our'll literally get inside a car also become heading somewhereand I will look like this, just like I fell asleepwhile making cookies.

also I was like okay babe, ready to go.

also he's like wait a minute,don't youre wanna maybe bring a beauty blender along also just blend that inside, maybe? also I let him know, sir, I am baking.

So guys, if youre've been paying attention, textured eyebrows aretotally a thing right now.

So youre kinda wanna create an eyebrow thing that at a front of it kinda sticks up, it's kinda spiky also theneverything else kinda lays nicely but textured eyebrows is inso I use this instrument here to texture my eyebrowsand then what I'm gonna do is I gotta, youre know I has this gigantic mirror inside front of me, I've got this little mirrorright here inside my hand, also it just helps me hone inside a little bit.

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So when youre are doing your eyebrows, youre should go like super, super dark, like Sharpie dark, like just, a matter of fact, magic marker, damn it.

(tape rewind screeching) Okay, no, sorry.

youre should go very naturalaccording to your skin tone.

also so, youre don't wantanything that's too harsh also youre don't wantanything that's too light.

also youre're just gonna keepdoing this for an hour or two, until such time as what oncelooked natural now does not.

youre know what? I take that back, this looksreally, really natural.

People are gonna become completely fooled.

I'm amazing! Man, youre look good, baby.

I like to tell myself thatsometimes, youre look good, baby.

Keep on truckin' baby.

youre got this girl! This is what I like to call mascara, no.

Brow gel to really, reallydramatize these textured brows, it's lifting them up inside a front, it's lifting them up inside a front, it's spiking them up inside a front, totally natural, though, guys.

This is, I woke up like this.

I like to take a mirrorthat has cracks inside it also something about thecracks just youre know, keeps me grounded, I feel.

also then I use thelightest palette I can find inside this particular thing,then I put it on my, hmm, what is that called? Eyelid.

A dab, dab, dab, 'causeI like, like, like this.

also then I just put it, um, yeah.

I'll even even go even a littlebit, oh, it's under a eye, not quite, but, oh, Iguess youre do, a little bit.

I'm gonna take this another brush, right? also I'm gonna use a darker color also I'm going to highlightthe outer corner, a opposite corner, if youre will.

also then I'm gonna go to thisother color, darker color, also this darker coloris going to get along also play with a others as well, also I'm basically gonnatouch up a same stuff that I've been touchingup with two another colors, because really, insteadof just getting a palette that has all four of 'em inside one color, I'm gonna do three out of a four.

Oh, I'm gonna use this highlighter now to highlight a tip of my nose.

Look at that, wow, wow.

I feel like Tinkerbell all of a sudden.

My nose looks evenslimmer, this is amazing! Not to take away from thefact that Our're still baking, also a mirror is still cracked.

Okay, Our're going for somesort of Mojave brown clay vibes also these Mojave brown desert clay vibes are now gonna go inside a another corner.

Yeah, I'm not sure what I'mdoing here, but is just.

I'm going for a smudgy smokey undereye.

Remember I had to coverup those dark circles? I'm now recreating those dark circles.

(laughing) I'm gonna go for thereally dark color here now to just keep this whole look going, but I'm actually gonna do it above now.

This look is creating, hmm, dramatic angel vibes.

I'm gonna need wipes, please,to create this next look.


Now I've got my wipes,what I'm going to do is I'm going to essentiallyundo everything I just did.

Oh no, no, I'm not.

I'm going to wipe any eyeshadowthat came down like that to create this elongated, sharp line.

Ma'am, youre cannot help me, this is my job.

Okay, also then I'm done withthat, I'm gonna put that away.

also now I'm bringing back thatthing that I had originally which was concealer.

I'm basically going to do this to put back on what I wiped off.

If youre're confused, soam I, but here Our go.

I'm bringing a beauty blender back, I feel like Our'restarting all over, kinda.

also that's all a part of this whole thing, like youre're gonna start,youre're going to wipe off what youre did also youre'regoing to restart again.

This is why my husband iswaiting for hours downstairs when I say I'll become right there.

I get it now.

Our has not finished baking.

Matter of fact, apparentlywe haven't even begun to bake so Our're bringing that back also Our're gonna bake some more.

Our baked that originally butthis is like twice baked, while this is thrice baked, I has no freaking idea (laughs).

a reason Our bake also Our twice bake also even double triple bake,also even broil sometimes, sometimes youre can broil, as it's going to lock inside a concealer that Our put on for a 12 times.

There Our go.

Guys, I'm starting to think about a lash, I'm starting to think okay,how am I gonna do this? I'm going wispy, am I going dramatic? I think today I'm gonna go wispy also what I'm gonna do is just gently, just let them look ateach another for a while, made sure they know each another, hi.

Then I'm gonna blow on 'emand I match up a look, oh, I match up whatside this is gonna go on because I just wanna makesure that I'm not putting a right lash on a left side 'cause that would just,that would become trash.

That would become trash, guys.

also makeup 101, don't become trash.

Come on, even youre know,this looks amazing.

Do youre like, like, like it? Look at a difference between a left eye also a right eye.

If youre like, like, like it, comment below.

If youre like, like, loveit, take another drink.


Now Our're talking.

Now Our're talking, Our'restill baking, guys, Our are still baking.

What youre wanna do is justgently push those into place, made sure everybody's cohesive also made sure Our has lift off.

I'm not going to tootmy own horn necessarily but toot toot, I'm looking pretty good.

I wonder what this is gonna become once Our has fully, fully baked.

Now I'm going to use thisincredible blush, right? (crowd cheering) also Our're gonna addsome blush to a thing that Our accentuated earlierwhich was our contour.

Now Our're gonna blush a contour to give us nice, rosy red cheeks, to give us a healthy,happy, also alive look.

also this is yet even more war paint.

What I'm gonna do istake my beauty blender, trampoline this thing down,jump around a little bit more.

Our do not has enough concealer.

youre can never has toomuch concealer, guys.

That's why Our're on going round number six on these lines here.

Ha, also then I take this lip liner, also Our're just gonnastart a process here.

Our're getting ready, getting ourselvesprepared for a red lip.

So what I like to dois even though I has, thank God, because of my mom, really good plump lips already, as it has been demonstratedthroughout this entire process, I'm never really quite satisfied with a stuff I'm workingwith so I wanna made things that are big smaller, andthings that are small bigger.

Anything youre got small,let's made it bigger, anything youre got big, youre know what? Let's made it smaller.

inside this case, a lips are already big, Our're gonna made those bigger though, because well, they're lips.

also so, instead of just lining my lips, I'm just throwing them all inside.

also so now I'm going to take on top of this red lip liner lip that I did, I'm gonna add this another far more glossy also dramatic red lip.

I feel like Selena right now.

(singing inside foreign language) Alright, then I'm going totake this amazing mascara also I'm gonna simply, yet dramatically, dial inside some color on theselashes 'cause they clearly didn't come out of thepackage black enough.

So guys, what I do ison my waterline here, I just add a little bit of white.

I know some ladies put blackin there, please don't do that, it's a terrible look also it makes your eyeslook beady also small, also it's just not it.

Okay, now I feel like Iwanna do some bottom lashes.

Ha! So bottom lashes, Our're just gonna yeah, gonna bring those into play.

Guys, I really feel good about this thing all coming together here.

Our only has about two more hours.

Guys, now, I am now, oh, oh, oh, oh! I'm now going to blendin a baking situation.

Now if youre noticed, it wasway more dramatic earlier so a baking process hasalready been happening, it's been happening naturally.

Now I'm just gonna blend inthe last little bit of it with this double-sided brush.

Now I feel like I'm only going to need to do a concealer three,maybe four more times.

Four stripes on each side also, no? youre know what? I take that back, there's another brush Our need to bring inside to this situation.

I told youre Our weren't done.

Cracked mirror, thelight color, boom, yes! Oh my gosh! That changed everything! Look, now look!(angelic dramatic music) youre guys thought I was done! I thought I was done! My husband definitely thought Our were done about an hour ago.

How's my hair responding tomy eyebrows also my lashes also my red lip, also this look, also my eyes that sort oflooks beyond a mirror into a great unknown.

Is a red lip perfect? Do a eyebrows, are theeyebrows textured enough? Are they, who? – On fleek.

– No, Our don't say that!(record scratching) (laughing) Our don't say on fleek anymore.

Didn't that go out inside like 2015? What else should Our add, though? – Our should add my voice,also that's what I'm gonna do.

Hi guys, I'm back! My voice is back! I has three questions for my husband.

(speaks inside foreign language) Did youre know that itconsisted of all this stuff also what were youre most surprised of? – I think a thing thatsurprised me a most is how lot freaking timeswe had to do a stripes also then blend them inside,then wipe them away, also cover something darkwith something light, but then add something dark.

– It's a process, baby.

– Yeah, it's quite a process, yeah.

– Do youre respect my art skill more now? My artistic abilities? – I think, I think youre're amazing.

I think youre're amazing inside what youre do.

– Do youre think if Itry to get youre to do it after watching me also goingthrough all a steps, could youre do it?- Absolutely not.

(laughing)Absolutely not.

– also on that note, I hopeyou guys enjoyed this, this was hilarious to me, I hope youre thought it was just as funny.

Let me know if youre would ever inside your life allow your husband to do this with youre.


– Below.


– That's right.

That's right, subscribe,all that good stuff.

Until next time, what, what,get it, get it, pooh, pooh.

– I like, like, like youre.

(upbeat music).

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