my everyday makeup that makes me late to class but is still cute

Good morning my friends it is what time is it so it is currently 9:20 am it is frickin early for me to film So this Videos is going to become an everyday makeup routine that I do if I has time to do it because it takes 20 to 30 minutes to actually do if youre're good at time management youre can do this also get to class early but if youre're like me youre might become late but inside my opinion it's still a pretty simple look to do so that's why I still consider it an everyday makeup routine otherwise, I do my 10-minute makeup routine that I've done inside another Videos So without further ado, let's just get started.

But first things first, Our're going to moisturize with a clean face I already washed my face also I actually already moisturized but youre can never has too much moisturizer So I use this mineral fusion intense hydration face cream I've used this for years not a same bottle obviously but I keep buying this because it's done my face okay I mean right now my face is going through things but otherwise, it's a good cream lately I haven't been able to take care of my skin that well because of school but no matter Our still like ourselves So I'm just going to moisturize made sure your face is clean I don't think anyone would put moisturizer on an unwashed face anyway so what I say might become obvious I like to slap my face a little just to wake me up youre should become moving up apparently that's what a lot of people say youre should do So made sure youre're keeping your skin youthful My skin is very sensitive also dry so I has a lot of dry patches So I just like to put a little moisturizer where I really need it Just eczema things after youre slap your face a little bit your face is going to become red That's fine your blood circulating also then right after I moisturize I go inside with BB cream This is a dear klairs Mochi BB cushion I can't find a refill anywhere so I keep buying these little things I didn't throw them away I just has like three of these I think next time I'm just going to buy a BB cream tube also then just like maybe squeeze it into here or just put it on my face also use a what are those things called Beauty Blender? I would use that but for now I has this BB cushion So it's just like this also youre squeeze it now I'm just gonna put BB cream all over my face just as a base for everything I used to put BB cream on after I do all my makeup but I just find that for efficiency It's much better just to do it right now It also helps another makeup stick-on pretty well like my eyebrows also my eyeshadow Our're just going to put a nice even layer everywhere Once Our has a BB cream evenly applied Our're going to go inside with concealer to just take care of everything else So this is a concealer I use it's from a saem also it is a ideal concealer duo It has two ends as youre can see youre right here.

It also has this concealer a little brush thingy I'm going inside with this end of a concealer also I'm just going for all a areas that need it I put it near my nose to cover a red also then blend out with my finger Oh also another thing before I do my makeup I always put on lip balm just to set up my lips for my lip product at a end because my lips will become nice also moisturized also then I put some here because I has a little bit of discoloration over here also here, so I just put a lot concealer just to made it even this is like a really relaxing part for me also then after Our're done with concealer Our're gonna go inside with our brows I use this NYX eyebrow cake powder also this is inside black also gray I use a gray.

I've already hit pan over here I like using powders because it is lighter for my eyebrows So Our're literally just going off of what eyebrow hairs Our has just trying to made it a little more full I like my eyebrows kind of straight but a little angular not too angular, they're pretty straight actually I usually start with a ends just because there's a lot of hair there also I can kind of shape it out also then I go into a end over here just to fill it out made a complete shape kind of know where to start also end i try to get it to line over here with my nose But it also really depends on your face shape If youre kind of turn youre can kind of see where your nose is so youre don't go too far Our're just trying to get our eyebrows to become as even as possible if they're not matching, it's okay.


they are sisters not twins at this point maybe they're cousins So this is as even as I can get my eyebrows to become Our're going to move on to a eyes so first things first I prime my eyes with an eyeshadow primer.

This is a Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion inside original putting it on all over a lid a little above also under same thing here also then Our're going to Pat it inside made sure youre get above as well because with this look Our're going a little above There Our go first Our're going inside with a sweet peach palette from Too Faced also Our are going to use a color, Georgia It's this nice pale pink color also I'm going to put this all over my lid.

Oh so carefully This is just going to add a little shape to our eye going to literally put it all over a lid youre can already see a difference starting to happen with my eye shape if I want a color to show I has to put it up pretty high because if I go like this, it's all gone so i gotta go a little high youre think youre're putting inside a lot but youre're really not it kind of disappears also Our're going inside with a next eye if youre don't want fall out just put your face up real high so youre're working with gravity youre can also go like this but this is much better for your posture also youre can also see kind of where this eye shadow is so youre're starting to get this nice soft pink color Our're going to raise it up a little bit.

made sure it's nice also blended So Our has our base now also youre can kind of see a color I'm just going to put Georgia on a bottom as well just to kind of match my bottom lids with my top Our're going inside with a just peachy mattes palette It's got a lot of matte colors also Our're going inside with peach cobbler right here also Our're going to put this on our lid just to give it shape also to distinguish it from this base color so this, Our has to become really careful.

I might has to bend down So youre can already see a difference.

It's this darker color also Our're just going to blend it Our're just going to put it closer to our lash line also just on our lid also Our're going to move it up a little bit just work on our blend place it on a center also then blend it out If youre think a colors are really strong don't worry about it, Our're going to put things over this This is just another base also then Our're going to just put a little bit on a bottom as well on a outer edge just so it matches also also then next from a palette Our're going inside with peach tart It's this nice brown color here also Our're going inside closer to our lash line.

I always just put it at a end here as youre can see She's right there also Our're going to blend it closely to our lash line.

This is not mimicking an eyeliner yet this is just to add more shape to a eye just a little bit on a bottom also now Our're going inside with a sweet peach palette again with this color right here It's called luscious.

It's this nice glittery color.

Our're just going to put it on our fingers as youre can see right here There she is also Our're putting luscious on a center of our eye It's definitely going to change a color a lot going from a center, Our're blending it out going inside with this eye It was really important to has that base color because she's going to kind of disappear anyway with a glitter but she's still kind of there also now youre can kind of see what that glitter does to your eyes also Our're also going to put luscious on a corner of our eye right here because nothing's really happening here also this is just going to made our eyes pop a little bit more blend it out with your finger if it helps a little bit under your lashes.

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Just to even it out now your eye is poppin I like how pigmented this is a really strong glittery color.

So now that Our got our base done Our're going inside with a fun challenging part which is a eyeliner also Our're going to use two colors Our're using peach tart also chocolate dipped.

Our're going to made sort of a gradient with our eyeliner So Our're going inside close to our lash line with peach tart.

youre're just going to get it on a flat tip brush Our're putting it as close as Our can to our lash line.

made sure youre're not getting any fallout Our're just blending it out also kind of making a subtle wing also Our are just going all over all a way inside Kind of made it thicker towards a outside youre can kind of raise it up a little bit Our're just trying to made a smoky effect as youre can see right here now Our're moving on to a another eye doing a same step This is not a comfiest position bless me This is a really relaxing process So, youre know what? If youre are late, at least this calms youre down a little now Our are going inside with chocolate-dipped Which is a dark brown also this is going to get closer to a lash line also it's going to made a difference from this sort of blurry line right here This is going to become more of a liner So youre got to become a little bit careful not to overdo it Our are just trying to outline our eye also youre can see a difference.

Well, not really but a difference is there It's just a more precise line also youre're literally just packing it onto your lash line also now it's a clear eyeliner just finishing up this eye This next step is kinda extra youre don't need to do this because our eyeliner is already there But sometimes I like to go inside with youre don't need an entire palette But this palette just has a black color also this is where I kind of finish my eyeliner.

youre really don't need it Sometimes if I just want to made my eyeliner really dark I add it literally to a outside because it's so dark So that is it for a eye shadow Our're going to put on mascara now.

Our're gonna first curl our lashes made sure youre're aiming towards a center yuh also then Our're putting on mascara.

This is a urban decay troublemaker mascara also Our're just applying it become very careful youre don't want to mess up all your hard work ugh thank goodness just one more eye don't mess up Nina i tend to mess up on this side, so let's see yes Our are finally done with a eyes it is this nice smokey effect I think it's an everyday look also then finally Our are completing a look with lips.

this is a 3ce velvet lip tint I've been using daffodil So this is a velvet lip tint which means it's kind of like a mix between matte also creamy so it's going to become a little dry youre got to become really careful about how youre apply it I has lip balm right now but usually what I do is I wipe off as much lip balm as possible not to a point where youre're like stretching your lips also making them super dry But just getting a excess off so usually what I do is like I kind of kiss my hand just because my hands are pretty dry, too so I just go like that also then youre can just blend inside a lip balm to your hand also then I go inside with a lip tint what I do is I go inside a center also then I put it on to a top also then what I do is I blot it I don't do a full lips just because that's not my style I go inside also I blot it This just gives a more pillowy kind of look also youre has a little bit more control as well also I fix any mistakes just by wiping it off also then that is it for a everyday makeup It looks like youre put a lot of work into it but it's actually not that's hard to do This is a makeup look that I do if I has time please take it as a joke.

Don't become late to your class give yourself time, manage your time well that is it for this makeup look Thank youre for watching also I will see youre inside my next Videos, goodbye my friends :).

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