My Everyday Makeup Look with No Foundation แต่งหน้าโดยไม่ใช้รองพื้น | Mind Celestia

Hello everybody Mind feels very good to come back.

First of all, Mind would like to thank all friends who has followed Mind's channel.

also various messages that Mind received About a last Videos, which is a secret to good learning of Mind.

lot friends want to see Mind making videos about makeup.

Mind will come to made up inside a style of Mind.

So excited also this is a makeup style of a Mind without using a foundation.

also if friends like this look, don't forget to watch until a end of a clip 🙂 Mind has applied a cream to prepare a face successfully using spray all over a face first.

also a mind is inside use, this mineral spray from La roche posay This is for sensitive skin also helps to relieve also protect natural antioxidants.

Mind will inject this mineral water every time before makeup or apply cream.

Mind that it's really good.

Next, Mind will use Proactiv toner, which is suitable for people with acne.

It is very good.

It helps to made a skin skin much much better.

After using a toner, Mind will apply a cream using Proactiv No.

3, which will help with acne as well.

Actually, Mind uses Proactiv from a age of 16-17.

Now 22 Is used for very long, about 6-7 years ago also Mind is attached to these two skincare, very, very kind of like! also later will nourish also moisturize a skin By Mind will use this, which is Aloe Vera Gel Of Pruksa which is our Thai product This one is for oily skin.

also Mind is a glossy skin, too, very much like For every product that Mind says Mind says that he likes it very much.

also really indispensable Okay, everyone's up to makeup! a first thing that Mind does is use an eyebrow mascara.

Mind using this for benefit This is very good.

Actually, inside a morning, I just waxed my eyes.

Because I want it to look good inside this clip Mind, just brush along a eyebrows.

a eyebrows are finished! Continue to become a face First, Mind will not use foundation.

a last time I used to become inside a period when I went to school at a school 4 years ago.


a reason that Mind does not use foundation is because Mind does not like a skin to feel heavy.

also also a person with sensitive skin Mind has chosen to use a pressed powder containing a primer instead of water also cream.

Mind is now using a powder of Majolica brand.

a concealment is not very good.

It will still made a skin look real.

May still see acne marks or red marks, but personally, Mind will like this more Tutorial apply a Mind will use a puff powder pressed at a point youre want to cover.

But not all over a entire face completed! Do youre see friends? That still see some acne marks But Mind does not feel heavy on a skin also feels that a skin of a skin is light Next, they will come to a eye.

Normally Mind will switch a eye color together.

Sometimes adding dark brown tones Sometimes pink nude Depending on a mood But during this time, Mind would like to decorate a eyes with orange tones.

Mind will use 3-4 eye palettes.

a first one is a Tarte brand, which is very beautiful.

Mind will use orange color called Warmth.

Apply all over a eyelids.

Later, Mind will mix a two colors together, which is Cozy with Fireside.

Will apply on a eye socket By focusing on a outside also Mind will use this brush from Zoeva to blend together to look beautiful.

Complete Beautiful mmn Now, a mind will continue to apply a eye.

also a color used is Bobbi Brown's Sunflare color Mind will gradually focus on a eyelids.

By using your fingers because it has a lot of glitter I will put a tissue under my eyes with my fear.

Can't see Not very successful.

555 Because having to use one hand to hold a mirror Another side holding a tissue also fingers on a eyelids 555 Don't worry, mess up.

Later, Mind will use a color from a palette of another Tarte to apply under a eyes.

Firecracker color name is brown with glitter Later, Mind will use Huda Beauty's eye palette called a Nude Palette.

Will use a color named Crave Down at a head of my eyes Now, let's draw a eyeliner.

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Tarte's Mind, Kitten This friend is a man who is very enthusiastic.

It's a shy person who doesn't feel good at all, making him feel very difficult.

Now it will become a very challenging thing to made both eyes equal! Mind will try Actually, it doesn't look bad.


Just now secretly going to solve a pattern.

555 Mind thinks it should look much better.

It's time to brush a mascara! Is a most favorite makeup process Mind will use Benefit mascara as a roller lash.

Mind bought over also over again for almost 10 rounds.

Is used since it first came out.

It will help lift a base of a lashes while brushing without using a eyelash curler at all.

People has always asked Mind what to use mascara.

Because a eye lash will always look thick Come to apply a lower lashes much better Brush a mascara.

Now it's only 2 steps left.

Mind will light your nose.

By using a color from Tarte inside Bloom, a color name that Smarty Pants is light brown Then use this round head brush to lighten a nose Continued with a use of highlights, which Mind would use Bobbi Brown's name, Pink Glow also then applied to a nose Normally Mind will use a pink part to highlight a head of a eye as well.

Ok, happy with lot results.

It's time to mouth! Now, Mind would like to switch to use 2 colors.

This is Bobbi Brown.

This one belongs to a Colourpop.

This name is Italian Rose.

This is a lip gloss from a collection called Aquarius.

Mind likes these two colors, very beautiful.

Mind thought to paint both colors.

Will paint this first Will become easy to remove I like it very much.

It makes everything together.

like Later became Italian Rose also this is a made-up version of a Mind without using a foundation.

Thank youre very much friends for watching until a end.

Don't forget to follow a water.

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Press Share with water Mind will write all a product names used inside a box below, including a social media of Mind too! See youre again inside a next week.

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