My Everyday Makeup Look!

Hello everybody Today, Bel will show youre Tutorial made up.

This is a look of every day.

It's very simple If youre want to know what to do Let's see.

Giorgio Armani's foundation Color Class 4.

5 Squeeze / pour into fingers I made a strange touch.

Must deal with a light that is not good at all Sorry.

Next step, concealer Use a two-color concealer.

a first MAC MAC24 hour inside color NC38 also then start a second concealer.

I like this very much It is a concealer of Urbundi light color.

I've been using it for lot years.

also then go back to remove a concealer of Mac Acne wrinkles are obvious.

Father of class-calling class Hello? Did youre get your mother's night cream? Yes, I got it.

Ok thank youre Now is a last minute to shopping.

Buy Christmas Day Gifts Today is December 24, Father also Mother went out to buy a Christmas gift.

also I used a studio fix from Mac inside a color of NC 30 I use my finger.

Then defuse wrinkles Now, come to a final step also put down a powder, using a Skins Finishing layer, inside a pigment This brush uses a number 187.

Now a step of making eyebrows I has a hard time to take care of my eyebrows for a rest of my life.


It's very aching.

Bobbi Brown's eyebrows using a color name Saddle / Mahogany Just draw it according to its natural shape.

I don't do anything that is crazy.

Because I was there also had done it also it was terrible Then came to a lashes False eyelash extension Of course, there are eyelashes also if youre want to know more Please comment below.

a first thing I need to brush my eyelashes first a most favorite also favorite mascara is Lashblast by Covergirl.

Looks like this.

Used it for almost 7 years One day is a normal day, just a bottom eyelashes.

Okay, it's time for a class to start at each page.

Tarte Pro Glow palette a floor uses "sculpt" to made a face look shaped also use a "stunner" color to highlight.

Floor brush MAC 130 I like to divide into parts first also then blend again.

also now will use a blush Color numbers are missing.

sorry Mac's "plum foolery" blush layer It looks very intense, but I like it.

also then will highlight Mac's use of this blush It is MAC 166 or MAC 168, also I use "stunner".

a layer is applied under a eyes or under a eyes.

On a cheekbones also on a nose also then return to a second round of mascara also then I sprayed it from Mac I like to spray a lot because it feels fresh.

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I don't apply lipstick every time.

Only sometimes Regular use lipstick is a "velvet teddy" color of Mac.

I used this color very quickly.

This is a look of every day or weekday.

Date, class, going to class, studying or not doing anything special What do youre think Don't forget to tell each another.

I'm not a makeup artist.

Just enough to know also made up for yourself.

I can do about this.

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Or if youre want to see again Thank youre Good morning Tyler! Who wakes her up? No one wakes up a floor by himself.

Most Tyler will wake up a floor.

I slept very late.

That's why I can't wake youre up.

Do youre sleep late? Do youre know? Come here soon Can youre say hello Hello! Waiting for me to know that she.

I don't know if there is a camera here.

I'm going to eat cookies.

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