Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (Animal Cruelty Free Makeup Brands)

Well, hey If youre're on a hunt no pun intended for some cruelty free makeup brands that will actually give youre some super good eye shadow palettes Then I'm gonna ask youre to stay with my Videos today because today I'm talking about a everyday Eyeshadow palettes from Milani.

These has been go-to of mine for years also I want to give youre a few reasons why it's coming your way right now Well, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel if youre've been here for a bit if youre were new I'm super glad that youre're here today My name is Lorien also my channel is all about making Beauty easy for a girl who thinks that she can't My hope today is that youre will consider subscribing also hit that institution bell so that youre can get alerts every single time I upload new videos, which is every single Friday every third Thursday also every fourth Tuesday of a month Well today's Videos is all about an eyeshadow palette or it's really sets of palettes that I've had inside my makeup kit For years also I found at a drugstore a few years ago also I wanted to do a Videos on these because I was thinking about like when I was a beginner What was I really looking for? Like what helped me a most as far as eyeshadow palettes go for me when I saw all these palettes at different stores Even a drugstore.

I felt really overwhelmed if there was a lot of different options Because I just wasn't confident enough inside my skills yet to look at a lot of colors also to become able to put together makeup Looks also I kind of just wanted a plug-also-play for lack of much better terms So I ended up finding these everyday eyeshadow palette from Milani also I've done a few videos on my channel of a couple of these palettes this one also this one also I'll link those videos for youre inside a eye so youre can go Back also watch them.

inside fact, this one was like an everyday followed I think this was my first makeup tutorial ever on my channel like full-out makeup tutorial So for sure go check that one out also then this one is like an everyday eyes Makeup tutorial that I did like about a basics is basically what this one is.

So check those out Like I said, I'll link them for youre.

also today I threw inside a few clips for youre.

It'll become later inside a Videos Of this pout right here of me showing youre just how a eyeshadows go on.

I just figured youre know what I've got three I'll just insert a couple clips for youre guys of this makeup look that I always create on this one if youre want to see A full tutorial of what I did with this palette then let me know down inside a comments also I'm super happy to fill inside That for youre from start to finish Okay.

So a reason why I like these palettes is Let's just take this one for instance youre get several colors inside there, but it's not overwhelming.

So youre has what is it? one two three four Five six also youre can go a couple different ways with these youre always has like your start color that goes inside your your crease So your transition color youre can darken that with like a crease color youre can do your outer corner out here I use this as a color that goes on a lid a lot also then youre can use this one as a highlighter also that's typically How like all of these palettes I don't need this brush inside here, by a way, I don't use those Um, but that's typically how all of these palettes actually run.

a cool thing is on a back of them It actually shows youre Tutorial create a makeup look now, youre can get a little more creative This is what I like about these youre can start if youre're new inside your beginner youre can totally start by mimicking what's on a back of a boxes or a a container also Mimic that also then youre can get a little bit fancy also start trying stuff on your own But it's not super overwhelming because youre don't has like palettes that has 1520 colors where youre're going I don't even know where to start with that that looks confusing what I ever where that blue like that's not youre're not gonna has it inside these palettes also these are a only three that I own but I do know there are A few more out there.


inside fact, I think there is one with Blues inside it I've seen that I has never bought that one um This one is definitely one of my favorites right here a lids broken But I use this one a lot as youre can see I've hit pan for sure on this crease color right here transition color also so I create a look with this all a time also youre'll see it if youre go back also watch a Videos But this is one of my go-to palettes when I'm like I don't want to become creative today I just need a makeup look that I know works That's mistake-free that I can just put on also become done with it also I always always always go to this palette Now a cool thing about these is as I mentioned inside a intro is that Milani is totally a cruelty free brand so I'm always about supporting brands that are taking care of our furry critters also creatures also that is one of a reasons why I think that these are great great great palettes to go by I mean it's one of a lot reasons, but it's a really really good one also Then of course a price point so what I'm going to do for youre is link down below Of course, I'll link a three that I has Just because I talked about him inside this Videos for youre But I'll link them on with a cheapest ones that I find from different websites so if youre want to check down inside a description box also learn a little bit more youre can also just know that at a Time this Videos is going out.

These would become a cheapest places that I found them.

I've bought some of these online I've bought some of them at Walgreens.

I bought some of them at CVS I believe I think even um, I know I don't know if also carries Milani or not I can't remember but basically all a drugstores now are carrying Milani also they're Their makeup Mak counter but their whole makeup area is really just it's grown a lot over a last few years So definitely check out those links if youre want to find him If youre want to find them at a cheapest rate youre can I'll link those for youre below So price point wise which is what brings me to saying that is it typically on a Milani website This one right here is posted for 1099.

But I was looking at like Target calm also Amazon also on Amazon.

This one is right now eight dollars also thirty nine cents youre cannot beat that for quality eyeshadow pallete.

youre just cannot beat that also then on target they range from anywhere to about Eight bucks to nine bucks at ten bucks Depending on youre know again which one youre purchase where youre're purchasing it from So I think there are a pretty good bargain for what youre're getting also I like a quality of eyeshadows So let me go ahead also show youre a real quick footage of me actually using this palette or right here I'll drop that inside right now also as youre can see a colors just go on SuperDuper smooth a second color inside that palette is let's see.

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It is Actually does it say it says it's a contour color like it doesn't don't list a names which really is irrelevant It just tells youre where to put them So that is a contour color also that's what I use on a crease also then of course, I've used that darker color a darker gray color Which is like technically colour for on a outer corner.

I has used black as a darkening shade if youre will on that outer corner on top of that but I didn't do that for this look also then I actually Use a color one as my lid colour also then a very big color for a highlight So I hope that kind of helps youre see exactly how I use this palette They're just super easy also super functional also I think if youre're a beginner also makeup I really do believe that it's best to find something that it doesn't feel too complicated for youre also it doesn't made youre Afraid to get inside it also try to play around or even to use it before youre're getting ready to go somewhere also youre can feel confident about a makeup look that youre put together alright, so my question for youre down inside a comments is if youre has a favorite palette from a drugstore that youre like also I Want youre to think back as youre are a beginner inside makeup or if youre are a beginner inside makeup I know there's a wide range of people that watch my channel So I'd really like to know like what was your favorite palette or if your are beginner? What is your favorite palette? That is a go-to for youre that youre just feel SuperDuper confident inside using to create a makeup look for yourself Alright, so I think that's gonna become a wrap for today's Videos so thank youre so much for joining me also I hope that youre kind of find some value inside these palettes also why I Actually elect them of course, also if youre haven't had a chance to subscribe to my channel I'm gonna ask that youre do that now So a youre dongs out on any future videos also of course I say this inside every Videos but connect with me on social media It is one of my favorite places to get to know youre a bit much better I has a private Facebook group called reformed tomboy beauty youre can search it on Facebook or youre can just click a link down inside a description box also find it that way But this is a group where it's a bunch of girls to get together also Our chitchat about products.

Our like products Our hate Our share a few bad eyebrow memes from time to time Our do masking Mondays on Monday nights where Our post pictures of our masks Which is essentially just an accountability for because a lot of us suck at masking also then once a month I feel live inside that group for contour numbers.

also this is where Our create a makeup look inside real time together It's a great time to kick back a chit chat also I SuperDuper like it when youre grab your brushes also youre create with me.

It's a lot of fun so if this sounds like something that youre want to become a part of also join Our would so like to has youre inside our Group, so join it today also I think that's it.

So until next time I'll see youre inside my next Videos Hashtag your firm tomboy family.

I'll see youre soon What.

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