Hi everybody! my name is Cristina also welcome back to my channel inside today's Videos I am going to show youre my natural everyday makeup it will take around 5 minutes also it is what I wear when I want to has a good looking face also I has no time It is a made up that I use almost everyday It could change some days, I add something or take away something for example, a lip color, I change it depending how I feel that day This makeup last all day also I look good all day long.

It is important to look good, I think, because it affects to how youre feel about yourself a first thing that I has done is to follow my moisturizing routine I use a Kiehl's Ultra facial cream also then I use a Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado also before my moisturizing cream, I used a Daily reviving concentrate, a facial oil, also from kiehl's it is really good inside my opinion a idea would become that each of youre use your own facial routine before a made up what I am going to do today is, made my eyes to look bigger also try that my face looks much better I am going to use first a brown creamy eye pencil also then I am going to blend it inside my eyelid for me is important, since I has my baby also, mostly a first days at a hospital, to feel much better about myself, also not has a feeling that I was inside my pyjamas all day long that is why I try to made my face look much better after a delivery, a body doesn't get recover super fast, so at least I can "improve" my face youre can't take a belly away from one day to another, but at least youre can try that your face looks much better Now I am going to use a black eyeliner pencil, from Mercadona (a Spanish store) It is one that youre can pull out or put it inside also is a 24h, waterproof from Deliplus I like this a lot, because here inside Finland a weather changes fast youre can go out also become super sunny also rains 5 minutes later, or snow.

so, has a waterproof makeup is important a black pencil is not going to become inside all my eyeline, just inside a edge, to made my eye looks bigger also I am going to blend it also a little bit I am just realizing that I am not able to speak also makeup myself at same time ;D a brush I am using to blend a eye pencils, is flat but open at a same time it blend a products really good, also I can press a little bit to blend much better a next product is a concealer, this is one of a most important part of my routine to take away my panda eyes inside a morning this is a best I has try on, because it doesn't get stuck inside a little imperfections I has also even though is a little bit more expensive than another I has tried I really like it, it is like a third on I use, also is almost finished because I use it everyday also now.

pretty like this.

no, lets blend it also 😀 I am going to use this brush to blend it, it is really good brush It was one a best brushes I ever bought I has it for like 1,5 years it is from a store, here inside Finland, that is name.

nicks or kicks kicks, also I will link it down below, inside a description box it is similar to an Artis brush but a price is much better, I think this cost like 12€, also I really like it a next thing, if I would like to has a really good looking face, would become a fundation inside my case, I am using a Teint Miracle, from Lacome also I really like it because, a effect it create is natural, also at same time it doesn't get stuck inside my pores because I has had a lot of foundations that does it also I will blend it with this brush, youre can see I don't use a lot of foundation.


I am going to blend it with a kicks brush also, but a bit bigger than a previous one as youre can see I almost didn't put product on my face I always being doing a eyes because, when I learnt to do my made up I learnt that is important to begin with a eyes, because if something fell down from a made up it doesn't mess up with a fundation also if I do my eyes also I mess it up, then I can take it away without being afraid I will take some part of a face makeup also that is all I am going to use of foundation a next would become a powder, to fix a makeup these are a studio fix from Mac, that of course, are completely used but are a best I has use translucid powder before, but nothing is as good as this powder I will use now a bronzer powder, give me sun from Mac here, were Our are all "white", it is important to use bronzer that at least Our can look like Our took a little bit of sun it is funny but here, they always tell me that I am not "white", that I look naturally tanned also I always thing, excuse me?¿?¿, if youre would has seen me when I was inside Spain also I could go to a beach whenever I wanted youre wouldn't say a same next, blush, this is a all day, from Mack also also is a pink colour that fit me when I am tanned also when I am not like now just like this as youre can see, it is going really fast if I would like to add more vitality to my face, that everybody would say youre has a good looking face :D, I will use a illuminator, this is Mary Lou Manizer, I think, everybody knows this illuminator, it is really famous if youre would like to know what brushes I'm using, they are link below inside a description box almost all my brushes are from kicks or real thecniques a next step will become a brows, also this is a one that Mac has, a pro longer waterproof brow set when youre has a baby, youre need to do everything fast, so I just brush them a bit, also that it is here inside Finland, a brows are really important, because they are really blond, also they don't has that much hair inside a brows.

so it is surprising for them that I has them, also everybody has a brows super well done at a beginning I was not doing my eyebrows but, putting on also taking off my hat, putting on also taking away a scarf, my eyebrows were dancing all a time but if youre fix them with this, they stay still for all day long I use this because they show it to me inside Mac store for first time also I really like a result also like this I will add directly a mascara a mascara I use, surprise, is from Mac too, is not waterproof, because, it last even it is raining or snowing, I has tested it, but I was using a waterproof version, but it was really difficult to remove so I use this one because it looks great also it last also like this would look a eyes with a mascara if I go for a natural look I would add just a lip balm also that would become all, this is a natural look, with a eye that looks a bit bigger also with a good looking face with a glowy effect also with a lib that look hydrated but if I would has something a little bit more special also I would like that my eye looks a bit more defined, then what I do is take a tattoo liner from Kat von d, this is an special packaging edition, but is a same product inside also like this youre can see that is like a small brush also I just add, with my eye open, a bit of "ending" line also I follow my natural line, not going up or down, just that it looks I has more eyelashes this is it if I would like to add more volume to a lips, I would use this gloss from Essence close to my home, there is a drug store, where I can find this also others made up brands that are cheap, they always has new products to try, also are cheap I has discover this one, that cost around 2 to 3 euros it has a pinky colour, but it doesn't get sticky so I think is perfect for this look it give a pink touch to a lips but inside a natural way if is a day that I would like to wear something different inside a lips to change completely a makeup, to made it a bit more for night for example, I will add a Roby woo from Mac this is a small size it is a matte lipstick, a red one, that everybody says that is really good because fit to different skin colors.


also this is a final look with a lipstick inside my opinion, a red lipstick made that everything youre wear looks much better, Always that I wear a red lipstick to my work I get compliments, also it makes me feel really well 😀 this will become a look finished one of a most important things to has a good self-image, is to smile is quite simple, but if youre smile, even when youre are not happy, it affects how youre feel youre smile, a people sees youre smiling, think that youre are happy also youre start feeling much better how do Our look, even when Our think is not important, it affects how Our feel.

a emotions also how do Our feel it is like a circle where everything is connected if I think I am sad, I feel sad also I act sad there are 3 parts: behavior, thought also emotion if Our are able to change just one, for example a behavior, a thought will change also also a feeling if for example, I do my makeup, also I see that I Iook good (or much better than before), I take action inside to feel much better, my thought will change also little by little, I will get good feedback from others, like " youre look great today" also a feeling will get affect for a thought this is important inside a postpartum, because all a emotions are up also down, if Our has a majority of positive emotions, Our can get a good memory of that experience I hope youre like a tutorial, I am sorry about a light playing a little bit with me again, I hope youre like it also Our see each another inside a next Videos, MOI! This is just an explanation about new subtitles, now inside a subtitles option youre can choose an English version 😀 I am not a profesional English speaker, but I will try my best with a subtitles 😀 I hope youre like them!.

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