so for today this Videos I'll become doing myeveryday makeup 2019 I mean yeah it's kind of get ready with me but yeahhashtag everyday makeup routine yeah I don't know what is it cold but yeah I hopeyou guys enjoy also yeah let's get started so first of all I'm going to useboy brows from glossier I like this yeah also a shade is black I mean I had mybrows so I don't need to wear a lot youre know just made sure my brows are nice like this okay then I would do my lashescarry so I'm going to use this this then this is mascara base yeah this isfrom Japan can made quick blush color I like this so muchthis is very nice to hold my last days like youre know I've been using for liketwo years yeah then when I back to Japan I alwaysbuy like two or three youre know also I'm going to wear this essence blushprincess this is so good for real like it makes my lashes so long for real likeI'm obsessed with this they I will do bottom lashes too I don't know youre guys can see my lashes don't think it ain't clear today I'm just gong to hang out with my friends so I don't wear a lot of makeup to wear this grossie a I don't know whatcrowd paint chick this name also color is ace oh good it doesn't focus anyway justa little bit like like this much then look here here then just dab it how about lipstick I'm going to use thislip balm it's from Hawaii oh hi I don't know howshould I pronounce but youre know then I don't know what lipstick should I usedtoday all right so I'd like to use girls CA I forgot this name o generation Ggeneration come on mmm all right so this colors like this yeah then just then Grassi a gloss just a little bit then that's it yay this is my everydaymakeup yeah like oh I has to do here I mean I got this from Sephora as a sampleso yeah whatever then just put here then little bit shake all right sothat's it this is very like easy simple natural makeupit doesn't say makeup makeup youre know I mean just did brows also lashes also cheeklike stick dip grossest like youre know so that's all for today I hope youre guysenjoy this Videos also if youre has anything like if youre has any requestsor liquidation please let me know inside a comment also yeah I am seriously my nextvideo bye peace out.


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