Goodbye! It's Darth.

I uploaded a Videos inside a long time! If youre've seen my Q & A Videos, youre'll know I like pink.

But pink is more difficult to digest than youre think, right? So let me show youre Tutorial digest a pink color today! So let's get started.

Before I made my base makeup, I'll draw my eyebrows.

I'll clean your eyebrows with a transparent soap.

Comb along a eyebrows.

youre can also create a rich model eyebrow that combines all a way up.

But if I do something, it's like a dwarf inside a Hobbit.

I'm just following a results.

Do youre see a difference? Those who are rich inside eyebrows can really use this product.

Unfortunately, I has not received a blessing of a rich eyebrow, so I'll draw a brow using a blow gel.

After drawing from a back side, fill a front side with a amount left inside a brush.

[TMI, but I do not get 8 months to made eyebrow tattoos strangely.

I do not has good skin color] ㅠㅠ] [걍 like a lifelong lifelong.

] I'll give youre a whole new one inside a front with a black eyebrow pencil.

Are youre sure? I'll clean up my eyebrows with a concealer.

It's natural eyebrows so youre do not has to clean up too much.

I'll give youre a foundation.

I will apply Kogendo Aqua Foundation 213 also 143 together.

I do not know if it's tee, but I was so busy that I could not get a tanning lotion, so a tone got a little brighter.

I really like this foundation.

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It's almost a number one foundation I've used inside my lifetime.

But I am so upset because it is too expensive.

I do not has a high coverage, but I feel like I has a good look at my skin.

After spreading out, tap with a wet sponge to remove only a brush marks.

I'll try my eyes now.

I'll give youre a light brown color with your fingers.

As youre can see, I'm overwhelmed.

It's a bass color.

I will then apply a same color to a tip of a eye with a small brush to give it a deep feel.

I'll use a brown eyeliner.

I'll pull your tails off a back of your eyes, not a whole.

Then gently loosen a eye line with a small brush.

I will apply mascara after lashes up.

This mascara is waterproof for me.

It was beautiful also a curl was well fixed.

It's good to become a cover hanger, If youre has eyelashes stuck on something like me, I think youre should try it once.

I will use a multi-stick shallow rabbit as a blusher.

It is a gold pearl inside a coral color, so I do not feel burdened by most skin tones.

Start with a temples also draw along a cheekbones.

also I'll blend it with a sponge.

It's my ultimate form.

I'll give youre a knicks soft cream.

a color is a turn.

It was pinker than I remember, so I was a little surprised.

It'll become a bit of a base color.

It's okay.

I'll spread it with my fingers also made a rippling lip.

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I will then paint a Prague color inside a middle of my lips also give it a depth.

a highlighter will use Stila Heavens Hortensensense.

This highlighter is like an unicorn, because it does not bounce too lightly, even when it is emitting an unrealistic pink beam.


what do youre want to say? Unusual but not too splashy? Feeling like that feeling I do not has a distinctive white also pale bass color that is unique to pink pigments.

a pink perleans are climbing up, so it goes well with my olive skin.

I will then use a fusca fiction of another little Stila, little white lies.

Apply to a front of a eyes.

I just uploaded 6 color images to Instagram Someone commented that this is not Perl's, but it's a perfect word.

Seriously, Stila, I do not get trail of my product shots.

Does this mean that a product inside a picture also Videos is a same product? I'll put it inside a snow.

I put a brown color on a base, Do youre get a pink point? I wear a lens also apply mascara under a lens to complete a makeup.

made up with this! I really liked pink, but I was always envious about it.

Now, do not become afraid to try different colors inside this also that.

YOLO: Is it a color that I want to wear once I buy it? I hope youre enjoyed it, then see youre next time, bye!.

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