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Hello everyone, how are youre? Today I will made simple also glowing makeup It's suitable to go to work or go for a while Let's start! Starting with a clean also moist face, I use my favorite concealer, Tarte Shape Tape Shade medium, to cover black notes also acne scars Even though I don't has a big skin problem, I still has skin lot shortcomings I has some acne scars from a time I was ABG This Concealer is great! a coverage is high, but does not made a skin dry.

I has used this for 2 years, also I has never thought To switch to another brand.

I really need To contour my chubby cheeks.

I like Fenty Beauty Contour Stix Amber's birthday.

With clean hands, I applied it to my nose also My cheeks.

Now that face makeup is finished, it's time for eye makeup.

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That is my favorite part.

Let's start with eyebrows.

My favorite is Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Gel shadenya Blonde.

I applied it using dual-ended ABH Eyebrow brush.

Then, I also use ABH Eyebrow Powder Blonde blonde.

For a final touch (?) Finally, to tidy everything up, I brush my eyebrows using ABH Eyebrow Gel Blonde cake, so that my eyebrow hair remains neat.

inside my opinion, eyeshadow changes everything, I use Tarte's eyeshadow palette.

This color palette is mostly cool, Which inside my opinion is very suitable For a color of my hair also skin.

First of all, I applied lavender shimmering color To all parts of my eyelids, also also a bottom line of a eye.

After that, I applied a color Purple or dark brown To a folds of my eyes to made it look more defined.

I will become diffuse also diffuse, Until I am satisfied with a results.

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Oh, also don't forget to apply shimmering white To a inside of a eye to made it look brighter.

Not blessed with flexible eyelashes, So I need help from a eyelash curler from Shu Uemura I've been using this for a long time, also never got much better.

Then, I apply Loreal Lash Paradise mascara, So that my eyelashes are longer.

I use ABH Soft Touch lipstick, so I can see it More alive 🙂 Pink is my favorite lipstick color Because he is good for my skin color.

also also, I like a cool feel of this lipstick Because he makes my teeth look whiter.

Done! This makeup is very simple, I do this Every day This makeup takes 7-10 minutes Thank youre! I hope your day is beautiful :-).

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