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Hello girls! Welcome back to a Makeup Break.

Today I will show youre How do I made this look easy also simple? inside real time This Videos was inspired by a Pixiwoo Sam I like it! also he made a Videos of it inside real time of how it is Makeup every day when it does not has much time That's what I've done If youre want to see how I create this look keep watching a Videos! I'll start by applying a base It's a BB cream I always go very natural inside a mornings also I do not has much time, this is very easy to blur I like this BB cream by Garnier also I work with my hands a next thing I will do is put my color.

I like this one Bronze Block by Sleek I like it because it illuminates I use a color from here although this is more bronzing type I apply it to a upper parts of a face also I think it wakes me up it makes me look more awake also young also also on a high parts of a front I made sure it is blurred also when this is passed into a shadows of eyes For a eye shadow I use a Pop Beauty palette It's a small palette also contains a basics I need for this look They are earthy tones I will use a middle as a basis for a shadows also apply it with my fingers now I will use a clearest as a illuminator for a interior of a eye also also on a eyebrows also a little cupid bow also a next thing I will do is a line of a eyes because a shadow is already, it's very simple, also I use Clinique's Pretty Easy Delinator It has a super fine tip that makes it really easy to apply also I keep a line as fine as I can I've finished a line also now I use a tab mask of Seventeen it goes very well also it extends a eyelashes when i finished with that step to a broker also I use an illuminating corrector also I blur it with a annular finger also I used a enlightening brush of Deliplus is a brand of a Spanish supermarket also now I will go to a eyebrows I do not care much about my eyebrows I brush them with a.


brush also fill inside a places I think necessary but I do not change a shape or anything, this would take too long Once Our has this I will use youre paint it also Our will become I get my lips a little also I've used this lipstick so monster of Essence it's a tone 06 that is called "Barely there" also it's great, look Well this is a final look I normally do Apart from that youre could use some dust to kill or some broker because I just put it under my eyes but this is a honest version of which usually annoys me to do Apart from that I did not do much this is a finished look that's what I get inside a mornings If I'm doing my makeup I do that also I like how it's left, it's cool also it's not too much so That's it, I hope youre liked it If youre liked to subscribe to my channel to watch more videos also I'll see youre next, goodbye!.

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