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good morning hi hello I'm tired I keeplooking up at myself also I've always like done that okay good morningit's so early I don't it's 7:34 inside a morning also I'm awake.

why I don'tknow I woke up at 7:00 not to like any alarms or anything like thatokay wait no maybe my alarm did go off I don't know I'm really tired my parentsare.


my parents are awake also yeah anyways so I just wanted to say goodmorning um if youre could focus that'd become great.

nice okay hi hello um so I'm sure youguys know this background from my lives if youre watch my lives I'm inside my bedright now um I typically sit inside my bed also I do mylives um yeah what are they saying um yeah so if youre could like please focusthank youre I can't.

someone's knocking on my door if youre could focus.

okaywe'll just like set youre on my knee.

um so I wanted to kind of do like um I get ready with me or possiblylike a skincare slash everyday makeup look um a only thing is like I'mbreaking out like real bad like right here also like this one there's one right here, I think it's this one.

yeah is this one this one like hurts like hurts hurts youre knowwhat I mean so yeah also it's just like I can feel my breakouts also I typicallydon't break out on my cheeks I took a good break on my chin also my foreheadbut I think it's just kind of like evolving also it is because I keeptouching it I need to stop touching my face don't touch your faceyeah um good morning.

who is awake.

my group chat um yes so um this is kind of gonna become thevideo I wanted to do also honestly I think filming like this like having justyou know my vlog camera also my tripod or whatever um also then just kind offilming youre know me is something that I want to do more often also maybe do morevlog style videos a only thing is I get a little like claustrophobic andlike youre know not necessarily claustrophobic like um I don't think claustrophobic isthe right word to use I think I get more self-conscious um if I like film out ifI if I film out inside public um but I just wanted youre guys to become ableto see youre know like a real me I guess because there's been a lot of peoplemaking assumptions because of a content that I put out but I think atthe same time everybody needs to youre know calm down a little bit because Ithere's like so lot there's so lot rumors goingand there's so lot people bashing on my content also I think it's ridiculous Imean people need just stop because there's so lot people calling me namesand just saying things that aren't true like at all about me also honestly Ithink it's kind of funny um because if people are gonna become so ignorant also makeassumptions about me when they don't even know me that's hilariousI've been seeing a lot of people like I saw this one I saw this one YouTubevideo which I watched also I thought it was kind of funny also very true therewas this guy who kind of like made this edit of me also I'm like what screamingit's it's hilarious um if youre haven't seen it youre should find it I don't knowif I'm gonna link it below so I'll just youre know let youre find it but uh Ithought it was pretty funny also I had a really good laugh um also also I thinkit's really nice for youre guys to become able to see me like youre know barefaced yeah Ihave a scrunchie on just don't yell at me um I think it's.

marina just messagedme I like marina she said.

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I hope she don'tI hope she doesn't mind but I'm like sharing her messages she's messaging meon Instagram she said Our're talking about going toVidCon also I think I am going to become going I'm not entirely sure for sure yetbut youre know I think I'm gonna become going so yeah but Our're talking about going toVidCon also she originally asked if I was going also I said youre know I don't knowif I should I really want to I know that um I know she also Dar are going if youre guysdon't know who I'm talking about like that's totally fine but um also she'slike yes yes I'm going, youre need to also I said reallyokay I'll work it out also try to made plans also I said so lot people areasking me to go also then I was like I texted her probably like five minutesafter I'm like okay I want to meet youre also she's like yes literally that wouldbe iconic like actually also I just I just said Wow okay I like youlike I can't everyone's been like so sweet who I've met.

everyone thinks I'mhilarious apparently but I don't think I've like funny at all whatsoever so Idon't even know if this is like focusing most of a time also I need to payattention so yeah it keeps like going inside also out of focus doesn't it yeah it doesand it needs to stop um but yeah as I was saying earlier I think it's just beit would become really nice for youre guys to become able to just see me youre know also Iwant I've been seeing a lot of comments about how I keep cutting my videos andhonestly a only reason I has been is because there's a lot of long awkwardpauses because I can't always figure out what to say also I noticed that I say umand like a lot like a lot so uh I've been I've been trying to youre know keep amental state this, this & that okay so I think I should go ahead also get alongwith a Videos hi guys so today I'm gonna start by washing myso a Dermalogica clear start breakout clearing foaming wash this is notsponsored by a way but this is a wash also I use also I've been using itfor about four months or so so when I start I typically put up my hair ofcourse I don't use too much of it also as I pointed out earlier inside a Videos Ihave been breaking out a lot on my right side so I just kind of scrubbed inside alittle bit more on that side compared to everywhere else on my face but otherthan that I do try to clear as much I do try to clear out as much dirt as I canto clean my face otherwise here youre go hi guys so today Our're starting off withprimer which is a master prime primer by MaybellineI like this primer because it's more hydrating also it just makes my face feelgreat so a first thing I do is my eyebrows also I use a NYX Tame & framepomade inside a color chocolate I know there's gonna become a lot of people who aregonna say that it's a little bit too dark for my hair color but a onlything is I really do like a pomade also a shade that they has for theblondish color is just too light so I would honestly rather prefer to has adarker colored eyebrow than a lighter color eyebrow how I start off myeyebrows is I will typically brush them up so a hairs are facing upward andthen I line a bottom also then I go ahead also line a top also fill it inside Ido try to create some type of fade at a beginning of my eyebrow but I don'talways do it a best so youre know if it doesn't look great that's on me okay after my eyebrows a next on mylist is a much better stay much better skin foundation by Maybelline it's inside thecolor ivory also what I typically do is I am basically just cutting my eyebrowsout I do apply concealer to both a bottom also top as well as a middle ofmy forehead okay so a next thing on my list is foundation so I just found Ithink what is a BB cream I just got it from one of my ipsy bags because I havea subscription through ipsy not sponsored however I've been using it forthe past few days also I do really think that I like it although I'm not sure ifI'm going to continue using it or not but this is just what I was using for mymakeup look today so a foundation that I use is a Maybelline fit mefoundation it's matte also poreless so it does do a full coverage look on my faceand this is a foundation that I use a most sorry Tutorial quickly adjust a camerabut right here youre're gonna see that I'm going to go back inside with a sameconcealer that I used to cut my eyebrows with also I should let youre know that theBeauty Blender I am using is damp by a way next I'm going to go inside with atranslucent setting powder by elf it is my absolute favorite drugstore makeupproduct to use I typically blend it on all a placesthat I put my concealer just to set it inside my face a last thing I do is wipeoff all a excess powder with a brush next Our has an eyelash curler whichhonestly to become fair I don't really think they do anything however after that I douse a voluminous lash paradise by L'Oreal it is one of my favoritemascaras that I've ever used however my eye lashes are not very long so youre knowthe mascara does wonders but youre know it sometimes fall short next I go inside withthe falsies push up angel mascara by Maybelline also I applied to my bottomlashes because I like a brush much better also I think a application is betterand I do want to apologize for a camera view also a entirety of thisvideo this is my first makeup tutorial I've done so I am sorry if youre can't seewhat's going on but I do like this application for this mascara much better onmy lower lashes because I would rather not poke my eye out moving back to theface I'm going to use a hoola benefit bronzer also I do apologize for coveringup a camera slightly but what I do is I made a fish face also I blend it inside inmy cheeks just kind of draw that line down also I do it for both cheeks andthen I'm going to go ahead also do my forehead as well also youre will see laterthat I do it on my nose next Our're gonna do blush also it is pixiby petra inside a color Beach Rose I absolutely like this blush to use inside thesummer because I feel like it gives my face just a little bit more of a warmtone look now it's time for highlighter which is my favorite partit is a urban decay afterglow palette also I'm just going to become using thelightest color so what I do with a highlighter is I put a lightest coloron a inner corner of my eyes also then I put it underneath my eyebrows also thenI go back inside with a larger fluffier brush also then I'll go ahead also applyit on my cheekbones forehead my nose also made it look like an exclamation pointtop of my lip my chin etc etc okay so a final final step is settingspray also I use a NYX matte finish fini matte setting spray also Iabsolutely like it also of course after youre set your face youre has to fan yourhands just to made sure that it's locked into place also this is my final makeuplook also I hope youre enjoyed youre.


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