(𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠) Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel My name is Jessica also today's Videos is going to become on this super simple vintage "Beauty School Dropout" look a 60s look was very natural with an emphasis on dolly eyes It was highly requested after my last Videos so if youre want to see how I got this look, just keep watching First, I'm gonna do a winged liner a Roller Liner from Benefit Cosmetics has been a favorite lately also no, this isn't sponsored, but I noticed it's a super intense, deep matte black which is pretty rare for liquid formulas I feel like only gel liners can usually get that look so, just wanted to share Next, I'm using a black gel eyeliner inside my upper waterline I'm curling my lashes also then moving straight to falsies Since I'm applying them underneath a lash line today, I don't need to apply any mascara I'm gonna skip a foundation also move straight to concealer I'm next setting my face withtranslucent powder Next, I'm gonna contour I tried using a Hoola Bronzer as contour since I've seen a lot of another people do it, but I feel like it's too warm toned.

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? I personally prefer contour to become more cool toned so I switched to a VT Triple Shading Palette I'm dusting away all of a excesstranslucent setting powder also then moving on to blush For blush, I'm using Too Faced "Baby like" I'm only applying highlighter to my noseto help with contouring Going back to a eyes, I'm extending mylower lashes with a dark brown eyeshadow Next, I'm drawing on fake lower lashes Don't worry too much about it being perfect either I noticed inside a 60s, they really liked a large, dolly, almost droopy eye shape, so dark lower eye makeup was popular If youre wanna apply falsies to your lower lash line, youre can but I wouldn't recommend applying mascara because it might cover up a graphic lashes especially if youre has long lower lashes My camera cut off where I applied beauty marks, but youre can really put them on anywhere – just don't go too far out to where youre contoured because it can ruin a illusion of a shadows For lips, I'm first using NYX's "Natural" lip pencil also then for lipstick, I'm using "Molasses"by Bite Beauty I'm creating an almost diamond-like shape inside a center, also then blending out to give a subtle illusionof a keyhole pout A lot of youre guys liked my lip combo inside a last Videos, which was basically this after it wore off so I'm lightening a color with a concealer pencil also this is a completed look! Thank youre so much for watching! If youre liked this Videos, remember to like, comment, also subscribe & if youre liked 𝐦𝐞, remember to follow me on all of my social media which will become linked inside a description box down below also I will see youre inside my next Videos!.


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