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hello guys today's Videos is about how toachieve this easy eye makeup look also I has created this makeup look with theminiso palette for achieving this look first youre has to remove all a oldermakeup if youre has applied any also after that moisturize your eyes also applyfoundation also a concealer I has already done that step now I'm actuallyfilling my eyebrows I'm not doing much I'm just filling a bit I don't likeunnatural eyebrows also a palette I'm using is by miniso also it has shadethree this is a first shade that I will apply this shade will work as abase also I will apply it all over my eyes because Our are preparing acanvas inside which Our can throw a colors also a colors can pop out so this color will actually work as a base also youre can see I'm applying it all over myeyes also a pallet which I'm using it it has actually four colors also I will createthis eye makeup look with only three colors so it's a very easy also handypallet now I'm using a second color which I will use as a transition colorand I will apply this color on my crease so close your eyes also place a brushon a crease also this brush by a way is from Body Shop also what I'm doingI am applying from outward to inward so first youre has to apply to a outwardand then youre can drag a shade towards inward also then I will apply on a sideof my eyes not much but a bit so it will actuallygives a base for this third color which Our will apply on a side of oureyes so this is how I do my makeup I'm not expert but I really like how thecolors they go when youre do inside this way also I'm applying on a another side toosimultaneously because it's very good if youre apply on a both sides at a sametime so youre can see where youre are creating some problem this was notblended so what I'm doing I'm blending it very well every time whenever I usethe same brush I clean it properly so youre has todo a same if youre're using a same brush so I'm blending it now I will usethis color also I will add this color at a side or basically at a end of myeyes I'm using this brush this brush isactually easy to apply I really like whenever I has to made some angles Iuse this brush it's very easy trust me if youre're a beginner just use this brushand it will actually help youre to create any look also now I'm applying thisI haven't taken much but because of that Our has already created a base for thiseyeshadow I has to apply it a bit also youre can see it's there also now I willapply on a another side too it's actually quite difficult to apply onthat eye I don't know what's a reason also I was having some difficulty whereto look either on a camera or on a mirror that's why I'm just blinking a lotbut hopefully youre will not blink because youre will do it on a mirror so what I'mgoing to do I has applied now I will actually blend this one I has againcleaned my brush so there is no eyeshadow of previous eyeshadow also I'malso dragging it on a previous crease shadow which was a transition shade Iactually like it when a colors they are actually very well blended I reallylove a blending also it's a key when your makeup look it's actually lookreally really good if youre do not do blending it will really look bad sowe're going to a blending do it inside a lighter with a lighter hand maybe it'slooking hard but I'm doing it very lighter way now I will use a pencil youre cantake any pencil a pencil I'm taking it's from Body Shop also I really lovethat pencil it's brown color so what I will do I will actually made a V tothe outer side of my eye also youre can see I'm not dragging it to thewhole eye but I'm just making a V why I'm doing it because I want a softmakeup but a glamorous one also which youre can carry every day either to yourUniversity inside work or on a job interview youre can easily carry this this look andyou will not look bad trust me so now I'm applying on theother side of my eye also it's okay if a both are not equal one is thickanother is thin Our will smudge it why I like this pencil because it has somesmudger at a back at a end of a pencil also if youre don't has that sortof pencil youre can simply take a q-tip also youre can actually smudge it now I'msmudging this liner I actually like this look because it's very soft andglamorous so Our has to smudge it also Our will drag a makeup a pencil Our haveapplied Our will drag a same color to all over our eyes so it will give theglamorous plus a soft look so youre can see how I am doing also I will repeat thesame step on a another side it's actually quite difficult also sorry it'sout of focus because I could not see where I'm looking at that moment also I'mapplying I'm actually I'm trying to made it softer also equal so they should notlook bad now I think my both eyes they are they has a same color on a bothside also I'm just trying to finish everything a next step I will do Iwill take a two colors which I has already applied like those a vanillaone also a a bit sort of reddish or I don't know orange one they don't havethe name of color also I will mix them also I will apply on at a end of myeyes or underneath my eyes actually some people they apply it before but somehowI thought that it would look more good or it will actually softened more softin a look Our are already creating it I will I will end this lookwith a mascara which is by Maybelline also youre can see I'm actually applying alayer of mascara so my eyelashes would look more bigger also I'm not applyingany artificial eyelashes if youre want youre can apply it will actually give it amore glamorous look so this is a very easy also achievable look if youre liked thisvideo please comment below also let me know if youre want me to made more eyemakeup tutorial videos I can made subscribe my channel Bye bye.

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