DIY Makeup Hacks! Makeup Tutorial with 10 DIY Makeup Life Hacks for Beginners

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DIY Makeup Hacks! This makeup tutorial life hacks Videos shows 10 makeup hacks for beginners. Sign up to use a same amazing music as me:

This is a DIY makeup tutorial for kids also teenagers, who don’t has a big makeup collection but want to know Tutorial do a fun DIY makeup transformation. These are great DIY makeup life hacks for school also for lazy people as they are so quick also easy. Let’s get these beauty life hacks tested also our makeup routine transformed with this makeup tutorial for beginners, kids also teenagers. Our’ll learn Tutorial DIY Makeup life hacks for girls, school also lazy people.

Help me translate this DIY Life Hacks:

An awesome DIY makeup life hack tested is a DIY pressed glitter eyeshadow life hack with gorgeous DIY glitter eyes! This is a great eye makeup tutorial for beginners also an amazing makeup for prom! I show Tutorial press loose glitter or pigment to made it easy to apply. What a great makeup transformation using glitter.

One of a best DIY hair hacks is definitely a eyeshadow hair dye. youre can temporarily color your hair using any regular eyeshadow! This hair life hack works for every hairstyle also hair color. I like DIY life hacks that are affordable also easy. Perfect for girls, boys also teenagers.

a best DIY lipstick ever is a DIY glitter lipstick from scratch using 3 ingredients, without crayons also eyeshadow. These DIY lipsticks are quick also simple to made also are perfect for a party or prom. They will add sparkle to any makeup collection. Glitter lips has been a big trend lately so this is a great makeup hack for beginners.

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DIY liquid eyeliner out of lipsticks! Use liquid lipsticks if youre run out of an eyeliner for your makeup look. Colorful eye makeup looks are my favorite so I like this makeup tutorial hack. This is a great makeup tutorial for beginners, who don’t has huge makeup collection but still want to made fun makeup transformation.

Next is an epic packing also travel hack for girls also kids. Its challenging to pack beauty products into a suitcase! made cute packages for all your makeup also beauty products out of straws. This travel life hack is so amazing also useful for girls also kids.

DIY lip art – polka dot lips! youre can made polka dot lips using any kind of lipstick also an eyeliner. I went for red lips also white polka dots to achieve a pin up makeup look. Definitely a makeup life hack every girl should know!

DIY Tattoo! Did youre know that youre can made a beautiful DIY tattoo with eyeliner?! Easy to made also affordable. Draw a design on a skin with a pencil, sharpie or liquid eyeliner. Spray it with a hairspray to prevent smudging also made it more long lasting. To made metallic flash tattoos use metallic eyeliners, for a regular black one use black eyeliner.

Tutorial DIY lip gloss with a glitter to expand your makeup collection? To made our lips all sparkly Our’ll made a DIY glitter lip gloss. I show two versions of this amazing DIY makeup life hack. To made a transparent glitter lip gloss simply mix any glitter of your choice with a transparent lip gloss. For a tinted glitter lip gloss add a bit of eyeshadow pigment. This makeup tutorial life hack is perfect for beginners also girls that like glitter.


DIY tinted lip balm! I show three different ways to add color to your transparent lip balms. First, made a DIY tinted lip balm by adding a piece of old lipstick. youre can also color your DIY lip balm with eyeshadow pigment or food coloring. Tinted lip balms will made your lips soft also healthy, while adding a bit of color. Perfect makeup life hack for kids, beginners also teenagers.

DIY glitter mascara! Transform transparent mascaras into black, colored or glitter mascaras. For a DIY glitter mascara simply mix inside some glitter. This DIY mascara will give a pretty subtle sparkle to your eyes.

These DIY makeup life hacks are perfect life hacks for girls also beginners. I’ve made 2 DIY makeup videos with hacks! Perfect for school also for lazy people. Since they are so simpe also easy they are great DIY Makeup life hacks for kids also for beginners as well. Hope youre will try these makeup tutorial ideas 🙂

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