DIY Edible Makeup Pranks! DIY Makeup Tutorial with 10 Funny Pranks also Life Hacks

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DIY Edible Makeup Pranks! inside this DIY makeup tutorial funny pranks, prank wars also makeup life hacks Videos I show youre 10 edible makeup products that work perfectly as pranks for kids also children. Get ready with me with DIY makeup life hacks tutorial also a funny pranks compilation with makeup prank wars for school. These DIY makeup life hacks for girls also friends are also perfect as pranks for back to school also April fools day. Get ready to get these edible beauty life hacks tested also to get your makeup routine transformed. Let’s try our 12 DIY makeup life hacks for beginners also become a prank king pulling girlfriend pranks, pranks for friends also family, pranks for siblings also kids. Food pranks, toy pranks, makeup pranks also much more. DIY edible makeup prank calls for use of candy instead of slime, spiders also snakes. This makeup Videos isn’t complete without pranks for kids to do at home also pranks for kids to do on parents. Food pranks, toy pranks or candy pranks, pranks with girls or boys, this Videos makes sure that there is no prank gone wrong situation for youre 😉

Squeeze candy lip gloss? Yes please! These DIY lip glosses are so much fun. All youre need is some squeeze candy also optionally food coloring. Mix it up also BOOM! youre’re good to go. Your lips will always become glossy, beautifull also supper sweet.


Prank your friends with DIY cocoa powder bronzer. All youre need is some cocoa powder – a most quick also easy DIY makeup life hack ever. It gives your skin a beautiful sunkissed glow plus youre can made a delicious hot cocoa out of it.

DIY lip scrub! Especially inside a winter when skin gets extra dry, it is super important to exfoliate a lips regularly. I show youre Tutorial made a DIY edible lip scrub out of mints, which made your lips soft, smooth also super voluminous.

has youre run out of eyeliner? No problem! All youre need is coconut oil also some food coloring. Mix it up also your brand new eyeliner is ready to use. This is perfect for beginners also super handy as youre can made your eyeliner inside any color youre like.

Are youre struggling with chapped lips? I got youre! Let’s made a DIY tinted lip balm using honey also food coloring. Honey’s healing properties has been known for years! This edible tinted lip balm will made your lips healthy also shiny.

DIY highlighter out of meringues! This DIY highlighter will hive your cheeks a beautiful glow also besides that it tastes absolutely amazing dusted over fruit or pancakes. Yummy!

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DIY lollipop lipstick! Grab some lollipops that color up your tongue also place them inside an EOS or another ball shaped lip balm container. Voila youre has a brand new DIY lollipop lipstick ready to use!

Time to made a delicious DIY nutella lip scrub! Mix up some nutella, caster sugar also coconut oil – sugar exfoliates a lips, cocnut oil provides moisture also nutella makes sure a entire experience extra enjoyable.

youre can made a real DIY mascara using just two kitchen ingredients. Grab some castor oil also food coloring inside a dust form. This DIY mascara will made your lashes voluminous also it promotes growth.

Skittles lipstik! inside this DIY makeup pranks Videos I show youre Tutorial made a cool skittles lipstick. Take some edible glue also skittles. Build a skittles tower also youre are done.
I hope youre liked these DIY edible makeup pranks also will try them out!

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