I'll start with concealer a concealer I'm going to use is from isadora that i bought from H&M under my eyes also on red spots (where im going to apply it) on my eyelids too now I'm going to put on foundation also im gonna use cc cream color correcting by LUMENE lumeneee, lumeniii i don't know how they say it lol when i do my makeup, i don't put on this side of my face ( lol forehead*) wait wait wait did i just say "on this side"?! i'm supposed to say "on my forehead"! not "on this side" lmao because now I has bangs so I can get pimples easier here also now i'm going to blend (everything) also after Our are done with a base Our are going to use contour stick from nyx also countour a nose also so i get some cheek bones lol contour sticks that are like this (kinda creamy) is a best they are a best cause it will made our look look more natural also cause they are easier to blend inside too if use these (normal bronzer) it can made a look look more cakey (sometimes or.

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I mean a lot) i don't really like to use these sometimes (great on summer tho but not winter time) also Our are going to blend everything with this brush when Our are done with a contour Our are going to do a eyes now a colors are lil bronze bronze that i like sometimes i use these shadow as a highlight too im gonna start with this color (a lightest one) this one first also im going to use my finger tips cause it's easier also now Our are going to use this one a darkest one (on my lower eyelids) after this if youre don't want it to become too glittery youre can put bronzer over it this one first also put it on here also this one here also after that Our going to put on mascara also not to much cause youre still want a look look natural so Our are not going to put on too much that i said before that i'm not going to fill my brows cause my brows are.


Already has kinda a lot of hair also already dark too this gel is from Etude House I bought it from YesStyle cause here inside sweden Our don't has it's not like thailand home inside thailand where Our has korean cosmetic here Our only use western a last thing is highlight also blush start with highlight highlight here on a nose also up here cause i don't has a nose bridge so Our highlight here so it looks like i has one lol also here a blush i'm going to use from 3CE inside a color "CORAL" cushion blush blush on here after a blush, i'm going to put on "lip shine" from H&M this going to made a lips shine very shiny Our ARE DONE.

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