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First of all, I want to start off by saying thank youre very much for watching my Videos also I am really excited for today because I literally their face bear like everything I just got to a shower like 20 minutes ago also my hair is drying up by now.

Um So today I will become showing youre guys how I get my hair done also my makeup also that's my puppy out.

So I wanted to get inside but he just likes to bark for some reason.

Our'll has him inside here because he wants to jump on a bed, also I don't want that also so let me show youre guys is little hair product that I use every time I get out of a shower so that my hair doesn't get so crazy also so that it's able to Work with when I get my hair done a next day.

It is as hydrating spray that youre could purchase at like Target Walmart HIV also another like hair also Beauty cosmetic places I believe I purchased this man at Target also so what I do, I just like grab my hair I has a lot so I like grab it also like youre know spray it so that when I brush it, it's also like, youre know smoother also just easy easier to work with I will become just tying on my hair because I will start off by doing my makeup today also so I'm just gonna let it dry inside a pack youre don't go like crazy on makeup, I don't know if youre guys know but I'm not really like that into makeup also I Just used very like basic stuff.

So that's just like my daily makeup routine I never do my eye shadow.

I think um like a few months ago I used my eye shadow palette for like a first time also That's because my boyfriend gave it to me also I was like, I'm gonna try it out, youre know It's really cool.

I just don't know how – I had been watching YouTube it is for a very first time ever about eyeshadow also makeup also stuff earlier today, but It's just not it's just not me youre know also I feel like I'm still my english not so perfect but it was just So I'm Know this is how my face looks once I've already applied my foundation Um, I don't really use any powder or concealer.

That's just me Because I really like how this makes my face look it just gets rid of all a live imperfections also I feel very happy with Urban Decay all nighter foundation also so a next step is gonna become my mascara.

I'm just gonna kind of skip through a mascara part because I feel like everyone just Has a different grip on how they grab their mascara I will show though my mascara that I like very much but I will definitely show youre guys a mascara I wear because I like it so much guys.


It's just like perfect for my type of makeup that I'm going forward also It's amazing.

So it's called thick also fast super Volume Mascara By soap & Glory I buy this at Target because I don't know just one time.

I was just like shopping also I saw it Like what am I supposed to do this? also I fell inside like with it because of a design a little ball, um but then I tried also I was like wow like a product is actually very amazing also I'm just like So inside like with it also so alright now youre guys are gonna see a crazy difference also mascara makes because once youre apply your foundation It kind of makes youre look like a little ghost also after youre apply your mascara.

It's just like a completely different person also that's my puppy trying to get inside a room I know that when I do my mascara, I has like super Relaxed also I am so patient, but sometimes I accidentally put mascara on a lid of my eye also so I use a little q-tip kind of just like Cleaning a little spots So that it doesn't look messy on a top of my eye also so it just looks clean I will become showing youre guys how I would typically do with my eyebrows.

I Used to use this Deep brown from L'Oreal Like a little liquid not liquid, but just like eyebrow makeup But like really I used to use it all a time.

I found this like a really cool thing so that it doesn't look like I'm doing inside my eyebrow, but it doesn't look so like (i blend with brow brush) awk Weird I'm gonna start with a hair.

Um, I has a mirror inside front of me.

So kind of become facing this way, but youre guys get a point of What I'm gonna become saying which is youre're gonna become like Fast because it's a really fast process Basically, I grab this little brush comb Damn, I don't know English also I like oh my god, I need to put some like paint on with it Oh Guys, I has like those really cool tint from benefit.

It's called Benetint also that's what I made.

I Used to made my lips look red So I grab this also I usually has this Sides my head My hair is pretty dry by now This is my natural hair as youre can see is like not straight.

Not like it's just a little bit wavy um, also so what I would like to do is I like to strain a little bit just a top of my hair everywhere it is visible if youre has more of a Curly or wavy hair? Of course, youre has to kind of strain or youre know, what works best for youre But I figured youre has to kind of strain more of it.

Um Whether it's like a door a inside of your hair or just like a outside of it show us too much Already kind of strained a top part of your hair youre will grab piece youre could start from like one side inside a back So that youre kind of tell your hair back once youre're done with curl I Like to string a little bit more also then I twist To a back also as I keep on like Holding on to it close I curl all a way to a bottom Don't do anything to it yet.

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Just leave it behind youre once Our're done With all of a hair being curled Our could kind of comb sit away with this little cut also so Our'll keep on doing that with all my hair also Just to show youre guys one more time.

I will Do with this opposite side so youre guys could see Again I'm like straight so he doesn't look so like luckily also then youre grab it again Remember that this site used youre twist back also when youre're doing this site it was bad, but it's not a same side This hair that youre see right here, where is it though girl? It was somewhere between these two, okay, so I Just want youre guys to see real quick that this hair here didn't curl right inside a bottom because I Just did this also kind of like didn't finish drop, youre know so what youre has to do when when youre see your curls looking like pointy towards a end of a Curl, just made sure youre're curled it all a way Like completely tool it's done There youre go also oh I forgot this little piece I Like to strain this part too because it's just always so crazy About to finish, I promise.

Um Okay, I think I'm done so Now that Our don't that I'm gonna put all my hair to a front so youre guys could see it Notice how a curls are very like exaggerated right now I has a little hairspray here.

I'm just gonna like spray from a little bit far away Once that happens youre just let it dry a little bit um also well, I like to use this badda-bing to just write bigger spray pastor It's funny, but it works also so after that, um, youre just pass a comb over your curls also That's it This is a end of a Videos.

I hope that youre guys learned something from it also um I'm just really happy that I get to share these things with youre guys also um Well, hopefully I get to made a Videos sometime soon.

Maybe tomorrow just kidding, not tomorrow I leave to Mexico City.

So I has to pack also do a bunch of stuff I might even record over there, youre know also made a lip Videos for youre guys Thanks for watching.

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