​Awesome makeup tips for beginners

​Beauty tips also tricks are never enough for us. Sometimes, Our all need to check out a newest beauty hacks inside order to made our makeup routine easier by avoiding certain mistakes also accidents that youre’ll see inside this Videos. So, inside order to help youre with your hair also makeup, Our made this Videos for youre that will revolutionize your makeup routine inside a heartbeat.

– If youre are going out for a night also youre can’t take your makeup bag with youre but youre still need a makeup touch-up; Our show youre a perfect way to made your own makeup testers using tracing paper. youre simply a small piece of tracing paper on your eyeshadow or any powder also then youre fold it.

– If youre are looking to achieve a perfect cat eye but youre are completely new to makeup also eyeliner, Our show youre a perfect hack on Tutorial apply it using two pieces of masking tape.

– inside order to get rid of under-eye circles, Our show youre a perfect all natural way to do it that will only take youre 5 minutes. Firstly, youre brew some green tea teabags inside some boiling hot water also let them sit there for a couple of minutes. Then, youre place them on your eyes for 10 minutes also see a dark circles disappearing instantly.

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– youre can remove your makeup by using household items to create your own makeup remover. This one is great is youre went traveling or youre run out of your makeup remover. youre simply add some olive oil on a cotton pad also then apply it on your face to remove your makeup. Due to its consistency, olive oil also removes eye makeup also waterproof makeup.

– inside order to fix your broken makeup powder when it breaks try this little hack. Put all a broken pieces together inside a makeup container also then add some rubbing alcohol. Using a spoon pat it all together also there youre has it. Your old broken powder turns into a new one.

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– Fake freckles are a next great thing after fake eyelashes. So, inside this Videos, Our show youre an awesome way to add freckles on your face using this makeup trick. youre take a detangling brush also using a concealer brush youre apply some bronzer on a brush bristles. Then, youre tap it on your cheeks also nose also voila. Beautiful natural-looking freckles that took youre a few seconds to create.
1:05 – DIY makeup testers
2:11 – Tutorial apply eyeliner
2:55 – DIY makeup remover
3:37 – Tutorial remove static from your hair
4:38 – Tutorial create your own eyeshadow
6:04 – Tutorial shape your brows
7:28 – Makeup freckles
7:46 – Contouring hack
11:10 – Tutorial organize your earrings
13:22 – Makeup organizers
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