Our prepared a collection of cool must-try makeup hacks that will change your life. These aren’t average makeup tips youre know. Lifehacks Our prepared will help youre to look flawless without breaking your wallet. Did youre know that drill could become used not only to repair your home? Girls also can use a drill as a beauty tool. Watch our Videos to find an unusual way to use a drill.
Check out a top makeup hacks:
– Use a scotch tape is youre has overhanging eyelids
– Tweezers is a perfect tool to contour your nose
– Our prepared brilliant lifehack Tutorial made super cute freckles using mehndi cone
– Watch a Videos also learn Tutorial choose a right color of a foundation
– Did youre know that youre can replace your shadows with lip gloss
– youre’ll also discover a way to remove hair using simple thread. Watch a tutorial
– Our share crazy drill hack that will blow your mind. Use a drill to clean your cosmetic brushes
– Use a comb to clean your hairbrush
– Reuse your old umbrella also made a cosmetic bag that is so easy to clean
– Use micellar water to clean mascara brush
– youre don’t need to buy expensive travel packs as youre can made them out of drinking straws. Melt one side of straw, pour a shampoo or conditioner inside also melt another side
– Tea bags are a best treatment to reduce eye puffiness also dark circles
– If youre are out of face wash, replace it with olive oil
– made liquid pantyhose using body lotion also concealer. Check out a Videos also your legs will look flawless
– Enlarge your lips using a glass
– made a natural powder out of oats
– Shadow shields cost a lot but youre can replace them with sanitary napkins

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00:09 Overhanging eyelids?
02:18 Use thread to get rid of facial hair
03:40 Use drill to clean makeup brush
04:21 Reuse your old umbrella
08:44 Olive oil hack
11:07 Cheap shadow shields

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