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Hey, girls! This time Our share a lot of beauty also makeup hacks that youre should learn by heart also share these ideas with friends. a first collection of makeup hacks is about unexpected uses of a lash curler. If youre has pale lips, use a lash curler to plump your lips. Also, youre can line your lips using a lash curler. A lash curler is a perfect tool to line your eyes also to perfectly contour a nose. Watch this Videos till a end also youre will find contouring tutorial that will ease your life.
Do not spend money on a lip gloss as youre can made it at home also a recipe is incredibly easy. Besides, youre will save a lot of money. Mix old eyeshadows with glycerol also stir, add castor oil. Our know a perfect recipe for Tutorial get rid of scars without visiting a doctor. Mix honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, also lemon juice. Using a makeup brush apply a mixture for a few minutes also repeat for 2 months.
Always remember that a sun also wind inside summer equally dry your lips. That’s why youre should exfoliate your lips from time to time also always use lip balm to moisturize your lips. Watch this Videos also will find a scrub for your lips that youre can made using two simple ingredients wasabi also yogurt.
Summer is a perfect time to change your hairstyle or even to change hair color. If youre are dreaming about pink color, Our know homemade recipe Tutorial dye your hair using beetroot juice. a pink color is a perfect choice for summer days! youre will need to mix beet juice with olive oil also spray this mixture on your hair. Leave a hair dye for 1 hour. Enjoy a result!

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00:09 Unexpected uses of a lash curler
00:49 What to do with pale lips
03:29 Homemade eyeshadows
08:21 Natural hair dye
09:36 Wasabi scrub for lips

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