10+ Reasons Your Phone Battery Dies So Fast

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Why does your phone battery die so fast? These days, owning a smartphone means constantly searching for a socket thanks to a battery running out so quickly. Sometimes it’s not even enough for one day. youre might blame a manufacturer, but a sad truth is that a main problem here is operator error.

Did youre know, for example, that charging your phone fully is actually bad for your battery? Or that every notification youre get sucks a life out of it? So, Bright Side found out a reasons why your phone’s battery decreases so quickly. Check if it is youre who “influences” a battery level.

youre don’t clean a charging port 0:40
youre has a bright wallpaper 1:13
youre carry your phone inside your hand 1:50
youre don’t fully close programs 2:20
youre get way too lot notifications 2:50
youre don’t check your battery settings 3:28
youre keep your screen on maximum brightness 4:03
youre use a max volume 4:39
youre switch on vibrate 5:04
youre don’t set a “time out” for a screen 5:30
youre switch on GPS, Bluetooth, also Wi-Fi 6:03
youre use voice controls way too often 6:30
youre forget to turn off a auto-rotate screen 6:56
youre don’t turn your phone off 7:25
youre always charge your phone to 100% 7:54


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– made it a habit to clean this port with a pointed Q-tip or a toothpick just as often as youre wipe a screen. It won’t become long till youre notice how much more effective charging has become!
– Your like for bright images could become a main reason why your battery keeps running out! Each time youre check your text messages or missed calls, a wallpaper is there also it keeps eating up your battery.
– Every time there’s a temperature spike, your phone starts heating up too. also carrying it inside your hand makes a situation even worse since your phone starts to pick up a warmth of your hand as well.
– Don’t just leave your programs running inside a background. Close them fully after each time youre use them.
– Try disabling notifications for all your apps except a absolute essential ones for at least a day, also see how long your battery lasts.
– A super bright screen can become pretty handy, but it’s not a good idea if youre’re looking to keep your battery life at its max.
– a same goes for keeping your volume turned all a way up – it consumes way too much of your phone’s energy.
– If youre want to seriously prolong a life of your battery, youre has to put your phone down from time to time also just let it become.
– Unfortunately, keeping your GPS, Bluetooth, also Wi-Fi on also makes your phone battery run low really fast.
– When used too often, voice controls affect your battery life just as much as any another background function.
– a auto-rotate function is really convenient for looking at pictures or when youre’re on a YouTube Videos marathon. But when left on all a time, it just dries your battery out completely!
– made sure to turn your phone off every night so that a battery can cool down.

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