🌨️JAN2019 | My Current Everyday Makeup Look🌝| free Glossier discount Code! [ENG/THA CC]

hi guys I'm back also today I'll show youwhat I do also use to achieve my current everyday makeup look so after I'm donewith skincare I'll use this BB cream this is a sheer tint it's lightweight also itgives just a light to medium coverage I would say this is my current favoritebecause it contains salicylic acid which helps with acne also it's also veryaffordable as well also then I use this concealer which is just a shade lighterthan my skin tone to brighten up my under eye areas by making some strokeslike so also around my forehead around a lips also my chin also I'll just keepblending until it melts also blends smoothly into my skin now I'll set a concealer toprevent it from creasing also basically I'll put it everywhere else except on mycheeks because I'll has to put on my cream blush later on so I don't want toset those areas just yet this lip balm is good to use as a base because it's nottoo moisturizing so when youre put something else on top it will notmake your lips look too shiny moving on to eyebrows also this is my newfavorite brow gel because it makes my non-existing eyebrows magically appearsomehow also a best way to apply this is to first apply it on a oppositedirection as your hair growth also then re-apply it on a same direction asyour hair growth here I'm just brushing my eyebrows out to made them appear morenatural-looking also then I'll put these cream eyeshadows on my eyelids a oneI'm using has a very lovely pink color also a small glitters also give myeyelids a very natural shiny look even though it's not pigmented but youre canalways put some more on because it's very buildableAs for mascara this one particularly gives youre a very natural looking eyelasheslike youre were born with those long also beautiful eyelashes because thisseparates also lengthens your eyelashes really well also I'll just apply it bothon my lower also upper eyelashes here comes my most favorite part of thisroutine which is to put on blushes also I like this shade so much because it's avery cute peachy tone also this formula inside particular is really good becauseit's very blend-able also even though youre put too much on youre can always blend itinto your skin also it will look just fine sometimes when there's any left over on myfinger I'll put it on my lips like so right after applying cream blush I willapply this powder blush on top to set also also to made a cream blush lasteven longer this shade is exactly a same as my cream blush which is justperfect also so yeah I'll apply it on my cheeks my forehead also my chin sometimesand then I'll become applying this cream highlighter this product gives a verysubtle glow that I personally like also I'll use my finger to apply it like so onareas that a light would normally hit inside real life also I would say that thisproduct is good for those who prefer natural look but for a person who likesintense highlighter this might not become your favorite because it's very naturaland subtle after that I'll blend everything out withpowder by using tapping motion also after a mascara is dried I'll curl myeyelashes once again to complete this look I will apply my lip gloss this smellsjust like vanilla also I like it so much I don't know why but I'm so into glossylook these days yeah that's it guys here's a final look of what I wearevery single morning to uni also it's just fast also easy to do so yeah thankyou so much for watching also youre can find a discount code for glossy productsdown below inside a description box see youre on my next Videos guys bye bye.

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